If you are clicking to make last minute lineup decisions and are looking for a start from tonight’s game, you came to the wrong place. I do have a recommended sit for tonight’s game which we will get to a little later. The media is reporting that the next game or two are very important for his employment status. A win at home on Thursday just has to be a must for Gase. There isn’t a better spot for the Jets to get a win left on the schedule. If Gase doesn’t win this one, he might as well pack up his office before he goes home. I understand that a lot of players came to Gase’s defense after their on Sunday, but I know that he can’t be super popular in the locker room. It’ll be interesting to see if the full team rallies around him and puts on an inspired effort. Hear are your start/sits for week 4!

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The Elites

Prev. Rank Rank Name Team Tm. Snap % Targets Avg. Targets PPR PPR/G Rec Yds TD
1 1 Travis Kelce KC 88% 27 9 55.7 18.57 21 227 2
2 2 George Kittle SF 98% 5 5 9.3 9.3 4 44 0

Had it right in the pre-season. Tried to get cute the first couple of weeks and do some promoting, but these are the guys that I trust. 

  • Travis Kelce has the 11th most targets in the league and the 7th most receptions. He’s elite and in the best (ok, 4th best by the numbers, but you know what I mean) offense in football, no worries. 
  • After a minor injury and a precautionary week off, it sounds like Kittle is ready to return. 
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Welcome to Razzball’s dedicated gambling column-Teasers and Pleasers! Each Thursday during the NFL season, at 11:00 am EST, TnP will post our top bets for the upcoming week. Just sit back and win some money with us in 2020.

Last week we were 8-3 against the spread. As the teams become more focused, I hope to find the gems each week in this best bet article. There are plenty of resources used to make these selections, but many of the key ones can be found right here at Razzball.

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Now let’s get to it! Week 4 picks for your betting pleasure.

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It was only a matter of time before Covid appeared in the NFL. Thankfully, everybody is ok and it appears that no games will be cancelled and week 4 will have its regularly scheduled number of games. As of the time of this writing, the Steelers/Titans game is looking like it will be moved back to Monday or Tuesday, but not cancelled. We have dealt with a flurry of injuries and have moved players up our fantasy depth charts into starting positions. With these moves, it is especially important to find productive players to put in your flex spots.

As you know, every Thursday here on Razzball, I will be posting the weeks “Sexy Flexies” to give you a couple of players to consider starting in your flex spot. The objective isn’t to point out the obvious guys you’re starting in your RB or WR slots, but to take a look at a couple of players who are a bit more under the radar. These will likely be guys that you won’t start every week but will be good rotational pieces in the flex spot of your lineup based on matchup and opportunity.

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I just snuck out of a court ordered gambling rehab facility to write this post, so I’ll have to be brief. After I was arrested for stealing old ladies’ purses from the retirement home down the block to fund my string of Arizona Cardinals’ Super Bowl wagers (a 50:1 lock!), the judge sentenced me to 6 month’s of in-patient rehab. Since I’ll be releasing my weekly fantasy football rankings each Thursday morning for the duration of the season, I’ve decided to throw in some bonus bold Thursday Night Football predictions along with my expertly handicapped pick for the contest:

Denver Broncos (-3) at New York Jets

Forecast: I didn’t think primetime could get much more exciting coming off the Chiefs at Ravens Monday night slugfest to cap off week 3, but the NFL has a real treat in store for us to begin week 4. Broncos at Jets is objectively the most anticipated game of the 2020 season. The story of the first half will be superstar QB Jeff Driskell leading the Broncos to a seemingly insurmountable halftime lead of 7-0. But in a move that surprises absolutely no one, Adam Gase will be fired at halftime, injecting new life into the hapless Jets squad. With Gase out of the picture, Frank Gore will be named player/coach for the remainder of the season. Coach Gore will call his own number 30 times in the second half as he tramples the Von Miller-less Broncos defense for 220 yards and 2 touchdowns. Jets 17, Broncos 7

Wager: Jets +3 (0.5 Units)

2020 Season: 0-3 (-3.3 Units) 


Anyway, here’s my fantasy football rankings for week 4 which will be frequently updated until Sunday kickoff:

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B_Don and Donkey Teeth are after week 3. They start with some injuries and reactions, and how some of those situations may change.

