I’m no sage. And, as Jay always points out, I’m no expert. I can’t see the future, and I can’t accurately predict the outcome each week. One thing I can do, though? Look to the past to determine what may happen in the future. That’s called wisdom. And in fantasy sports it’s one of the best possible things you can do. Trends and trajectories, consensus and conjecture. It’s all a part of the game, but if you read it right you can get a step up on the competition. Which is why we’re here. Well, I’m here, at least…

You’ll notice a couple repeats below, a couple second-time offenders. I mean, they haven’t necessarily offended anyone, but I’m a little offended that no one’s listening! Haha, no I’m not. I’m just joshin’. I don’t need any pretzels. I’m not salty. Promise. But, once again there are high volume options out there to pick up in your leagues, and the most likely reason they’re not owned yet is their name value. If name value is the reason you’re not picking up one of these guys, wait about 4 more weeks until everyone knows who they are and then you can’t grab them. Or, in the case of the top pickup this week, everyone knows who they are, but their perception is being massively changed in front of our eyes. So…

Below are the top targets to, well, target from the waiver wire leading into Week 4! And here’s a new edition! Look for the fire next to each player designating if they’re worth burning your waiver on.

Note: The threshold for appearing as one of the targets is <25% ownership on either Yahoo or ESPN as of Monday.

  • fireTerrelle Pryor, WR (QB?)– CLE (ESPN 27.8%, Yahoo 22%) – Love that little emoji. I feel like I need that EDM club sound happening right now while I talk about Pryor. You know, the ‘beh beh beh beh!’ one that makes you feel like you’re a millennial? Haha, maybe Pryor’s trying to shed the millennial tag by adding Sr. to his name a la Steve Smith Sr. Well, it’s not working Terrelle. The only thing you’re shedding are my perceptions that you’re a great college player but can’t cut it in the pros how you desired. We’re talking about the top recruit in his class coming out of high school, a championship level QB at Ohio State, and then a complete at the pro level. Until now. After Week 3’s effort, and CLE HC Hugh Jackson’s genius, we may be seeing an emergence occur in Cleveland on the football field. He’s the Heisman-caliber college QB the Browns were thinking they were getting in RGIII, except this one’s on the outside. Pryor’s athleticism has shined so far this season, and his breakout Week 3 provides a glimpse to his crazy upside: 35 passing yards, 4/21/1 rushing and 8/144/0 receiving. I mean, wut?!? I doubt he does that every week, but there’s so much potential here. The Browns grabbed him off waivers, and now so should you.
  • Adam Humphries, WR – TB (ESPN 0.7%, Yahoo 1%) – While I doubt the trend continues into Week 4 (both due to the amount and the opponent), Humphries has quietly increased his targets in each of the first three games this season, culminating in a 12 target 9/100/0 effort on Sunday. I don’t doubt Tampa’s desire and ability to throw the ball at all, but I do doubt any other receiver’s ability to compliment Mike Evans effectively. I’ll mention the TE situation a little further down, but as for the WR, Humphries is establishing himself as the #2 option in an offense that could throw it 35-40 times every week. After he faces DEN in Week 4 Humphries becomes a great fill in for bye weeks and a potential FLEX play. Get him now ahead of the hype.
  • fireJamison Crowder, WR  WAS (ESPN 11.1%, Yahoo 16%) – Alright, it’s officially a campaign. Don’t care. And maybe it’s working? Up into double digit ownership, but that’s three straight weeks with solid production. Oh, and he found the end zone. Again. So much for just being a target machine over the middle. Crowder could/should end the season as a Top 25 WR. Translation: FREAKING PICK HIM UP! This could be the 2016 version of 2012 Randall Cobb on the waivers.
  • Cole Beasley, WR – DAL (ESPN 14.5%, Yahoo 21%) – Similar to Crowder above, I’m including Beasley once again trying to campaign for you to pick him up. He’s owned in more than Crowder (maybe because he plays for the Cowboys?), but they’re crazy similar players. With Dak continuing to prove that Dallas has a bright future after Romo, Beasley continues piling up targets, yards and value. With a high catch rate (20/25) and another 7 catches for 73 yards in Week 3, Beasley’s one of the high floor options you need one your team as we enter bye weeks.
  • fireJordan Howard, RB – CHI (ESPN 15.5%, Yahoo 24%) – I never really trusted Jeremy Langford much coming into the season. And with zero shares of him, it shows. However, I’ve been highly intrigued by Howard since his college days. A bruiser with some wheels, Howard is starting to prove his value not he field both between the tackles and in the passing game. More than with any other RB in the Chicago stable, Howard has the potential to be the closest emulation of Matt Forte. Now with Langford nursing a bum ankle, and Kadeem Carey still being a non-factor, Howard’s primed for a bigger role in the offense moving forward. With 6 targets in Week 3, a lot of his value came through the passing game, but if he increases his carries from 9 (for 45 yards) to 15 you have a great flex option now that the bye weeks are here.
  • Wendell Smallwood, RB – PHI (ESPN 1.4%, Yahoo 1%) – Under the radar during the NFL draft, and almost universally in fantasy drafts, Smallwood has a fast path to finishing as a top 5 fantasy rookie RB. A 17/79/1 effort against the Steelers Sunday night catapulted him onto everyone’s radar as the potential new #1 RB in Philly. Yes, Darren Sproles had an excellent night, as well, but he’s proven his minimal fantasy value over the past three years. Ryan Mathews? Well, whaddaya know? He’s hurt. And essentially a touchdown-dependent option now. The highest upside lies with Smallwood. I wouldn’t burn the waiver yet since they’re heading into a bye week, but if you have a spot, or are looking for a RB, he’s one of the first two I’d consider after waivers pass.
  • Cameron Brate, TE – TB (ESPN 1.4%, Yahoo 1%) – Hunter Henry was solid this week, as well, starting in the stead of the bionic Antonio Gates. However, if I’m targeting just one TE leading into Week 4 it’s Brate. Everyone clamored over the potential of Austin Sefarian-Jenkins in the offense, yet he’s no longer in the future plans of the team. Instead, we get a two TD performance from the new starting TE for Jameis Winston. To me, this comes down to your trusting of Winston…and I do. I love the volume (10 targets) and his redzone usage. Moving forward Brate’s a name to watch as we approach bye weeks options to fill in for the bigger names at the position.

