updated 8/28

I know you’ve been waiting for these rankings like a sixteen year old girl camped out in line for New Moon tickets.  So here you go!  Wait, I skipped all of these words and all I see is 11 through 50!  Hold your mini donkeys Broseph the top ten are right here (no you just missed them, back there under that yellow “here.”) This is the word set down from high into a burning when he pees Reggie Bush who I visited on my pilgrimage to Mardi Gras, don’t ask.  Reggie told me he would twist or sprain or tweak something awful bad and that Peyton Manning raises and fights kittens for sport.  You heard it here first Mike Florio!

Also check out our 2009 Fantasy Football Tiers which will help mightily while drafting.  We will also be coming out with 51-100 and a Tier sheet for Points Per Receptions Leagues shortly so wait patiently, but don’t fall asleep and let someone steal your Bella and Edward action figures.

11. Andre Johnson: See the Top 10 Wide Receivers post for projections.

12. Larry Fitzgerald: See the Top 10 Wide Receivers post for projections.

13. Calvin Johnson: See the Top 10 Wide Receivers post for projections.

14. Frank Gore: See the Top 20 Running Backs post for projections.

15. Ronnie Brown: See why I like him, with projections.

16. Drew Brees: See the Top 10 Quarterbacks post for projections.

17. Roddy White: See the Top 10 Wide Receivers post for projections.

18. Greg Jennings: See the Top 10 Wide Receivers post for projections.

19. Clinton Portis: See the Top 20 Running Backs post for projections.

20. Brian Westbrook: See the Top 20 Running Backs post for projections.

21. Marques Colston: See the Top 10 Wide Receivers post for projections.

22. Reggie Wayne: See the Top 10 Wide Receivers post for projections.

23. Brandon Jacobs: See the Top 20 Running Backs post for projections.

24. Marion Barber: See the Top 20 Running Backs post for projections.

25. Kevin Smith: See the Top 20 Running Backs post for projections.

26. Tom Brady: See the Top 10 Quarterbacks post for projections.

27. Steve Smith: See the Top 10 Wide Receivers post for projections.

28. Ryan Grant: See the Top 20 Running Backs post for projections.

29. Anquan Boldin: See the Top 10 Wide Receivers post for projections.

30. Peyton Manning: See the Top 10 Quarterbacks post for projections.

31. Dwayne Bowe: Bowe had a break out season last year that was helped by a “suck and chuck” offense.  Thankfully for Bowe the Chiefs new coach did some ok things with his last receivers, Boldin and Fitzgerald.  I don’t like Cassel, but the Chiefs will be playing from behind. ADP: 31 Projections: 9/1025

32. Anthony Gonzalez: Gonzo the Second will benefit from a fully healthy Peyton Manning and the departure of Marvin “The Gunslinger” Harrison.  He is about as solid a #2 as you can get!  (Be forewarned this joke will be repeated throughout the life of Razzball Football.) ADP: 49 Projection: 8/1050

33. Pierre Thomas: Thomas has shown that he can play “big” by scoring near the goalline.  Reggie Bush is good no matter how many times you are told the contrary.  How much he plays in the slot or at wideout vs. how much he plays in the backfield will determine how much he cuts into Thomas’ numbers, but the real reason Thomas is so much higher in the projections is Reggie’s fragile frame.  There is little doubt Bush will be burning with some Ben-Gay rubbed into his ouchies and boo-boos before the end of the season. ADP: 30 Projection: 7 /900, 2 /300

34. Marshawn Lynch: With the addition of the TO dog and pony show the Bills offense should open up which will allow Lynch to build a big head of steam.  He is of course gone for the first three games, but he will be rested and ready to gun down the opposition.  ADP: 42 Projection: 8/1000, 1/250

35. Darren McFadden: He is quickly moving up many draft boards with Cable saying he is on the verge of being the #1 RB.  If the Raiders weren’t the Raiders I would move McFadden up the draft board like I was a congressman and my son was in front of him.  ADP: 41 Projection: 5/800, 2/350

36. Antonio Gates: Gates is healed up and ready to take back the mantle of Best Tight End in the NFL.  I’m pretty sure that’s the title of a soft-core calendar.  I think Rivers is going to use Gates in the red zone early and often and in the AFC West he shouldn’t have too much difficulty doing that.  ADP: 46 Projection: 8/900

