Welcome to the debut of the Razzball Dynasty Fantasy Football Trade Chart!

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We have been working tirelessly on this on the back end of things, and I am truly excited to reveal the trade chart that will assist you in finding that trade in your dynasty leagues that will help put you over the top of your competition. I cannot describe how much fun it has been to work on this with the goal of helping give you a leg up on the competition in your leagues. This is an ongoing project, though, that will never have an end, as well. As situations for players around the NFL change quickly, so will their values on this chart. Don’t be surprised when your player jumps up the board in the value, making them a good target to sell at the opportune moment, or someone falls that might signal a good time to buy.

In the meantime, we will be discussing different players in the trade chart throughout the off-season and beyond. I will point out important moves that are happening around the league that are causing players to rise and fall. There will also be articles that will discuss favorite values of players for buying and some for which players you should be looking to sell. To kick things off, this installment is going to focus on explaining why we love the top players at each of the key positions to dynasty fantasy football. So, without any further stalling, here are the top players at each position in Razzball’s brand-spankin’ new trade chart!

Josh Allen

Quarterback – Josh Allen (Value 100)

That’s right, the Brett Favre of this generation sits atop the peak of the dynasty trade chart with a value of 100, the max value for anyone. This trade chart is based on Superflex league expectations, which is why the quarterbacks are absolutely dominating the top of the chart. And is why Josh Allen is dominating all of them just as he is dominating your favorite league. Allen has consistently been a top, if not the top, quarterback in fantasy for the past five years. His worst finish was his rookie season, where he didn’t even play the full season, and he still finished as a low-end QB2.

Allen has finished as the number one quarterback three times during that period of time. Finishing as the number one in a position ever is impressive, but to have done it three times in four years? As I have said many times before, top-end consistency in a dynasty is king when it comes to the top players in the league. And there are none who are as consistent as Josh Allen is, which is why he is sitting at the top of my dynasty trade chart.

Running Back – Bijan Robinson (Value 74)

If you follow me on all of my platforms, you know that I’ve gone back and forth on this one between who I would rather have, Robinson or Gibbs. In a recent mock redraft of the 2023 draft class with Fantasy in Frames, I took Gibbs over Robinson at the 1.04. However, that was under the belief that Bill “King Running Back by Committee” Belichick was going to be the one taking over the coaching job in Atlanta. Since then, things have changed in the coaching world in Atlanta, and I am again very excited to see how the Falcons decide to use their generational running back.

Raheem Morris is a defensive-minded coach from the LA Rams, and he managed to snag the quarterback’s coach, Zac Robinson, to join him in Atlanta. Both of these hirings scream to me that good things are coming for Robinson. If they can have anything close to resembling the running game that the Rams have with Kyren Williams, Bijan is going to feast in the coming years in Atlanta. Even in the limited role that Bijan was in, he was still RB9 and averaged a respectable 4.56 yards per carry. Hopefully, the running back by committee (RBBC) approach has come to an end in Atlanta, and they will release Bijan to reach his full potential moving forward.

2023 Fantasy Football Biggest WR Busts, Steals, and MVP! | CeeDee Lamb

Wide Receiver – CeeDee Lamb (Value 82)

If you noticed in the chart, CeeDee Lamb and Justin Jefferson are basically WR1a and WR1b. This is because both of them have incredible talent that I love watching every Sunday. Both are at the top of their game, but one has a better situation than the other. There are still a lot of questions about who will throw Jefferson the ball, and until those are figured out, Lamb has the edge. Lamb has been a top receiver the last couple of years now that he has solidified himself as the WR1 on the Dallas Cowboys’ offense. Even before that, when he was still just coming into the league and competing with Amari Cooper for snaps on the team, his lowest finish was as a low-end WR2.

Now, things have changed. Lamb is Him. He finished as WR1 this last season, and there was good reason for it. CeeDee broke 400 total points last season, an impressive barrier for anyone to break, and had the second most points overall in PPR leagues. He also averaged the second most points per game at an impressive 23 PPG in Weeks 1 through 17 this season. Lamb has shown that he has the ability to make things happen. To add to this, there were no changes in the coaching staff that should affect him. We know who his quarterback is going to be. All in all, he has that consistency that you want to make a push to repeat what he did this year. It will be interesting to see if he has competition in JJ this next season for that WR1 spot, though.