DROP THOSE COMMENTS! And good luck in Week 4! Here’s to hoping I don’t have to highlight Jamison Crowder for a third straight week after this weekend!

  1. Btdrnks says:

    Who do you think a good Wr trade target is for my Jamal Charles?

    • @Btdrnks: Man, it’s a sell low on Charles right now. I’d see if you could get a T.Y. Hilton type player, but really you just need to target the team with the worst RB situation and ask for a comparable WR on that squad. That’s your best bet.

  2. Scott says:

    Love the format! I’ve been listening and stashed Crowder last week everywhere I needed WRs.

    • @Scott: YES! Haha, I see you. Good luck in Week 4! And hopefully Crowder keeps producing!

  3. justin says:

    my WR: hopkins, crabtree, cobb, michael floyd
    RB: lamar miller, jerick mckinnon, jeremy hill, langford, rashad jennings.

    i have the first waiver this week. gona be dropping langford. but should i pick up pryor, howard, or crowder?

    • @justin: I’d pick up Pryor first. Howard may have more long-term staying power, but you have 3 RB you can throw out there. After Hopkins it’s a crapshoot. Or is it a Crabshoot…

      You have safe options in Crabtree and Cobb (should be), so I’d take the upside play of Pryor over Crowder.

  4. irishDude says:

    Great stuff [email protected]

    In a Ppr redraft if you owned Julius and Bennett what type of FAAB would you roll out on Rudolph with a 200 budget?

    • @irishDude: No more than $10. You don’t really need him with those two. Julius Thomas could just as easily go off as Kyle Rudolph could.

  5. irishDude says:

    Also FAAB for Crowder and Beasley? I’m worried about my Alshon share

    • @irishDude: If your WR corps is weak I’d spend up to $25 on one of them. Worth 10% of the budget.

  6. Chris says:

    Hello [email protected],

    Is TJ Yeldon droppable in a 12 team league (2rb and 1 flex).
    My other rbs are Elliot, Blount and Latavious Murray.