37. Philip Rivers: See the Top 10 Quarterbacks post for projections.

38. Vincent Jackson: VJax is good, but I think Rivers makes him very good. I see the Chargers using Rivers like they did last year even with LT healthy which Vincent’s value rise from the grave. ADP: 43 Projection:  9/975

39. Jason Witten: Witten could be the leading receiver in Dallas.  He’s the #1 TE on many draft lists.  I like Gates to return to form, but Witten will be right up there with him.  I don’t take TE’s early and Witten won’t slip too far, but if he did I would go all Romo on him.  ADP: 39 Projection: 6/975

40. TJ Houshmandzadeh: Housh should be a great fit in Seattle, but that offense gives him too low a ceiling.  Look for a good number of receptions, but average everything else.  Think gray skies and a warm latte. ADP: 35 Projection: 8/1000

41. Roy Williams: The number one receiver on a team with a good QB who lets you get deep while he scampers around sounds like a recipe for some long TD’s and a rib dinner at Tony Roma’s. ADP: 40 Projection: 7/1050

42. Terrell Owens: TO should have a good year, but I just don’t see Edwards being consistent enough to keep The Ego happy. ADP: 29 Projection: 8/1000

43. Wes Welker: Garo Yepremian could QB the Patriots and this guy would catch over a hundred passes.  Slow and steady wins the faux pewter fantasy trophy.  And with Brady back his TD numbers should rise.    ADP: 33 Projection: 8/980

44. Aaron Rodgers: See the Top 10 Quarterbacks post for projections.

45. Braylon Edwards: Coming off a pitiful, drop-filled season, Edwards should be hungry for some redemption, but he’s probably hungrier for a big pay day (not the candy bar).  This is his contract year and I believe Edwards will bounce back, but not if he fills up on one of those monster candy bars and chases it with a 5 hour energy drink. ADP: 47 Projection: 7/1050

46. Knowshon Moreno: I think he’s in this Jones/Johnson group, but with a much more interesting name.  His upside is huge and I’ve seen some huge upside in my day, but his injury and the stable of veteran backs in Denver make it more likely that he’ll be riding the rbbc train to averageville until he wins the job outright.  ADP: 53 Projection: 7/950, 1/225

47. Larry Johnson: I want to tout him as the comeback player of the year, but I just . . can’t . . do . it! LJ should be a little more humble and ready to go this year and if he gets the chance I think he will have a productive year.  I’m grabbing him when he falls (that’s how I used to pick up women in bars, unlike the LJ move of spitting on them). ADP: 52  Projection: 6/1050, 1/125

48. Ray Rice: It looks more and more like Rice will get the bulk of the carries on a team with a good defense which means lots of running.  He’s moving on up like Weezie and George.  ADP: 50 Projection: 6/900, 1/300

49. Bernard Berrian: Berrian will benefit from a better deep ball this year from Rosenfels.  Doesn’t that sound like a small town in Texas?  “Yeah, last I saw of him was in a tavern in Rosenfels, TX.” Anyway, Berrian will once again be helped by the focus on AP, DJ (All Purple, Day Jesus). ADP: 76 Projection: 8/950

50. Reggie Bush: I am a fan of Reggie’s ability.  He’s not an every down back, but he is a dynamic open field runner and even though that’s not worth a #1 pick it is worth a big part of your offense.  With his offseason surgery, propensity to get hurt and the emergence of Pierre Thomas it is hard to pick him with any confidence, but if he can stay healthy he will get his touches. ADP: 45 Projection: 3/550,  4/650

  1. I like the Anthony Gonzalez ranking, he’ll be on a lot of championship teams this year

  2. Josh says:

    if Gonzalez does end up as the 32nd best guy in fantasy this year I probably will have a championship team since I got him with pick #60. here’s hoping.

  3. darren lobo says:

    excellent!! cant wait for the PPR-league tier sheet!

  4. Tampabay_97 says:

    Not bad but I disagree with Ronnie Brown ahead of Westbrook, Barber, and Thomas. I might take Mcfadden, and Lynch ahead of Brown, Lynch will work in a better offense this year inspite of the early suspension. He has the skills and speed to really shine if the passing game is a threat and they can’t stack the box.

