Welcome to Championship Sunday!  I hope everyone had a great Christmas and got lots of stuff from the Planned Obsolescence Emporium!  I know I did.  Hopefully today you can get a few gifts from the Fantasy Gods.  It’s nice to finally have a finals week without Peyton Manning and Tom Brady contemplating taking a seat to rest up and/or shoot a commercial.  As I’ve tried to put together a FanDuel team for today I’ve had a lot of trouble.  There are very few slam dunks this weekend and the one slam dunk fantasy game in Philly is going to have gobs of snow and wind.  That wouldn’t keep me from starting the Eagles receivers and Vick, but the slam dunk is turning into a layup.  So I’m not as confident in my teams this week, but I’ll forge ahead.  We still need some teams to fill out our leagues.  It really is a blast and if you are out of your draft and trade leagues it helps make those not so interesting games a little more interesting, so give it a shot here — League 1, League 2, and the 20 Team League.)

We do get a Festivus miracle in the doubtful status of MJD which gives Rashad Jennings a great matchup.  Of course MJD owners aren’t jumping for joy.  Hopefully you were able to grab RashJen.  He should have fresh legs, had 7 receptions last week and is averaging 6.8 yards per carry (of course a 74 yard TD run does help, but take out that run and he’s still at 5.3).  With Sims-Walker hurting we should see a lot of Jennings and his upside is very high.  He will lead a lot of teams into the fantasy ditch or fantasy greatness this weekend (I’m putting my money on greatness).

Rob Gronkowski: Aaron Hernandez didn’t make the trip to Buffalo so he’ll need to hitch a ride to have any chance of playing, which he won’t and doesn’t.  This makes Gronkowski a much better play, and I could see moving him close to the top based on upside.  Someone like Cooley or Gonzo are safer, but Gronk could have a monster game with AHer absent.

Adrian Peterson: He practiced late in the week and “should” go, but we know what happened last week.  I would be a little worried if I didn’t have Gerhart to back him up.  I still think he is a top 15 back, but I would err on the side of safety.

Andre Johnson: He traveled with the team and will see how he feels in warmups.  I have a feeling that he will play and it’s hard to sit him if he does.

Antonio Gates: He is out again which make Randy McMichael a decent option this week.

Malcolm Floyd: He s listed as doubtful and if he happens to play I wouldn’t even think about playing him.  With both Floyd and Gates most likely out this gives Vincent Jackson a chance at another big game.

Chad Ochocinco: If he plays it will be on a limited basis.  Andre Caldwell and Jordan Shipley should see more targets, but should only be considered in deep leagues.

Aaron Rodgers: He’s practiced all week and looks good to go.  He gets a tough Giants defense, but he’s the #2 fantasy QB for a reason.  Start him unless you have another elite option. His return helps Greg Jennings and makes him a must start, but he’s the only other Packer I would want to march out there on championship Sunday.

Joseph Addai: He practiced all week and should play.  I wouldn’t feel comfortable starting him in any league, but it does hurt Donald Brown.  I’d look elsewhere if at all possible than the cluster F that is the Colts backfield.

Knowshon Moreno: He will be a late-game-game-time decision so have another late game RB ready in case he doesn’t go.  He does carry some risk of being reinjured during the game.

Mike Sims-Walker: He won’t get the start due to his ankle injury and could possibly be deactivated.  He’ll probably come off the bench and score three touchdowns, but you just can’t rely on him.

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  1. Hennessey says:

    1-PPR: Charles or R. Jennings? My cautious side says Charles, my degenerate gambling side says Jennings. I’ve decided that I would be more upset if I benched Charles and he outperformed Jennings than I would be the other way around. But sometimes you gotta just go with your gut, which says Jennings. Give me the green light to start RJ or keep it as I have it right now with Charles?

  2. John says:

    R. Jennings or Bradshaw in my flex? Starting benjarvus and rice at rb1/rb2, i think…

  3. Trick dad says:

    Doc- ppr league. If Andre Johnson doesn’t play, would you rather play Sidney rice, simswalker or mike Thomas or kevin walter or jacoby jones? I have owen Daniels if that makes a difference.

  4. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Trick dad: Really tough. I’d lean Jones, but hope that AJ plays.

    @John: I’d give RJ a shot.

    @Hennessey: I’d stick with JC.

  5. Harry says:

    Happy Boxing Day!

    So I’m starting McFadden, S-Jax, D-Jax, V-Jax . . . leaning towards Jennings for flex, tho’ I also have Fred Jackson, Santana Moss & Big Mike Williams.

    Thoughts? Thanks!!

  6. Coldman says:

    I’ve got Foster and Rice. Thinking of starting Ronnie Brown over Hillis at flex. Bad Ideas Jeans?

    Also, I’m tempted to play the Giants D over the Dolphins D despite last week’s debacle. I think the Giants have more upside, but the Fins seem like the safe bet.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

  7. herschel says:

    @Doc: PPR league, gronk vs o. daniels?

    thanks and merry xmas.

  8. Howie says:

    Megatron, G. Jennings, VJax… which two of the “must-starters” tomorrow?

  9. Doc

    Doc says:

    @herschel: Leaning Gronk

    @Harry: Fred would make a quad Jax, but I’d go with Jennings.

    @Coldman: I would still lean Hillis and Dolphins

  10. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Howie: That is impossible. I quit. Um, I’d sit Jennings, but I’m not 100% sure why.

  11. Bumblin' n' Stumblin' says:

    Happy Festivus Doc,

    I wanted to get your thoughts on a few situations going in to my championship match.

    A) This is a 2QB league and I have Rodgers as my #1. I can’t decide on my #2 though. Right now I have Tebow starting over Kerry Collins because of his upside and matchup (I am going against a Michael Vick/Tom Brady led team so I could use upside).