Then, it’s on to some Buy, Sell, Hold as we approach the quarter mark of the season and see where we’re valuing some of the more controversial players. We talk about a few top players from each position including D.J. Moore, Odell Beckham Jr., Joe Mixon, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, James Robinson, Cam Newton, Drew Brees, Jonnu Smith, Mark Andrews, and many more. 

We wrap up with some quick waiver wire talk with a less than scintillating set of pickups for the week. Finally, we bring back everyone’s favorite part of the show, A**hole of the Week! 

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Just north of Chicago, Fermilab was one of the most important sites in the Manhattan Project, which resulted in the development of the first atomic bombs during World War II. Throughout the Cold War, the particle accelerator at Fermilab crashed protons together at speeds nearing that of light, and scientists investigated their interactions to learn the deepest secrets of the universe. With research budgets under attack, the scientists at Fermilab brought in the top minds from Japan to work with the local businesses — namely the Chicago Bears — to study the deepest secrets of quarterbacks. With some of the nuances of English lost in translation, many of the Japanese scientists said they had unlocked the energy that would bring success to the Bears’ franchise quarterback. The report they drew up was titled, “Big Mitch Power.” 

But there was a group of dissenting scientists who argued that “Big Nick Power” was the secret to the Bears’ success in 2020. They kept pointing to the salary of the Bears’ backup quarterback, Nick Foles, as the proof that the incumbent Trubisky was indeed a “Little Mitch.” Meanwhile, Big Nick Power had the arm and the salary to justify his stature as the Bears starting quarterback going forward. 

Until Week 3, it was unknown whether Bears’ head coach Matt Nagy was concerned about his QB being a “Little Mitch,” but when Trubisky failed to inspire the Bears offense during their matchup against the Falcons, Nagy indeed outed himself as a believer in Big Nick Power. 

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We made it three weeks without any Covid-19 trouble which is far longer than I previously expected. Three players and a couple of other staff members for the Tennessee Titans tested positive and it was reported on Tuesday. The Titans have closed their facilities until Saturday. At the time of writing this, there has not been any word of if the game will be rescheduled until later in the week, played on Sunday, or some bye weeks will be switched around weeks 6 and 7. For now, I will rank the players as if they are playing during the week 4 period. I have also ranked Julio Jones and Davante Adams like they are playing for now. They were both at least close to playing last week so one has to think that there is a good chance that they give it a go this week. I have no idea what to do with Chris Godwin so I left him in the 30’s. Ahh, the difficulty of putting out rankings before the practice week starts. 

As you may know, my rankings are live up until kick off on Sunday morning, so be sure to check back all week and then click the primer post on Sunday morning where I answer all of your questions that you might have. I have had good fortune in the accuracy department through the first 3 weeks and I’m going to try and keep the train rolling as we near the quarter mark of the fantasy season. Here are the early rankings for week 4!

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It is another Victory Tuesday as I awaken in my parents’ basement. I put on my pants (one leg at a time, like everybody else), and this morning I won’t be needing a shower because I smell of success. I’ve been getting rich off of the sweet, sweet capitalism of the fantasy football trade market. That’s right, BUY! SELL! BUY! SELL! Wall Street? How about Waller St.? You know what I mean? I will spend the next 13 hours on various forums and social media platforms telling analysts that they are wrong and the exact reasons why. And of course, ripping off my league mates.  

I will tell tales of trading for Nick Chubb before week 1 during the great Kareem Hunt panic of summer 2020. After weathering the storm in week 1, returns have been nothing but PROFIT! I will brag about dumping my Leonard Fournette shares before Ronald Jones maintained his workload in the Tampa backfield in week 3. If I’ve proposed any bad trades, it has escaped my memory as I chuckle a satisfactory laugh to myself thinking about Cooper Kupp scoring his first touchdown in Buffalo after I bought shares following a disappointing first two weeks. My smile fades because it is time to get to work. Fantasy football success isn’t owned, it is rented, and the trade market is open every day depending on your league settings.

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