  5. Trevor says:

    What do you think of my chances in a 14 team .5 per reception league. 2 RB’s, 2 WR’s, 1 RB/WR/TE

    QB: Brady, Stafford
    WR: Bowe, Anthony Gonzalez, Justin Gage, Jeremy Maclin, Chris Henry
    RB: Chris Johnson, Mershawn Lynch, Johnathan Stewart, Ahmad Bradshaw
    TE: Owen Daniels, Brent Celek
    DEF: Packers and Vikings

  6. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Trevor: I think you are very solid, especially for a 14 team league. I’m a little worried about your RB’s, especially while Lynch is out. You don’t want to get too far behind. Maybe see if you can get Fred Jackson. You really don’t need to carry 2 D’s if there is good player to take a flier on. Just play a matchup on the Vikings bye week. The Pack are going to be good, but I think it will take a little while for them to gel with Capers new scheme. Daniels is going to be very good this year. I don’t think you need Celek. You should be able to find a comparable TE for Daniels’ bye.

  7. Frank Rizzo says:

    Favre’s a Viqueen. L-freaking-OL. Cue the clown music.

  8. Trevor says:

    thanks for the advice…I just like 2 D’s to play matchups especially with the firepower in the north this year…As for celek I was thinking about it but I couldnt figure out who to get. Im thinking Kevin jones because I see forte going down this year.

  9. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Trevor: I understand. I’m all about matchups and play pretty fast and loose with my D’s. I really like the Vikings though. KJ is a good backup to have. If Forte goes down I don’t think he misses a beat.

  10. Sean says:

    A tier sheet for PPR leagues just like I asked. Any chance I can get some love in the write up since I requested it? haha!

  11. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Sean: Sean Inspired PPR Tiers From Heaven the Sequel!

  12. chisox says:

    I got the 8th and 17th picks, it’s not a bad idea to take two receivers is it?

  13. chisox says:

    I got the 8th and 17th picks, it’s not a bad idea to take two receivers is it? Good article by the way.

  14. Doc

    Doc says:

    @chisox: Thanks. It’s not a bad idea, but you really have to see who is there for you. If others go WR early snatch up RB’s and vice versa. I’m really of the mind set if you take WR with your first 2 picks they need to be 2 of the top 4 which might be tough at #17.

  15. chisox says:

    @Doc: Yeah you’re right, I need to wait and see how the draft plays out. I’ll probably end up taking a RB 8th overall anyways.

  16. danimal35 says:

    so I pulled first pick in a 12-team, PPR and .5pt/carry league (i talked about it having 2 starting QBs before but the commish has since gone traditional to only 1)…I’m taking AP first obviously and based on ADP it looks like I will have choice of Ronnie Brown and Kevin Smith at the 24/25 spot…if that is the case I will nab them both…I know WR like Boldin and Jennings will probably be there but I think in this .5 pt per carry league that I can find some WRs later that are serviceable and really nail down some workhorses…I am even willing to go as far as drafting Marshawn with the 48 pick if he is still there starting out with 4 RBs. I know it doesn’t sound balanced but we start 2 or 3 with flex and backs with a high workload far outscore any of the middling receivers. Only the top tier of Andre and Fitz even competed with RB2s (Jamal Lewis outscored all WRs except AJ, Fitz, CJ and Roddy). I think I can get Aaron Rodgers or Rivers with Pick 49. That is 5 rounds with no WR but I think the following WR may be available at 72/73: Santana Moss/Hines Ward/Derrick Mason/Kevin Walter/Torry Holt of which I would take any two. Picks 96/97 I target a TE Owen Daniels/Greg Olsen type and a Leon Wahington/Darren Sproles/Mendenhall type…Then I can go after Percy Harvin/Josh Morgan/Patrick Crayton/Nate Washington/Chris Henry and I am bound to get a couple of them.

    Obviously this leaves my WR corps a bit unimposing, but I think it is serviceable with some upside and I think I have the RB depth to wheel n deal if necessary…I think those drafting WRs early are going to find it hard to compete and I want to prey. Draft is this Friday…what do ya think of my strategy?…I wonder how close I will be to predicting my team.

  17. Doc says:

    Sounds like a plan. Iwould worry a little about grabbing a bench rb before your first wr. But I see your thinking. Report back. It will be interesting to see how close your predictions are. Good luck!

