Yesterday or as I like to call it, ‘the day before real trades could be made but just like the Alex Smith trade no one pays attention to these arbitrary dates’, the Seattle Seahawks traded away multiple draft picks to pick up the disgruntled Percy Harvin from the Minnesota Vikings, pending a physical.  The internet was abuzz, ablaze and other things that start with ‘ab’ upon hearing the news, especially from Seahawks fans.  But before we fans – yes, I’m a Seahawk fan and yes I still b!tch about all those bad calls from Super Bowl XL to this very day – get too ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at Percy, what he does and how he fits within the Seahawks for 2013 fantasy football…

So here’s the good news.  Before going down with an ankle injury, Harvin was on pace for 110 receptions on 151 targets along with 1203 yards receiving.  Superlatives!  Those really are great numbers and when you factor in his running game – about 10.5 YPG average – and his kick returning skills, Percy looks like an amazing threat to have for any team, let alone one that had such a successful season in 2012 already.  But here’s where we need to temper expectations.  That high volume target and reception total comes from being the top dog in a very woeful passing offense.  Ponder almost lead the league in the lowest yards per passing attempt at 6.08, narrowly beating out Gabbert’s 5.98.  And btw, I’d like to say any time someone leads in a negative stat we call it misleading.  We cool with that?  Good, please remind me later when I talk about leading bad categories cuz I know I’m gonna forget.  Also something to consider, here is the amount of attempts Russell Wilson took in 2012: namely 393.  Out of quarterbacks who started at least 13 games last season, that puts Wilson dead last in attempts amongst them.  Swirl that around in your brain for a little bit like someone just poured some Franzia in there.  Yes, RW3 put up less attempts than Mark Sanchez, Big Ben and, yep, even Ponder.  So what does this all mean for Percy, you ask?  Well, it’s a bit of a sideways move for his fantasy value.  On the one hand, he’ll lose the quantity of targets and touches that he was accustomed to in Minnesota.  On the other hand, he’ll also get to work within a better offense that has much more explosive potential so there’ll be room for a drastic increase in offensive efficiency from the touches he does garner.  On the third hand which is actually 5 oscar meyer wieners thrown into a rubber glove, this move makes me more excited about RW3 and Golden Tate than it actually does Harvin.  Overall, it’s a great trade from a team perspective but it really doesn’t move the meter on what Percy can bring to the table for fantasy owners in 2013.  Keep that in mind on draft day if he starts creeping up the draft charts.

Projections: 85 receptions, 1003 receiving yards, 160 rushing yards, 7 total touchdowns

  1. B. Inge Drinking says:

    I’m curious what the Seahawks will do for a kick/punt returner with Leon gone. I can’t see them putting their new $11 million toy in that slot. What to do with poor ole Matt Flynn?

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      But on the same token, why let Leon go if you’re not going to use Harvin that way at least a little? I understand what you’re saying about Percy there but the reality is, his all around threat on the field is what they bought, not just his slot receiver skills. He’s a truly great hybrid and his value is in his use across the field.

      Yeah, truthfully with how many QBs have moved – Alex Smith for a second round? Are you kidding me? – you’d think there was enough of a market for Flynn to be moved but on the flip side, Wilson is signed for a pittance right now. QB1/2 in Seattle costs 2.39 million a year total when Kolb was gonna cost 9 million this year? Doesn’t hurt to keep him around for that reason.

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