    Also, I have the #1 ww this week, and I have been streaming defenses. Should I use it to pick up Washington vs CLE, or pick up DET vs CHI… or better to hold the ww.


    • @Chris: Somehow he’s getting touches but doing nothing with it. With those three RB ahead of him I wouldn’t hesitate too much on dropping him if it’s to fill a big need.

      I wouldn’t burn your WW on a defense. Wait until waivers pass and then pick up Detroit.

  7. Former champ says:

    I’m 0-3 in my league with #1 waiver. Should I use it on Pryor instead of waiting for an injured running back?

    • @Former champ: If you need a WR, yes. 0-3 is a big hole, but 0-4 is almost impossible to dig out of. You need a boost and big points. You may be holding off until Week 7 if you keep that strategy up, and by that time 2-5 may be your record and the playoffs could seemingly be out of reach.

  8. Adam says:

    Would u trade Melvin Gordon and Marvin jones for David Johnson?

    • @Adam: Standard league, if your WR is really strong and you can afford to lose Jones, I’d do that. You’re selling at Jones’ highest, and upgrading your RB from a Top 20 option to a Top 2 option. More than Jones is probably worth that gap.

      Gordon’s still just averaging 3.6 per carry…

  9. Steven says:

    I’m 0-3 with #1 waiver. Should I use it on Pryor?

    • @Steven: I would. You can’t afford to go 0-4, and Pryor could give a big boost as a WR3, or even a flex. He may drop a dud in Week 4, but he’s shown the ability to carry a team. It’s worth the gamble at 0-3.

  10. RonnieMatt says:

    How do you like the trade Carlos Hyde for Doug Baldwin? I have laveon, lamar miller,Hyde, and christine michael but my WRs are kind rough with Desean Jackson, WIll Fuller, Edelman, and John Brown. Its a PPR league.

  11. Joel

    Papa Jean Segura says:

    Would you trade jordan reed away for gore and pitta? I might have the worst running backs in all 12 team leagues currently. I was rolling with woodhead and Langford as my main guys…

    • @Papa Jean Segura: No. I wouldn’t. Don’t trust Gore to do one more time what he’s done the past decade. And I think Pitta’s a much more erratic option than the stability of Reed (barring injury). Reed’s the best player. Don’t give him up. Not for Gore, at least.

      If you can pick up Howard or Smallwood, along with someone like both Washington’s, you can maybe piece together something until the smoke settles a little. Otherwise target someone in the top 15 RB range for Reed, not the Top 25/30.

      • Papa Jean Seugra says:

        @[email protected]: My league is extremely competitive. I put in my claim for smallwood, but Howard and Ka’deem Casey have been taken days ago…I have no luck in fantasy football. Even last year I lost with David Johnson, Gurley, and Cam Newton. So this year I went Receiver heavy with Julio, Alshon, Desean Jackson, Cam Newton, and Jordan Reed and a bunch of dart throw running backs plus woodhead, so needless to say at 0-3 my season’s pretty much done haha.

        • @Papa Jean Seugra: Haha, if you’re 0-3 then you need to get the biggest ceilings possible to get out of the hump. Gore doesn’t come with a high ceiling.

          And yes, there’s a lot of luck there. That’s fantasy football, though: 55% luck, and more than any other fantasy sport.

          Rather than Reed I may try to move Alshon for an upgrade.

  12. Odor's Odor-izzi spray says:

    You putting anything down for Joique Bell signing with the Bears? Does this impact the amount you would spend on Howard?

    • @Odor’s Odor-izzi spray: No. Not buying much into it. Don’t view it any differently than Ronnie Hillman signing with the Vikings. Give me the guy they invested in by drafting him, rather than the backup option who couldn’t make a squad for a month.

  13. Zandy says:

    my rb’s are Gurley, Ingram, Ware, jCharles, Jennings, Sproles, Asiata, kDrake
    I need to start 3 of them each week – std league

    I need to drop one to grab a WR in case Floyd is out, you dropping Asiata or kDrake?