2023 Fantasy Football Tight End Awards: Biggest Bust, Steal and More!

Tight End – Sam LaPorta (Value 51)

Tight ends are such a volatile group that it can be hard to put pen to paper on what you are expecting them to do. However, Sam LaPorta makes it easy. There were other tight ends that I thought about putting at the number one spot, but each were aging or dealing with crucial injuries. LaPorta offers youth and ability. He managed to finish at TE1 his rookie season and finished with the fourth most receiving yards a rookie tight end has put up. LaPorta also tied for the second most touchdowns a rookie tight end has received. As stated, tight ends are volatile, but to put up those kinds of numbers in his rookie year should mean there are good things on the horizon for the kid.

Another thing that LaPorta has going for him is the consistency at coaching and who is throwing him the ball, much like CeeDee Lamb. The Detroit Lions impressed the nation this season as they fought their way through a gauntlet to the NFC Championship, something that the team hadn’t accomplished in over thirty years. With that kind of impressive play, it is common to see teams get shaken up and lose parts of their coaching tree. However, the Lions’ culture is so strong right now that they were able to retain their coaching staff, specifically Ben Johnson, who had a huge impact on how well Jared Goff and Sam LaPorta played this season. I fully expect them to continue what they’ve already been doing and dominate the seam for big gains and touchdowns.

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Note: Filters and sorting in the table below apply to the output

