I have to say, I love a good underdog story (maybe I have watched “Rudy” too many times), but I always find myself rooting for a team that the odds are against. And I love when that team pulls it off. This week was a good week for my underdogs, and was filled with plenty of trick plays, upsets, and record breaking plays.

The WTF Moment of the week has to go to the St. Louis Rams, definitely the underdog in their game versus the Seattle Seahawks. Social media exploded when the Rams faked out everyone, including the cameraman, and acted like the punt had gone to the left side of the field where Tavon Austin was waiting. Before the camera or players realized, the ball had gone to the other side of the field, Stedman Bailey had started running for a 90-yard touchdown! Definitely, a ballsy move ( the Bears had orchestrated a very similar move on the Packers before) that the Rams pulled off. They ended up barely upsetting the Seahawks 28-26.

I have to say, it was a good week in my home state of Florida (thankfully the Bucs were on bye). But Florida teams pulled off two upsets, and finally the Sunshine State proves they are not the worse state in the NFL. (Thankfully, FSU redeems us for the college world.) The Jacksonville Jaguars pulled off their first win of the season (or was it their first win ever?), defeating the poor Browns. You know your team sucks when the Jags beat you… Then the Dolphins, who always seem to play better on the road, defeated the Bears 24-17 making the Lions’ and Packers’ fans quite happy.

Speaking of happy fans, it has to be a great day in Denver. Obviously, Peyton Manning is the “Man” of the Week. At the age of 38 (I really thought he was older), Manning surpassed Brett Favre’s most career passing touchdown record by throwing 510 touchdowns. The second touchdown of the night (and Peyton’s 508th overall touchdown pass) was to Emmanuel Sanders, and the ref on the play (must be a Broncos fan, kidding! Or am I?), took out the 49ers defensive end, blocking him from Sanders, who ultimately caught the touchdown. Opps-a-daisy, ref! I guess if his career as a NFL ref strikes out, there might be a future as a blocker in the NFL.

And you gotta love Manning’s receivers playing keep away with the record-breaking ball. Yes, the little farce was coordinated by Peyton, but hey, you gotta appreciate a man of his age still knows how to have fun. His stunt along with his 4 TD passes made me lose this week in Fantasy, but it led the Broncos to another victory. The gift that keeps on giving…

I don’t see Peyton slowing down anytime soon, and I am sure he will storm all over the Chargers Thursday night. And speaking of Week 8, I have the profound feeling that the Bengals will wake up after not scoring this week and beat the Ravens, the Rams backfield will be led by Tre Mason and beat the Chiefs, and Colt McCoy throws for three touchdowns, but Washington still ends up losing to Dallas.

As always, hoping for more upsets next week….

  1. KnileIsNotJustA... says:

    I left this in Jay’s article too…

    PPR league. Rank em – Ivory, B. Brown, Baldwin, D. Robinson, Mason.

    Same league. Sproles or FJax? Injuries have out me in a spot where I’ll have to drop one.

  2. Kip says:

    Hey there, which D for this week I currently have Texans D who were so so last night, yeah they were fine at the start but not so much later on.

    Keep them who face Titans in Tennesee

    Or add Cowboys D who will be in Dallas facing most likely colt McCoy & washington .

    – I’m thin at wr3 this week with Crabtree , beckham jr on bye weeks- next up I have on my team is cordarrelle patterson @ Tampa.

    Or look to the wire, Andrew Hawkins vs raiders

    Jermaine kearse @ Carolina

    Jordan Matthews @ Arizona

    Kenny stills vs packers

  3. mcBlunty says:

    I pulled the trigger on the 3 trades today, this is a long term keeper league, no restrictions on who or how long you can keep guys, full point ppr, I am 2-5 and looking to next year as my team is not going on a run, gonna list my total haul and total sent

    Cam Newton
    Calvin Johnson
    Zack Stacy
    Eddie Royal
    Antone Smith
    2nd round pick
    3rd round pick
    7th round pick

    Tom Brady
    Jimmy Graham
    Ben Tate
    Rueben Randle
    Alfred Morris
    13th round pick
    15th round pick
    17th round pick

    my keepers next year will be Josh Gordon, Cam, Calvin and a TBD (have to keep 4), I think I put my self in good shape for next year with th extra picks and I got more guys to sell, your thought? thanks

  4. Steve Stevenson says:

    Looking to pick up my week 9 bye week QB early. Who do you want in wk 9? 6 pt pass TDs. Palmer @Dal, Tannehill vSD or A. Smith vNYJ?

  5. Dom B says:

    Rank in order ROS Roddy White, Michael Crabtree, Kelvin Benjamin, TY Hilton, Doug Baldwin, Percy Harvin Brandin Cooks, Malcolm Floyd, Andre Holmes. THANK YOU

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