    • @Zandy: I’d drop Asiata first. I think. Both are droppable, really, if you need a WR. But Asiata is so TD dependent, and I trust Drake’s playmaking ability more than Asiata for sure getting goal line touches.

  14. Bobby says:

    Hey man!

    .5 ppr league trade my Matt Ryan + Hyde + sharpe
    For :
    Allen Robinson & LAT Murray ? Am I asking for just the right amount, too much or too little?

    My team:

    QB: rivers

    RB1 David Johnson
    RB2: Melvin Gordon

    WR1: Hopkins
    WR2: sharpe
    WR3: fuller

    Flex: Shepard

    Not mentioning D or kicker or TE

    Bench: Hyde, Henry, Chris Johnson, Chris hogan, Jordan Howard, Dwayne Washington & Philip Dorset

    On IR I have moncrief & Watkins. We have 2 IR spots

    —- the A-rob owner team

    QB:, Russell Wilson

    RB1: Lamar miller
    RB2: LAT Murray

    WR1: Antonio brown
    WR2: Allen Robinson
    WR3: dez

    Flex : Charles sims

    His bench: Gio Bernard, Terrell Pryor, Crabtree, Davonte Parker, Wheaton, James white

    Or just hold with what I have? Thanks!

    • @Bobby: Robinson’s the best player in the deal, and I like Hyde and what Ryan’s done so far, but I’d probably do this to get the best player. I’d try to get him to ‘throw in’ a third player from his squad. If you can get Parker, Crabtree, Pryor or Bernard in the deal too it’s a hands down yes.

  15. Adam says:

    If I trade Mel Gordon and Marvin jones for David Johnson
    Then I am left with
    A brown, m Evans, will fuller and Tyrell Williams at Wr

  16. Nick says:

    Are you spending any FAAB $ on Pryor, Howard or Crowder when its a 10 team standard & my team looks like this;

    QB-Big Ben
    WR-Marshall/Maclin/T Benjamin
    RB-David Johnson & Freeman
    Flex-Lat Murray
    Bench: Snead, John Brown, Forsett, Barnidge, Taylor & Vereen

    Obvious drops are Vereen & Taylor but not sure if I should continue to chip away at my FAAB (@$93) or try to hold as much as possible for a big pickup later…

    • Nick says:

      @Nick: Howard taken, scratch him

    • @Nick: Did you already have your waiver run? Sorry for the delay in replying. I wouldn’t have spent a ton given your roster and that it’s a 10 team league. No more than $15 on any one of them.

  17. John says:

    Need at WR and RB is pretty even. Pick up Crowder or Howard? and Tyrell Williams or crowder moving forward? Thanks

    • @John: I’d rather have Crowder if I need a safer option, Williams if I need a bigger ceiling.

      And I’d rather have Howard right now because of the potential upside at a weaker position.

  18. Dave says:

    Currently 0-3 and am trying to shake things up this week. I just offered another owner in my league Dez Bryant, Latavius Murray, and Tyrod Taylor for Mark Ingram, Desean Jackson, and Jameis Winston. (12 team .5 ppr)

    My current team is below.
    QB: Tyrod Taylor
    RB: Latavius Murray
    RB: Christine Michael
    WR: AJ Green
    WR: Dez Bryant
    TE: Julius Thomas
    Flex: Jordan Matthews

    Bench: Marcus Mariotta, Ryan Mathews, Duke Johnson, Randall Cobb, Quincy Enunwa, Phillip Dorsett, Kevin White

    I’m in desperate need of a QB and even though Jameis isn’t necessarily elite, i still think he’s an upgrade over what i currently have. Latavius’ timeshare also worries me so I really want to get a workhorse back.



    • @Dave: Don’t mind trading Latavius, and you could use a better RB1, but I’m not sure that I’d do the trade you mentioned. I’d rather try to flip a Cobb type player for someone like Jeremy Hill. Your WR are solid. Flipping Dez for Ingram may not be bad, either, given your WR depth.

  19. William Hung says:

    [email protected] – are you on the Dwayne Washington bandwagon yet? Also, I have decided to dump Blake “Jeff George 2016 Reincarnate” Bortles to stream either Dalton or Prescott. Who should I roll with?

    • Georgiabulldog says:

      @William Hung: PRESCOTT!