Josh AllenBUFQB100.0
Jalen HurtsPHIQB99.0
Lamar JacksonBALQB96.0
Patrick MahomesKCQB95.0
Joe BurrowCINQB85.0
CeeDee LambDALWR82.0
Justin HerbertLACQB82.0
Justin JeffersonMINWR82.0
Bijan RobinsonATLRB79.0
Dak PrescottDALQB76.0
Amon-Ra St. BrownDETWR75.0
C.J. StroudHOUQB74.0
AJ BrownPHIWR72.0
Jahmyr GibbsDETRB71.0
Jordan LoveGBQB71.0
Anthony RichardsonINDQB70.0
Trevor LawrenceJACQB69.0
Ja’Marr ChaseCINWR68.0
Jared GoffDETQB68.0
Kyler MurrayARIQB67.0
Brock PurdySFQB65.0
Breece HallNYJRB64.0
Garrett WilsonNYJWR64.0
2024 1.0164.0
Christian McCaffreySFRB63.0
D.J. MooreCHIWR62.0
Puka NacuaLARWR62.0
Chris OlaveNOWR62.0
2024 1.0260.0
Drake LondonATLWR59.0
2025 1.0157.0
Tyreek HillMIAWR56.0
Jonathan TaylorINDRB55.0
Brandon AiyukSFWR55.0
2024 1.0355.0
Michael PittmanINDWR54.0
Travis EtienneJACRB54.0
Josh JacobsLVRB53.0
Tua TagovailoaMIAQB53.0
Jaylen WaddleMIAWR53.0
Saquon BarkleyNYGRB53.0
2025 1.0253.0
2024 1.0453.0
2026 1.0153.0
DeVonta SmithPHIWR52.0
Kyle PittsATLTE51.0
Sam LaPortaDETTE51.0
Kyren WilliamsLARRB51.0
2025 1.0351.0
2026 1.0251.0
2024 1.0551.0
James CookBUFRB50.0
D’Andre SwiftPHIRB50.0
Nico CollinsHOUWR48.0
Tank DellHOUWR48.0
2025 1.0448.0
2026 1.0348.0
2024 1.0648.0
Kenneth WalkerSEARB47.0
Rachaad WhiteTBRB47.0
Trey McBrideARITE46.0
Zay FlowersBALWR46.0
Justin FieldsCHIQB46.0
Tee HigginsCINWR46.0
Jordan AddisonMINWR46.0
Jaxon Smith-NjigbaSEAWR46.0
D.K. MetcalfSEAWR46.0
Deebo SamuelSFWR46.0
Bryce YoungCARQB45.0
Davante AdamsLVWR45.0
Mike EvansTBWR45.0
2025 1.0545.0
2026 1.0445.0
2024 1.0745.0
Stefon DiggsBUFWR44.0
Jayden ReedGBWR44.0
De’Von AchaneMIARB44.0
T.J. HockensonMINTE43.0
Baker MayfieldTBQB43.0
Javonte WilliamsDENRB42.0
Isiah PachecoKCRB42.0
Will LevisTENQB42.0
Mark AndrewsBALTE41.0
2025 1.0641.0
2026 1.0541.0
2024 1.0841.0
Tony PollardDALRB40.0
Chris GodwinTBWR40.0
Rhamondre StevensonNERB40.0
Deshaun WatsonCLEQB39.0
Christian KirkJACWR39.0
George PickensPITWR39.0
Dalton KincaidBUFTE38.0
Josh DownsINDWR38.0
Rashee RiceKCWR38.0
Kirk CousinsMINQB38.0
Alvin KamaraNORB38.0
Zach CharbonnetSEARB38.0
2025 1.0738.0
David MontgomeryDETRB37.0
Jakobi MeyersLVWR37.0
Tyjae SpearsTENRB37.0
Sam HowellWASQB37.0
2024 1.0937.0
Najee HarrisPITRB36.0
Amari CooperCLEWR36.0
Russell WilsonDENQB36.0
Travis KelceKCTE36.0
DeAndre HopkinsTENWR36.0
Evan EngramJACTE35.0
Calvin RidleyJACWR35.0
Cooper KuppLARWR35.0
Christian WatsonGBWR34.0
2024 1.1034.0
2025 1.0834.0
2026 1.0634.0
Joe MixonCINRB33.0
Nick ChubbCLERB33.0
Aaron JonesGBRB33.0
Keenan AllenLACWR33.0
Diontae JohnsonPITWR32.0
George KittleSFTE32.0
James ConnerARIRB31.0
Derrick HenryTENRB30.0
Austin EkelerLACRB30.0
2024 1.1130.0
2026 1.0730.0
