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Welcome to the 4th – and possibly last – heated debate in the Fantasy Football Face/Off series.  And by last I mean for 2012.  We have found no good reason not to subject you to this mess next year as needed.  This week was a battle of broken wings as we looked upon two disappointing receivers from 2011.  Brent took the Jeremy Maclin side of the argument here while JB had the DeSean Jackson side here.  Both arguments were originally on hand pressed papyrus and smelled of frankincense until I asked them how exactly I was supposed to get that onto the internet.  Which reminds me I should go look at our stock room and see what supplies we’re buying in bulk around here…neverthewho!  Don’t let your apathy get to you.  Let these writers know just how much you care and cast your vote.  The winner this week gets to reenact the Oozinator commercial.  Google that if you have no fear.

  1. Joe says:

    DeSean won’t have a solid season until his next contract year

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      Well now we know who you’re voting for!

  2. David_KOA says:

    @Sky, Brent & Jonathan Gilpin

    I’m going to bring to light some stats that really stick out to me.

    D-Jax gave fantasy owners seven games in which he caught 2.57 passes & 29.4 yards(just threw up)!

    Jeremy Maclin from week 1-7 had a stat line of 6.1 catches, 81.5 yards & .5 TDs! Might I also add that includes week one were he saw just 3 targets for 1 catch and 20 yards.

    As of right now both players are basically even when it comes to ADP. Over at FFC: D-Jax-Round 5.05(21st); Maclin- Round 5.07(23rd)

    The first thing that jumps out to me is how overvalued one D-Jax is right now. Come on fantasy drafters, how can you view this guy at all as a WR2(fantasy) option? You better hope and pray to the fantasy gods that he hits pay dirt. If not you are looking at 3-4 points almost have the time come tuesday morning.

    Jeremy Maclin was on pace last year to set new highs in catches & yards. A healthy Maclin has the return value of a high-end WR2 and room for more when it comes to PPR formats.

    To me this is not really a debate and am really shock at how high people are willing to draft D-Jax(one trick pony). I will be making a strong effort in trying to acquire Jeremy Maclin and his fantasy services for 2012.

    I don’t like to read that this will be the last of the face/off series this year. It has been interesting to read how the writers view certain players compared to how I look at them. Maybe the message board can pick up the pieces and continue some face/off battles leading up to draft time.

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      We got a late jump on them this year for timing purposes but plan on making it a part of what we do for this future years. It was fun to do them and we’re glad people seemed to like them.

      Of course, I reserve judgement until voting is closed :)

      • David_KOA says:

        Hahaha of course you do.

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