Each week I’ll be participating in FanDuel.com’s Fantasy Football Championship league, which is open to everyone. You get to set a different line-up each week, so I’m going to post it here. We get 60,000 to spend on a team.  Here is the team I came up with.

QB Jay Cutler (CHI v DET) — 8,900 — You know my love for Jay even though I’m pretty sure he’s a prick.  This is Detroit we are talking about.  And their offense should be better, which should mean Cutler need to throw even more.  Yeah, I’d pick Manning or whoever if I could, but Cutler saves me a little cash and he has a great matchup.

RB Tim Hightower (ARI @ STL) — 5,200 — News is not good for our man Beanie.  If he does play at all against the Rams it will be just a few snaps.  I doubt he’ll be out there.  Hightower should get a full workload and they get the poor Rams defense.

RB Jamaal Charles (KC v SD) — 7,800 —  JC is the only RB on here for his price that I think could go completely insane, running backly that is.  The Chargers are not the best run defense in the league.  I think JC will have his coming out party on Monday Night Football.

WR Calvin Johnson (DET @ CHI) — 7,000 — Megatron kills the Bears and now he has Best and Burleson to take some of the heat off.

WR Andre Johnson (HOU v IND) — 7,500 — Dre is the man and Houston probably won’t be trying to sit on a lead by running the ball.

WR Johnny Knox (CHI v DET) — 5, 500 — I can’t see Knox not getting a TD in this game.  He is the best receiver in a pass first offense.

TE Jermichael Finley (GB @ PHI) — 6,100 — Philly was the second worst defense against TEs fantasy points-wise (and that’s all we really care about).

K Connor Barth (TB v CLE) — 5,000 — It’s a cheap kicker.

D San Francisco 49ers (SF @ SEA) — 6,500 — Loving them against the Hass and his O-line. It will be tough for any Seahawk to do much Sunday.

  1. matthew says:

    andre johnson
    larry fitz
    greg jennings
    dallas clark
    josh brown
    panthers D

    rolled the dice a little bit but hey

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @matthew: Those are the teams that usually win! I can guarantee the overall winner will have some oddball player that just goes off.

  3. Duane Cahill says:

    Aaron Rodgers @ Eagles
    Cedric Benson @ Patriots
    Ahmad Bradshaw v Panthers
    Jabar Gaffney @ Jaguars
    Hines Ward v Falcons
    Chad Ochocinco @ Patriots
    Antonio Gates @ Chiefs
    David Akers v Packers
    Bears v Lions

    Probably not the smartest idea putting in both Ced and Ocho, but what the hell.

  4. Tom says:

    Remember that the only reason the Eagles were that bad against the TE last year was because Bradley was out for the whole season. Not saying Finley won’t have a good game but basing it on last year’s D stats is a bit skewed in this case

  5. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Tom: Yeah, they always are. But Finley is Finley.

    @Duane Cahill: hah, that is a motley crew. Good luck!

  6. Anonymous says:

    P. Manning
    Giant Steve Smith
    Andre Johnson

  7. Dominic says:

    PPR league what do you think?

    Best vs Chi or Hightower vs STL

  8. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Dominic: That is a tough one. I like both quite a bit. Best has the most risk/reward. Hightower is a little safer, but I’m going with Best.

    @Anonymous: Looks good. Good luck!

  9. sal says:

    @Doc: drinking a dogfish head punkin ale – mighty tastey.. what part of greatest country in the planet are you residing?.. (to get a sense of what fresh beer is flowing through your local taps..)

    Thoughts on Felix or Ward for ppr? Both have their downsides and felix has the homerun ability, but still I have my doubts…

  10. Doc

    Doc says:

    @sal: I’m in the Chicago area. That’s why I am a Goose Island guy. I’m leaning toward Ward for PPR.

  11. Omnificent says:

    El Doc,

    Non-PPR final flex spot for this week: Cadillac, Spiller, Gaffney, or McCluster?

  12. Commish Cauda says:

    12 team, 0.5ppr

    D-Jax, Mason and Mike Williams (TB) are my starters (yea, not very imposing, I know)

    I have Meachem on my bench. I’m trolling for upside and have room for two more WRs.

    Pick TWO

    Louis Murphy
    Kevin Walter
    Laurent Robinson
    Legedu Naanuu
    Demaryius Thomas
    Nate Washington
    Greg Camarillo

  13. Commish Cauda says:

    add Lance Moore to the list too…

  14. sal says:

    @Doc: nice! good area for beers. Let me know if you need some east coast brews – im in philly. I agree with you, kinda staying away from the dallas crew until after wk 1. I dont mind having him since I went rb heavy in AP, Jchar and PT.

    After this statement year Jamal will be known to everyone as CHARDADDY. Puts purple jesus in its place.

  15. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Omnificent: Between Caddy and Spiller. I like Spiller’s upside.

    @Commish Cauda: Tough. Plenty of good fliers there. Going Naanee and Moore

    @sal: Yeah, looks like Barber will be the lead guy for now.

  16. Randy says:

    My team… 12 team Non-PPR/ Return Yards Count/ League

    1. (2) Aaron Rodgers (GB – QB)
    2. (23) Steven Jackson (StL – RB)
    3. (26) DeSean Jackson (Phi – WR)
    4. (47) Jermichael Finley (GB – TE)
    5. (50) Reggie Bush (NO – RB)
    6. (71) C.J. Spiller (Buf – RB)
    7. (74) Johnny Knox (Chi – WR)
    8. (95) Arian Foster (Hou – RB)
    9. (98) Minnesota (Min – DEF)
    10. (119) Nate Burleson (Det – WR)
    11. (122) Matthew Stafford (Det – QB)
    12. (143) Leon Washington (Sea – RB)
    13. (146) Jacoby Jones (Hou – WR)
    14. (167) Davone Bess (Mia – WR)
    15. (170) Cincinnati (Cin – DEF)
    16. (191) Ted Ginn Jr. (SF

    Taking Rogers instead of AP 2nd overall was emotional. I wanted him on my team and I think/hope he’s going to have a huge year. I may have lucked out at RB though with Jackson falling to 23 and Foster 95? Love my TE. Weak at WR but I’m not too concerned because when return yards are factored in Jacoby and Ginn are decent #3’s. Oh and I feel that Detroit is going to throw a lot especially when they have to play from behind against GB twice, Minn, NE, Dallas, and Phil. That’s why I picked Stafford and Burleson(hoping they double-team Megatron).

  17. Nick says:

    @Doc: Late start change, who do I pull to start Hightower, McCoy or Greene?

  18. vinnie says:

    Hey Doc…..PPR league can only start 3 of these guys:

    MJD, Ray Rice, Best, and A Foster

    Rice has worst matchup but can I sit him?

  19. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Randy: Yeah, that was good luck getting those RBs when you did. It makes the Rodgers pick much easier to take. Looks like a solid team in a return yardage league.

    @Nick: Not easy. I’m going with McCoy.

    @vinnie: No, you can’t sit Rice. I say sit Foster in PPR.

  20. Mike says:

    @Doc: Goose Island Matilda rocks my world. Two Brothers out in Warrenville is making some tasty beer too… Hop Juice if you like IPAs, and Domaine Dupage as an everyday brew.

    Down to business… PPR league, need to start 3 and sit one of these guys:

    Johnny Knox


  21. Black Beard says:

    Please pick two: Hightower, Shonn G., or Moreno.


  22. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Mike: Yes, Maltida is nice. I love Two Brothers. There are some new breweries in Chicago finally. Like Half Acre and Metropolitan.

    I think you have to sit Knox even though I like him this week.

    @Black Beard: Hightower and Moreno

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