2025 1.0930.0
David NjokuCLETE29.0
Courtland SuttonDENWR29.0
Terry McLaurinWASWR29.0
Jameson WilliamsDETWR28.0
Aaron RodgersNYJQB28.0
Jahan DotsonWASWR28.0
2024 1.1228.0
2025 1.1028.0
2026 1.0828.0
Jerry JeudyDENWR27.0
Rashid ShaheedNOWR27.0
Trey PalmerTBWR27.0
2024 2.0127.0
2025 1.1127.0
2026 1.0927.0
Jaylen WarrenPITRB26.0
Marquise BrownARIWR26.0
Gabe DavisBUFWR26.0
Joshua PalmerLACWR26.0
Matthew StaffordLARQB26.0
Brian Robinson Jr.WASRB26.0
Khalil HerbertCHIRB25.0
Jake FergusonDALTE25.0
Marvin MimsDENWR25.0
Romeo DoubsGBWR25.0
Ty ChandlerMINRB25.0
Derek CarrNOQB25.0
Daniel JonesNYGQB25.0
Treylon BurksTENWR25.0
2024 2.0225.0
2025 1.1225.0
2026 1.1025.0
Pat FreiermuthPITTE24.0
2024 2.0324.0
2025 2.0124.0
2026 1.1124.0
Michael MayerLVTE24.0
Miles SandersCARRB23.0
Kendre MillerNORB23.0
Geno SmithSEAQB23.0
2024 2.0423.0
Dallas GoedertPHITE23.0
Cole KmetCHITE23.0
Darren WallerNYGTE22.0
2024 2.0522.0
2025 2.0222.0
2025 2.0322.0
2026 1.1222.0
Jonathan MingoCARWR21.0
Elijah MooreCLEWR21.0
Luke MusgraveGBTE21.0
Dontayvion WicksGBWR21.0
Mike WilliamsLACWR21.0
2024 2.0621.0
2025 2.0421.0
2026 2.0121.0
Tyler LockettSEAWR20.0
Devin SingletaryHOURB20.0
2024 2.0720.0
2025 2.0520.0
2026 2.0220.0
Roschon JohnsonCHIRB19.0
Raheem MostertMIARB19.0
Ezekiel ElliottNERB19.0
Jalin HyattNYGWR19.0
Curtis SamuelWASWR19.0
2025 2.0619.0
2026 2.0319.0
J.K. DobbinsBALRB18.0
Rashod BatemanBALWR18.0
Jerome FordCLERB18.0
Dalton SchultzHOUTE18.0
Quentin JohnstonLACWR18.0
Zamir WhiteLVRB18.0
Dalvin CookNYJRB18.0
2024 2.0818.0
2024 2.0918.0
2025 2.0718.0
2026 2.0418.0
2026 2.0518.0
Michael WilsonARIWR17.0
Keaton MitchellBALRB17.0
Dameon PierceHOURB17.0
Jerick MckinnonKCRB17.0
Alexander MattisonMINRB17.0
Wan’Dale RobinsonNYGWR17.0
Cade OttonTBTE17.0
2024 2.1017.0
2025 2.0817.0
2026 2.0617.0
Leonard FournetteBUFRB16.0
Rico DowdleDALRB16.0
Gardner MinshewINDQB16.0
2024 2.1116.0
2025 2.0916.0
Khalil ShakirBUFWR15.0
Brandin CooksDALWR15.0
Hendon HookerDETQB15.0
Zack MossINDRB15.0
Hunter HenryNETE15.0
Juwan JohnsonNOTE15.0
Chigoziem OkonkwoTENTE15.0
2024 2.1215.0
2025 2.1015.0
2026 2.0715.0
2026 2.0815.0
Tyler AllgeierATLRB14.0
Adam ThielenCARWR14.0
Tyler BoydCINWR14.0
Andrei IosivasCINWR14.0
Trey LanceDALQB14.0
Tucker KraftGBTE14.0
Alec PierceINDWR14.0
Tyler HigbeeLARTE14.0
Ryan TannehillTENQB14.0
Antonio GibsonWASRB14.0
2024 3.0114.0
2025 2.1114.0
2025 2.1214.0
2026 2.0914.0
Odell Beckham Jr.BALWR13.0
Zay JonesJACWR13.0
2024 3.0213.0
2024 3.0313.0
2025 3.0113.0
2026 2.1013.0
2026 2.1113.0
Gus EdwardsBALRB12.0
Darnell MooneyCHIWR12.0
Cedric TillmanCLEWR12.0
A.J. DillonGBRB12.0
Clyde Edwards-HelaireKCRB12.0
Kenneth GainwellPHIRB12.0