  18. GTS says:

    I have AP as my #1 keeper but also have Brees, White, Jennings, and Portis all as options for my #2 keeper. Thoughts? (needless to say I dominated last year with these guys)

  19. Frank Rizzo says:

    @GTS: Depends on your scoring system. Do QB’s get 4 points for td’s or 6? If so, Brees for sure. It may be Brees anyway since he throws for 5000 yards every year. Otherwise, I’d keep Jennings.

    Portis has been used and abused. He pooped out over the last quarter of last season because he’s been too battered. I wouldn’t take him this year unless I can get him as a #3 RB which I know won’t happen.

  20. Elijah says:

    ehhh..Lynch, 1000 yards in 13 games. With that OL? Have you actually watched these guys yet? I will be shocked if Edwards makes it past week 5. He’s gonna get murdered, Fitzpatrick will be at QB, TO will sulk, teams will stack the box, and its gonna be a disaster, I can just feel it coming.

  21. Frank Rizzo says:

    @Elijah: agree. I’m not going after any Bills. That OL will be brutal. The only good one they had is now an Eagle.

  22. trevor says:


    I really like your strategy and its a near mirror of mine but you should try and grab at least one reciever before you fill a bench spot. Every time Ive ever tried taking 4 RB’s to start it off thinking I’ll have studs all year it has not worked. If you can go AP and ronnie brown 1st/2nd that would be enough but I would advise staying away from Kevin Smith at 24/25 and go with jennings or boldin if hes available. I see boldin outperforming Fitz this year. If you can fill your RB starters and try and go after Rb’s like Leon washington(jets said there gonna try and get him 300 carries) or ray rice or earnest graham or laurence maroney i think it would work in your favor better than the 4 rbs right away.

  23. Doc

    Doc says:

    @GTS: Do you know how many people are keeping QB’s. I would take Jennings over Brees if you think you’ll be able to land a good QB. Brees to say Rivers is less than Jennings to Edwards or the like.

  24. Da Birds says:

    Hey do you guys think a league which is pretty much default scoring but Passing TDs are 6 and ints are -1 increases the value of top QBs? Should I definitely be looking to grab Brady/Brees/Manning?

  25. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Da Birds: It does to an extent, but as long as you are starting just one QB, say in a 12 team league, that gives you 12 starters to go for and 24 RB’s in a 2 RB league. The scarcity issue always brings me back to RB’s. So I say no. Rivers or Rodgers or Schaub will give you good numbers while LT or Randy Moss or someone will be better than those managers who took Brady with their first pick.

  26. GTS says:

    @Doc: I will check on how many QBs are kept. Thanks for the advice!

  27. Doc

    Doc says:

    @GTS: No problem. Good luck!

  28. Den says:

    Hey Doc, just had my real draft, what’d you think of my team? 12 team league, Standard Scoring.

    QB: C. Palmer, J. Flacco
    RB: S. Jackson, R. Rice, D. Brown, J. Norwood, S. Greene
    WR: R. Wayne, A. Gonzalez, M. Colston, P. Harvin
    TE: J. Witten
    DF: Chargers
    K: J. Elam

  29. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Den: I like it. I am a little worried about your QB’s, but I think you’ll be ok. You have some good bench players which I think is just as important as your starters. Rice isn’t the best #2 RB, but I think Brown might be able to step in if he flops. Look at James Davis if he’s on the wire. I’d switch him out for Greene.

  30. Den says:

    Thanks Doc. Just picked up Davis. Is it a problem that I have two receivers on the Colts?

  31. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Den: Are there 2 or 3 starters at WR? or would one be a flex? I would see if you could do a trade but it’s not pressing enough to give him away.

  32. Den says:

    2 starters at WR, and one flex. So depending on matchups, I would have R. Wayne in my WR and A. Gonzalez in my flex. Just don’t know if having 2 receivers on the same team is fantasy football suicide or not?

  33. Bolt Speedmen says:

    Knowshon Moreno in the top 50? First off, he’s a rookie running back that hasn’t shown anything in preseason. He’s playing behind a very poor QB that is down to one WR with the other not wanting to play.

    There is no way that this guy makes an impact and if he does right off the bat, it will be shut down quickly the rest of the season. This team will have no impact players on Off.

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