    • @William Hung: Don’t mind the streaming with Dalton. He’s on par with Bortles, anyways. Don’t believe in Dak at that level yet, though.

      I’m partially on the bandwagon. Maybe one foot off? I want to see him have a game like what Smallwood or Howard did Sunday before crowning him a waiver wire burn.

      • William Hung says:

        @[email protected]:Well I burned my waiver on Rashad Jennings and missed out on the QBs and Crowder.

        I need a 3rd WR since Cobb is on BYE and I currently have both Victor Cruz and Torrey Smith as my choices.

        I need your guidance as to who to pick up from the bottom of the barrel. Do I roll with Torrey Smith v. Dallas or drop him for Adam Humphries v. DEN, Stills v. CIN, or another player you might have in mind who should be available in a 12 team league?

        • @William Hung: I don’t love Torrey, and while Humphries has produced well, am hesitant against the DEN D. However, he won’t get primary attention, so he might be able to sneak in a 6/75/1 type of game.

          Of the choices, though, I’d roll with Cruz as my WR3 this week.

          And moving forward I’d rather take the gamble on Humphries right now than wait on Torrey.

  20. Dorian S. says:

    Thanks for the write up [email protected] I’m trying to acquire Pryor away from a team by offering up two solid WRs, because that other team isn’t doing too well in the receiver department and there aren’t any useable ones on waivers (like quite seriously).

    Also in the same QB/2RB/3WRTE(.5rec)/FlexQB/K/2DL/2DB/LB/6BN/2IL league I sold off Todd Gurley, DeVante Parker and Breshad Perriman for Marcus Mariota, Tyler Boyd and Derrick Henry. I know, I know. I overpaid for Mariota, but I needed a solid QB because I have Trevor Siemian and I’m not quite sold on him yet. Mariota gives me a safe option because he has a job and does well with under par talent provided for him. Though I sold off Gurley, I turned around and acquired Eddie Lacy in exchange for Sam Bradford… So I overpaid in one, got extreme value in another.

    This is how my 2-1 team. Why 2-1? Just got beat by a better scoring team. :(
    QBs – Trevor Siemian(probably keeping), Marcus Mariota(will be keeping)
    RBs – Ezekiel Elliot(definitely keeper), Eddie Lacy(so keeping), Tevin Coleman, Derrick Henry
    WRs – Mike Evans(should keep), Allen Robinson(might be final 6th keeper), Sterling Shepard(could sneak in as final 6th keeper), Michael Thomas(might be this guy as the final 6th), Allen Hurns, Nelson Agholor, Tyler Boyd
    Ks – Justin Tucker
    DBs – Johnathan Cypien, Chris Harris Jr.
    DLs – Derek Wolf, Carl Nassib (hopefully replaced with Devin Taylor from waivers)
    LBs – Sio Moore, Mason Foster

    • @Dorian S.: So you went Bradford, Gurley, Parker, Perriman for Mariota, Lacy, Boyd, Henry. And I’m guessing this is a dynasty? Or is it a short keeper?

      I personally would rather have kept the Gurley/Bradford side, but too late now. If you’re shopping Agholor and Boyd for Pryor and can somehow pull that off…go for it. I wouldn’t deal any of your top 3/4 for him, though.

  21. Joseph says:

    Man, thanks for the awesome blog. I enjoy your manner of speaking and insight; you’ve found a new follower.

    Can I get some advice? Lost Keenan and Tate this year (Tate not injured, but he’s practically non-existent anyway). WR corps is suffering, and owners in my league are stingy low-ballers. Here’s my roster (10-team standard):

    RB: Le’veon, Gore, Howard, Sims, Langford
    WR: Diggs, Wallace, Dorsett, Hurns, Tate
    TE: Gronk, Rudolph

    I have a #1 waiver. Do I pick up Pryor, and then Crowder?

    Whom do I drop from above – Dorsett and Langford?

    Thanks a lot!

    • @Joseph: Thanks Joseph! Appreciate the love!

      Yes. Pryor for Dorsett. Crowder would come next. You need higher upside.

      I’d try to flip Gore for a better WR. Someone in the mold of Decker?