Noah FantSEATE12.0
2024 3.0412.0
2025 3.0212.0
2026 2.1212.0
Rondale MooreARIWR11.0
Greg DulcichDENTE11.0
Michael ThomasNOWR11.0
2024 3.0511.0
2024 3.0611.0
2025 3.0311.0
2025 3.0411.0
2026 3.0111.0
2026 3.0211.0
Justice HillBALRB10.0
Chuba HubbardCARRB10.0
D’Onta ForemanCHIRB10.0
Chase BrownCINRB10.0
Joe FlaccoCLEQB10.0
Noah GrayKCTE10.0
Kadarius ToneyKCWR10.0
Tutu AtwellLARWR10.0
Aidan O’ConnellLVQB10.0
Jeff Wilson Jr.MIARB10.0
Mac JonesNEQB10.0
A.T. PerryNOWR10.0
Darius SlaytonNYGWR10.0
Israel AbanikandaNYJRB10.0
Elijah MitchellSFRB10.0
2024 3.0710.0
2025 3.0510.0
2026 3.0310.0
Michael CarterARIRB9.0
Desmond RidderATLQB9.0
Isaiah LikelyBALTE9.0
Michael GallupDALWR9.0
Noah BrownHOUWR9.0
John Metchie IIIHOUWR9.0
Parker WashingtonJACWR9.0
Gerald EverettLACTE9.0
Joshua DobbsMINQB9.0
Bailey ZappeNEQB9.0
Zach WilsonNYJQB9.0
Kenny PickettPITQB9.0
Jacoby BrissettWASQB9.0
2024 3.089.0
2024 3.099.0
2025 3.069.0
2025 3.079.0
2026 3.049.0
2026 3.059.0
D.J. Chark Jr.CARWR8.0
Kareem HuntCLERB8.0
Tank BigsbyJACRB8.0
Isaiah SpillerLACRB8.0
K.J. OsbornMINWR8.0
Jamaal WilliamsNORB8.0
Taysom HillNOTE8.0
Jordan MasonSFRB8.0
Chris RodriguezWASRB8.0
2024 3.108.0
2024 3.118.0
2024 3.128.0
2025 3.088.0
2026 3.068.0
Charlie JonesCINWR7.0
Samaje PerineDENRB7.0
Jimmy GaroppoloLVQB7.0
Tre TuckerLVWR7.0
2025 3.097.0
2025 3.107.0
2025 3.117.0
2025 3.127.0
2026 3.077.0
Greg DortchARIWR6.0
Damien HarrisBUFRB6.0
Dawson KnoxBUFTE6.0
Joshua KelleyLACRB6.0
Hunter RenfrowLVWR6.0
Kendrick BourneNEWR6.0
JuJu Smith-SchusterNEWR6.0
Jameis WinstonNOQB6.0
2026 3.086.0
2026 3.096.0
2026 3.106.0
2026 3.116.0
2026 3.126.0
Jonnu SmithATLTE5.0
Josh ReynoldsDETWR5.0
Evan HullINDRB5.0
D’Ernest JohnsonJACRB5.0
Skyy MooreKCWR5.0
Kevin HarrisNERB5.0
Eric GrayNYGRB5.0
Tyler ConklinNYJTE5.0
Sam DarnoldSFQB5.0
Logan ThomasWASTE5.0
Deuce VaughnDALRB4.0
Jarrett StidhamDENQB4.0
Brevin JordanHOUTE4.0
Xavier HutchinsonHOUWR4.0
Will MalloryINDTE4.0
Derius DavisLACWR4.0
Carson WentzLARQB4.0
Zach EvansLARRB4.0
Cam AkersMINRB4.0
Mike GesickiNETE4.0
Sean TuckerTBRB4.0
Cordarrelle PattersonATLRB3.0
Tyler HuntleyBALQB3.0
Chris EvansCINRB3.0
Trayveon WilliamsCINRB3.0
Dorian Thompson-RobinsonCLEQB3.0
Craig ReynoldsDETRB3.0
James RobinsonGBRB3.0
Trey SermonINDRB3.0
Tyler GoodsonINDRB3.0
Kylen GransonINDTE3.0
Keaontay IngramKCRB3.0
Donald ParhamLACTE3.0
Darrell HendersonLARRB3.0
Demarcus RobinsonLARWR3.0
Jaren HallMINQB3.0
Tyquan ThorntonNEWR3.0
DeVante ParkerNEWR3.0
Rashaad PennyPHIRB3.0
Drew LockSEAQB3.0
Kenny McIntoshSEARB3.0
Tyrion Davis-PriceSFRB3.0
Chase EdmondsTBRB3.0
Ke’Shawn VaughnTBRB3.0
Zach ErtzARITE2.0
Taylor HeinickeATLQB2.0
