As you prep your line up for this weekend’s matchup, you glance down your roster and are feeling confident until…. BAM you notice that your defense is facing a high octane, high scoring, rip roarin’ offense. We have all had it happen. Well before you start to panic, I have some good news for you. In the famous last words of Yoda “There… is… a…nother… Sky….wal…ker……” Except in this case, replace Skywalker with team Defense.

Last week, if you decided to start a defense like San Diego, Oakland, or Chicago you know that you were definitely hurt by the lack of performance on their part, and you obviously didn’t read the last article on this subject. Every week, there will be teams that will fare better than some of the high profile offenses due to their matchups. For example, any defenses facing New Orleans, New England, Green Bay are all going to have trouble keeping points off the board and you may want to substitute your defense with a team that has a better chance of keeping the score low and creating havoc in the back field. So here are some team defenses you may want to consider for plug ‘n’ play this week:

Cincinnati Bengals vs. SF

There is hardly a team in the NFL that has not suffered the loss of at least one starter due injury so far this season and San Francisco is certainly no exception. It looks as if they will be without WR Braylon Edwards this week and possibly Michael Crabtree as well. The latter is recovering from a foot injury that held him out of last week’s game and it very well could sideline him this game as well. Either way, QB Alex Smith is not known for keeping the ball out of opposing defense’s hands and hasn’t gotten a single WR more than 38 yds in game so far this year. As long as the Bengals can hold down Gore as well as they did Peyton Hillis in week 1, this should be a good showing for their defense.

Arizona Cardinals vs. SEA

It looks like it’s going to be a rough season for the Seahawks unless they make some serious changes in the offense. So far this season, they’ve only been able to score two TDs, granted they have had some pretty tough matchups in their first two games. But with an unhealthy Sydney Rice and banged up offensive line, you can expect a lot of pressure getting to T Jackson. This looks to be Seattle’s best matchup to date, but you really can’t expect much from an offense that has only managed to score an average of 8.5 points per game.

Surprise Streamer of the Week

Carolina Panthers vs. Jax

Just a year ago, I was streaming defensive teams that were matched against the Panthers and now that Cam Newton is in town, I would almost shy away starting a defense that plays them. This week, the Panthers are looking to get their first win of the season after two upsetting losses to the Packers and Cards. With the Jaguars starting rookie QB Blaine Gabbert, they will lean heavily on the run as they always have as Gabbert is likely to make some questionable decisions as rookies often do. Although Carolina is without LBs Beason and Davis, their main objective will be to shut down MJD and their run game. As long as they keep MJD from going off and keep the pressure on Gabbert, Carolina will be worth the start.

  1. OaktownSteve says:

    I’m streaming Carolina in my 21 team league. League has a rule that only one defense can be rostered per team so there’s always a match up play. I hear it’s going to rain for this game as well. I think they’re going to get after Gabbert pretty good.

  2. djbooyah20 says:

    Picked up CIN as you advised! Hopefully they do work.

    Need some line-up suggestions! PPR League, 2 WR, 2 RB, Flex WR/RB
    Forte, McFadden, JBest, FJones
    Roddy White, VJax, Marshall, Britt, Meachem

    I’d like to go Forte, Best ( McFadden and all of OAK scares me vs. NYJ )
    and for wide-outs I was thinking Marshall, VJax, and Britt ( Roddys knee is sore, Matty Ice may be out, and it’s a tougher match-up )

    I’d hate to try and get cute and play match-ups and sit my two beasts in McFadden and White. What do you guys think??

  3. ELaw says:

    Im trying to convince myself to start CIN over DAL. What does your gut tell you?

  4. batman the horse says:

    what are your thoughts on TEN vs. the gimpy Broncos?

  5. Mark Lee

    Mark Lee says:

    @OaktownSteve: It should be rainy conditions and that should definitely put more pressure on Gabbert. I’ll actually be at this game against Jacksonville, so lets hope it doesnt rain too much!

    @djbooyah2o: i think your gut is right in this one. i like the forte and best combo in this sitch, but if white and ryan both play, id be afraid to sit white after we saw Stafford light up TB for 3 tds in week 1. otherwise i think vjax and britt would be the other top two.

    @ELaw: My gut tells me DAL over Cincy, but if Romo ends up sitting this one out, washington may roll over Kitna and his tendency to throw ints. So if Romo sits, you may want to plug in WAS since Romo, Austin, FJones, and Dez are all dinged up in one way or another

  6. Mark Lee

    Mark Lee says:

    @Batman: I like this matchup for TEN, they were almost on the list for the plug ‘n’ play this week.

  7. Anthony says:

    Hey mark! Which 2 would you pick for RB out of these options: benjarvus ellis, legarette blount, and ben tate

    Also at flex position would u use steve johnson there or just use all 3 rbs listed above??

    One more thing gates is doubtful for sunday and I have cooley on the bench. Should I chance it with cooley or check waivers and try to get someone better to fill in ???

  8. Anthony says:

    Thanks Mark for the advice

  9. Anthony says:

    Thanks for the advice!!

  10. Anthony says:

    One more thing. Do you think Eric Decker is a suitable backup ? Miles Austin is doubtful for Mondays game

  11. Random Collmenter says:

    i own gates and beanie. neither are looking good to play right now.

    should i sub in kendricks and percy (in the flex) or take a chance on either of these guys?

  12. Random Collmenter says:

    also, in my other league, should i start blount or brandon marshall in the flex?

  13. A Hill O' Beans says:

    Phillie’s D vs the Giants or San Diego’s D vs KC?

  14. Mark Lee

    Mark Lee says:

    @Anthony: I would use Steve Johnson since Fitzpatrick is bound to be throwing tds left and right to keep up with NE. As for your RBs, my gut is telling me BJGE and Blount. Blount because atlanta has averaged over 110 rushing yds this season and NO only 85ish and I think that HOU is going to have to throw the ball more this game in order to keep up with NOs offense. Hope this helps

  15. Mark Lee

    Mark Lee says:

    @Anthony: oh and i dont feel comfortable starting cooley since fred davis seems to be the favorite TE of Rex. I would either triple check status of gates before the game sunday or try to pick up someone like Scott Chandler of Buf or Ben Watson of Clev, both have some good upside this week.

  16. A Bomb says:

    Hey Mark! who do ya start: Freeman or Grossman; Mccluster or benson, Burleson or Meachem?
    0.5 PPR

  17. Chris says:

    Should I start M. Williams(TB) or Harvin?
    Also in my flex spot do I play the one of those u don’t pick or Decker or McGahee.

  18. Mark Lee

    Mark Lee says:

    @Anthony: I am feelin your pain w having austin hurt this week. I think decker is an alright sub even tho I am very ify on den offense this year

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