  22. aaron says:

    Should I trade my Jamaal and Ware for Blount? Im worried that when Jamaal comes back (if he does) it will be a committee in KC.
    Thanks for the advice.

    • @aaron: I wouldn’t. In two weeks Brady comes back to airing it out. In 6 weeks Lewis steps in to compliment him. I’d stick with the upside of Charles.

      But that’s about as 50/50 as you can get.

  23. Benny says:

    Would you trade Fuller and Josh Gordon for TY Hilton? Below is my current receiving corp and I start 4 (because I don’t have any RBs).

    Antonio Brown
    Alshon Jeffery
    Travis Benjamin
    Devante Parker
    Will Fuller
    Josh Gordon
    Chris Hogan

    • @Benny: If it’s not a keeper…yes. Take the more sure thing in Hilton to pair with those top 3 over the gamble of Gordon with a nothing QB.

  24. JJ what says:

    Howard and pryor are available. Are you dropping anyone of these guys for them? Also time to drop ty Taylor for wentz or a bench stash? Even if it’s to push wentz to someone else as a sell high candidate in a few weeks.

    Qb: Carr
    Rb: d Johnson, Hyde
    Wr: Marshall, Hilton, Parker
    Te: tamme (decent options available to swap)
    Bench: John brown, enunwa, crowder, Jennings, ware, McKinnon, t Taylor, Corey Coleman in IR slot.

    Roster limits at 6 rbs,6wrs

    • JJ what says:

      @JJ what: forgot to mention-12 team ppr league.

    • @JJ what: I wouldn’t drop Tyrod yet. Not for Wentz, at least.

      And I’d consider picking up Howard over McKinnon, and Pryor over Enunwa.

  25. Kasmandia says:

    Chowder or Pryor worth it to drop Floyd?

    • @Kasmandia: Chowder Crowder. Haha.

      I’d drop Floyd to grab Pyror. Would probably hold on dropping him for Corwder, just because of ceiling.

  26. Josh says:

    Thinking about dropping Terrance West for Howard?

    My other RB’s are David Johnson, Charles Sims and Gio Bernard. I feel like West is also on the brink of taking over as the number 1 for the Ravens but I like Howard’s upside.

    • Josh says:

      Also considering dropping Sanu to grab Crowder or Wentz. Its a 2QB league and I have Rogers and Russel Wilson.

      • @Josh: Sorry, just saw this comment. My bad on missing it. But yes, you drop Sanu for either. In a 2 QB league you grab Wentz.

  27. Georgiabulldog says:

    David Johnson, Golden tate or Devonta freeman, isiaah crowell, john brown..

    heres my team: (i’m trying to get D. Johnson and Golden tate).
    derek carr
    dwyanne allen
    sammy watkins
    d. parker
    i crowell
    d freeman
    dwayne washington

    also, would you drop dwyanne allen to get Brate?

    • @Georgiabulldog: I’d take Brate right now. They’re both streamer options, though.

      Brown/Tate is a wash. Freeman/Crowell is nice, and capitalizes on your depth well. I’d probably do that, but a little reluctantly. I’m still high on Freeman. Pull the trigger if you can.

  28. Georgiabulldog says:

    Matt forte and Alshon jeffery for Lamar miller and Greg Olsen?


    • @Georgiabulldog: If you need the TE, take the Olsen side. Easy. Pretty fair trade, though. I’d probably take the Miller side.

  29. Afro_the says:

    Hi Matt

    Would you trade Jordy and Jordan Matthews for Cam and Will Fuller in 10 Team Standard league? Really want a decent QB since Eli has been laying eggs for me…

    Remaining WRs would be AB, KB and Decker (Tyrelle Williams and Corey Coleman)…

    I am thinking I may even be better off streaming QBs.

    Love your work.

    • @Afro_the: Thanks Afro! I’m not opposed to this. I think Eli will turn it around, but if you’re really wanting to lock in your QB Cam’s as sure as it gets. I’ve also cooled on Jordy slightly with the Pack offense not clicking like normal. Matthews/Fuller could be viewed as a potential push, but I’d rather have Matthews there. You may be giving up the better value on both players, but your WR depth lets you move something around.