Latavius MurrayBUFRB2.0
Andy DaltonCARQB2.0
Tyler ScottCHIWR2.0
Donovan Peoples-JonesDETWR2.0
Emanuel WilsonGBRB2.0
Patrick TaylorGBRB2.0
C.J. BeathardJACQB2.0
Brenton StrangeJACTE2.0
Marquez Valdes-ScantlingKCWR2.0
Justin WatsonKCWR2.0
Justyn RossKCWR2.0
Easton StickLACQB2.0
Davis AllenLARTE2.0
Van JeffersonLARWR2.0
Ameer AbdullahLVRB2.0
Braxton BerriosMIAWR2.0
Chase ClaypoolMIAWR2.0
Kene NwangwuMINRB2.0
Tyrod TaylorNYGQB2.0
Daniel BellingerNYGTE2.0
Parris CampbellNYGWR2.0
Jeremy RuckertNYJTE2.0
Allen LazardNYJWR2.0
Marcus MariotaPHIQB2.0
Darnell WashingtonPITTE2.0
Calvin Austin IIIPITWR2.0
DeeJay DallasSEARB2.0
Jauan JenningsSFWR2.0
Ronnie BellSFWR2.0
Clayton TuneARIQB1.0
Damien WilliamsARIRB1.0
Elijah HigginsARITE1.0
Zach PascalARIWR1.0
Mack HollinsATLWR1.0
Malik CunninghamBALQB1.0
Nelson AgholorBALWR1.0
Kyle AllenBUFQB1.0
Deonte HartyBUFWR1.0
Trent SherfieldBUFWR1.0
Raheem BlackshearCARRB1.0
Hayden HurstCARTE1.0
Tommy TrembleCARTE1.0
Terrace MarshallCARWR1.0
Robert TonyanCHITE1.0
Drew SampleCINTE1.0
Trenton IrwinCINWR1.0
P.J. WalkerCLEQB1.0
Pierre StrongCLERB1.0
Harrison BryantCLETE1.0
Jordan AkinsCLETE1.0
David BellCLEWR1.0
Cooper RushDALQB1.0
Malik DavisDALRB1.0
Peyton HendershotDALTE1.0
Adam TrautmanDENTE1.0
Tim PatrickDENWR1.0
Teddy BridgewaterDETQB1.0
Zonovan KnightDETRB1.0
Brock WrightDETTE1.0
Antoine GreenDETWR1.0
Sean CliffordGBQB1.0
Kenyan DrakeGBRB1.0
Josiah DeguaraGBTE1.0
Samori ToureGBWR1.0
Davis MillsHOUQB1.0
Mike BooneHOURB1.0
Teagan QuitorianoHOUTE1.0
Robert WoodsHOUWR1.0
Mo Alie-CoxINDTE1.0
Matt BarkleyJACQB1.0
Blaine GabbertKCQB1.0
Richie JamesKCWR1.0
Elijah DotsonLACRB1.0
Stetson BennettLARQB1.0
Brycen HopkinsLARTE1.0
Hunter LongLARTE1.0
Austin HooperLVTE1.0
Mike WhiteMIAQB1.0
Skylar ThompsonMIAQB1.0
Durham SmytheMIATE1.0
Erik EzukanmaMIAWR1.0
Robbie ChosenMIAWR1.0
Nick MullensMINQB1.0
Josh OliverMINTE1.0
Jalen NailorMINWR1.0
JaMycal HastyNERB1.0
Ty MontgomeryNEWR1.0
Kayshon BoutteNEWR1.0
Foster MoreauNOTE1.0
Marquez CallawayNOWR1.0
Deon JacksonNYGRB1.0
Matt BreidaNYGRB1.0
Tyree JacksonNYGTE1.0
Isaiah HodginsNYGWR1.0
Sterling ShepardNYGWR1.0
Trevor SiemianNYJQB1.0
C.J. UzomahNYJTE1.0
Zack KuntzNYJTE1.0
Jason BrownleeNYJWR1.0
Albert OkwuegbunamPHITE1.0
Quez WatkinsPHIWR1.0
Mitch TrubiskyPITQB1.0
Allen Robinson IIPITWR1.0
Colby ParkinsonSEATE1.0
Will DisslySEATE1.0
Charlie WoernerSFTE1.0
Kyle TraskTBQB1.0
Payne DurhamTBTE1.0
Deven ThompkinsTBWR1.0
Rakim JarrettTBWR1.0
Malik WillisTENQB1.0
Josh WhyleTENTE1.0
Trevon WescoTENTE1.0
Kyle PhilipsTENWR1.0
Cole TurnerWASTE1.0
Dyami BrownWASWR1.0
Zach PascalARIWR1.0

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