Hello and welcome to Week 12! I don’t know about you all, but this season is whipping by for me. Maybe it is all of the quarterback injuries and changes at quarterback. Maybe it’s because of Matt Canada’s awful play calling that I have been trying to wipe from my mind every week until now. Whatever it is, I would appreciate it if it would knock it off already because things are coming to an end much too fast; I am not ready for the offseason yet. Anyway, enough about my existential dread. Let’s get into what you come here for every week: Fantasy Stacks!

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A Look Back… What Happened to Last Week?!

This is typically where I would write about how great, or not so much, last week went for the Fantasy Stacks we talked about last week. Except there wasn’t an article last week. I took some much-needed time to go to a family wedding reception, where I imbibed too much gin, looked like a fool on the dance floor for too many songs, and overall had a great time looking pretty good in my suit. But that does not excuse me for abandoning you all in your time of need. I hope you will find it in your heart to forgive me.

Now that you have heard more about my personal life than you would like, let us talk about why you are really here:

Justin Fields and DJ Moore

Okay, so some of you might not be here for the Justin Fields and DJ Moore stack, but they have a great matchup this week, whether you like it or not. They will be playing in an indoor stadium in Minnesota, where they should have a great day picking on an exploitable secondary. Fields has the 13th-best quarterback weekly average, sitting at 19 PPG. This includes the last time the Chicago Bears faced the Minnesota Vikings in Week 6 when Fields only had 5.92 points before leaving the contest due to his injured thumb.

Fields came back last week with a vengeance in the fantasy world, rushing over 100 yards, although he only threw for another 169. This last stat is not the greatest, except 96 of those yards were thrown to DJ Moore. In case you’re like me and have a hard time with ratios, that’s over half of Field’s total yards, which is why I love the stack this week.

Moore will face off against the likes of Byron Murphy, Andrew Booth, or Mekhi Blackmon, none of which are shutdown corners and will have a difficult time shutting down the big play receiver. They do not concern me, and they should not concern you. Be prepared for Moore to be the recipient of another large target share, as he has had eight or more targets in six contests this year and is averaging more than seven a game.

I fully expect Moore to outplay the Vikings’ secondary. If there is any concern, it is whether or not Fields will be ready for the Vikings’ ridiculous defensive scheme that leads the league in blitzes. Still, I expect Fields will make them pay on the ground with his legs. Plug them both in and get ready for some fireworks next Monday night.

Josh Dobbs and TJ Hockenson

Yep, I am playing the other side of the field in this week’s Fantasy Stacks again because it so often turns into big points for both teams. Plus, did you know that Josh Dobbs is QB7 on the year? Or that one of his favorite targets throughout the year has been his tight end? How about the fact that Josh Dobbs and TJ Hockenson worked out in the off season together? It’s like these two were meant to make beautiful, Creed-like music together this year.

As noted, Dobbs loves targeting his new tight end, and that shouldn’t change this week against a team that has been like a sieve against the position, but we’ll get to that in a second. Dobbs has rushed for a touchdown each game for the past five weeks and has thrown for another six over that period. Half of that time has been with his new team, and the Passtronaut has been blowing it up since he got there.

It helps that TJ Hockenson is TE1 on the year and is averaging over 15 PPG. It also helps that the Chicago Bears are giving up 14.42 points on average to tight ends. Despite being a little banged up, Hockenson has been targeted 34 times over the past three weeks since Dobbs showed up to the team. The one area that Hock could improve on is the number of touchdowns he’s putting up, but I’m predicting he finds the endzone at least once this week against the Bears, who have given up five touchdowns on the year to tight ends.

Wide Receiver ‘Best of the Rest’: ARSB, CeeDee or AJB?

Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb

I know, I know, I just wrote about Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb in Week 9. This is not about finding fresh new ideas every week, though; this is about finding the best Fantasy Stacks we can, and there is a really good chance that this is it. Prescott is QB6 on the year right now and is averaging 20 PPG. Despite always getting some flack for one reason or another, Prescott has been lights out this year other than the Week 5 game against the San Fransisco 49ers.

Lamb has had just as impressive of a resume as he is WR3 on the year right now and is averaging 21.5 PPG. That’s right, both players are averaging 20 points or better a game, which is enough consistency for them to be a lock as a favorite stack. Lamb has had double-digit targets in four games this year, three of them coming in the last four games since their bye week. It’s not just about how many targets he’s getting but what he is doing with those targets. Lamb has already broken a thousand yards and is averaging just over 92 yards a game.

Possibly the most exciting part of all of this stack is who they are facing this week: the Washington Commanders. The Commanders have given up the second most yards this season and the most touchdowns through the air this year. Not only are they giving up big numbers, but Howell is impressively keeping them in games, which has caused some high-scoring games on both sides. I fully expect this to be a high-flying game that Lamb and Prescott will both feast in.

What is Your Favorite Fantasy Stack?

How about you? What is your favorite Fantasy Stack of the week? What is a Fantasy Stack I should investigate for next week? Let me know in the comments below!

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