      • Afro_the says:

        @[email protected]: Based on your advice I pushed back… Managed to snag Brandon Cooks as a throw in on top of the old deal!

        How quickly do click the Accept Trade button?

        Thanks mate!

        • @Afro_the: Wait, AS A THROW IN?!? Haha, Top 10 WR aren’t throw ins! Um, you should have already accepted by now. And then thrown yourself a party for fleecing another owner.

          (Think to himself while posting comment): A throw in? WTF!?! I want in this league…

          • Afro_the says:

            @[email protected]: hah let’s not say throw in. Maybe Fuller is the throw in on this… either way I can’t see how I’m losing this trade…

            Need to clear up some room for Fuller. Drop Tyrelle Williams or Jamison Crowder?

            • @Afro_the: Either way, you added Cooks while giving nothing else up. Slow clap to you.

              If rather have the floor of Crowder than the potential higher ceiling of Tyrell with your squad

  30. Fleeced says:

    Pryor is available in my 12 team PPR.

    Should I pick him up for any of the following? Poss Matt Jones or Jordan Howard? Or a backup Qb? Or stay put

    Qb Bortles
    Rb Le’veon Bell
    Rb isiahh Crowell
    Wr Mike Evans
    Wr Amari Cooper
    Flex Kelvin Benjamin

    Bench – Matt Jones, Josh Howard, Josh Gordon, Carr, Crowder

    • @Fleeced: Josh Howard from the Mavs 2007? Haha, I would take Pryor over Crowder. But barely. You have a solid squad. I may try to flip one of my WR for a better QB option, even though Carr’s solid.

  31. Wilsonian says:

    You dumping any of the following for Beasley, Humphries, Crowder or Smallwood?


    0.5 PPR – 6 points per TD – 3 point bonus at 85 yards receiving/100 yards rushing – 6 point bonus at 135 yards receiving/150 yards rushing

    • @Wilsonian: I’d rather have Crower or Beasley than Wallace. The TD thing kinda makes it tricky, but I prefer volume (.5PPR) to boom or bust guys with mediocre targets (Wallace – 6 each game).

  32. Larry G. says:

    0.5 ppr league, $100 FAAB budget. How much you spending to get one of these guys and are any of the guys below droppable?
    Pryor, Crowder, Brate, Howard

    I’ve got a big need for TE with Dwayne Allen as my only current TE. And for WR I’ve got ARob, Amari, Demaryius, Diggs and Enunwa, and for RB I’ve got Zeke, Forte, McKinnon and Rawls

    • @Larry G.: Pryor/Howard $15, Crowder $10, Brate $5.

      I wouldn’t drop any of the names you have for Brate, but could go with Pyror over Enunwa or Howard over McKinnon. You don’t need WR, tho, with that top 4…

  33. DT says:

    12 team ppr league…

    McCoy for L. Murray and T Coleman?

    Fair trade? losing McCoy hurts but I lost Abdullah, Vereen, and k. allen to injuries already. need some depth

    • @DT: If you need the depth you could do worse. I don’t like trading away the best player, but it’s not a bad trade int arms of total value.

  34. Will says:

    Who wins this trade? 0.5 ppr league.

    Jarvis Landry for Diggs and McKinnon

    • @Will: That’s a good one. If you need a RB, then take the Diggs and McKinnon side. The gap of Landry to Diggs may not end up being huge come year’s end, but the volume Landry provides as an almost guarantee is so valuable.

  35. Butterfield says:

    Carr and Powell for Crowder? I have Brady coming back next year and want to dump Carr.

    • @Butterfield: I wonder if you can go a little higher than Crowder. You shouldn’t have to throw Powell in, too. I’d target the team with the weakest QB and go after his WR2/3.

      If Crowder is as good as you can get, I’m not opposed to that, tho.

      • Butterfield says:

        @[email protected]: I was just offered Humphries for Carr. Deal?

        • Butterfield says:

          @Butterfield: my league gives a point per 15 return yards so Humphries gets a 1-2 point boost each game.

          • @Butterfield: I’d rather have Crowder than Humphries. Even with return yards. I like what he’s done but the reality is Humphries could fall off fast.

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