    B) I have Andre Johnson, but with the re-injuring, it is looking more likely that he won’t start. My late game replacement options are: BLAIR WHITE, Jacoby Jones, and Louis Murphy.

    C) My tight-end options are: JIMMY GRAHAM, Owen Daniels, The Gronk, Ben Watson. Who do you think has mroe upside?


  12. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Bumblin’ n’ Stumblin’: Yeah, don’t like Tebow, but his possible rushing yards and a TD make his upside better than Collins this week. I’d go with Jones if AJ doesn’t go. Gronkster.

  13. Daniel says:

    Doc, I have to decide which one of the following to play in my Championship game:

    Rashad Jennings… in one of the early starts
    Adrian Peterson… banged up with a rookie QB in the Sunday night game
    Jeremy Maclin… in the Sunday night game

  14. Gambler says:

    So for my flex spot I have a choice between Adrian Peterson, Rashad Jennings, Ahmad Bradshaw, Hakeem Nicks, or Jeremy Maclin.. Would you start Jennings or one of the other guys?

    Also who do you start at TE: Tamme or Boss? Boss has been much better the past three weeks, but Tamme might get a boost that Collie’s out so I really don’t know.. Thanks!

  15. Doug says:

    So I’m gonna start Jennings over either Bradshaw or Hillis. However I’m waffling on which….mmmmmm waffles…

  16. Howie says:

    @Doc: I’m leaning in the same direction. I figure VJax owes me after his “three plays and out” shenanigans of a few weeks back (which cost me a reg. season league title). Also, I can’t get the vision of Jennings dropping that 50 yd. TD two weeks ago (that play cost me approx. 15 pts. between him and my QB Rodgers- and I finished nine points out of the top spot as that was the tiebreaker for 1st place).

  17. Eric says:

    Hey Doc,

    Non PPR: I need to choose 1RB out of Knowshon Moreno, Brian Westbrook and Ryan Mathews. I’m worried that Moreno will come up lame in the game and lay a goose egg. Is Westbrook the safer play?

    PPR: Need to figure out whom to pick out of Andre Johnson, Knowshon Moreno, Lance Moore and Donald Brown. I’m worried about AJ even if he does start. Of course he’s been injured all year and has produced.


  18. Brent says:

    Shh…I am sending this from church

    Ben Wats or The Gronk at TE
    L McCoy is a must start. But I need Blount, Moreno or RashJen in the other spot.
    Wayne is in at WR. Need Lloyd, Maclin or Holmes. My opponent has Vick.
    Whoever is leftover from the list above needs to fill my flex spot. Or I can play Webb as a flex.

    I think my wife has caught on…abort!

  19. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Worried even if AJ starts. Would you start Colston over AJ? And is it still a toss up between Garrard Freeman. I think I am starting Garrard.

  20. Fletch says:

    @Doc: Would you roll with Gronk over Owen Daniels this week with A-Her out?

  21. Jack Donaghy says:

    “Merry Xmas. Happy holidays is for terrorists.” – jack d.
    Quick question. I’ve got Vick and Brady. With weather concerns in
    Philly, would you sit Vick?

  22. ichirosan says:

    Doc, do you think that MJD and MSW’s injuries affect David Garrard so much that I shouldn’t be starting him? My other options are Jay -ewwww- Cutler, or some bum from the wire, like Rex Grossman, Matt Cassel or Kerry Collins.

    As you can see, I’m paranoid, because I had Jon Kitn, Larry Fitzgerald and the Dallas defense starting in my other championship matchup :|

  23. barker says:

    12 team .5 ppr – pick one tolbert ronnie brown jacobs

    for idp ruud mccourty lofton griffin

    12 team ppr – pick one ronnie brown lloyd maurice morris derrick mason

    for TE boss gronk celek

    14 team non-ppr pick one – woodhead westbrook thomas jones LT greene

    12 team ppr with a Q/R/W/T spot so essentially 2 QBS

    pick one garrard maclin rashad jennings joe webb

    deep 8 team league
    pick on tolbert or rashad jennings

    also whats your gut feeling on ahmad bradshaw this week

    thank as always doc sorry for all the questions
    good luck to all in their championship games

  24. Doc

    Doc says:

    @barker: Tolbert, Gronk, Westbrook, Garrard, Jennings, I don’t love Bradshaw, but he has come through in tough matchups.

    @ichirosan: Yeah, it’s tough, but I would still lean Garrard.

    @Fletch: I would

    @MJD Took A Knee: I’d go with Colston. Garrard still has more upside, but Freeman is safer.

    @Brent: Hah! I’d go Jennings, Maclin, Blount.

    @Eric: Ugh, tough predicament. Westy is a little safer, but Moreno still has more upside. If Aj goes I’d still like him there by a little bit, then Moreno, then Brown.

    @Doug: I would lean Hillis.

    @Gambler: Going to take the risk with Jennings. And I like Tamme.

    @Daniel: Jennings to play it safe.

  25. Doc

    Doc says:

    **They are discussing a postponement of the Philly/Minny game. That would probably help the Eagles pass offense. Stay tuned. **

  26. barker says:

    rashad jennings or maclin in that 2 QB league ppr

    lloyd or ronnie in ppr

  27. Doc

    Doc says:

    @barker: Jennings, Lloyd

  28. Jack Donaghy says:

    Hey Doc, looks like my question (#23) got overlooked – would you sit Vick for Brady given the Philly weather situation? Thanks!

  29. Jack Donaghy says:

    Sorry meant #21 above. Thanks!

  30. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Jack Donaghy: It’s looking more likely that it will postponed to Monday night, but if we don’t hear anything soon I could see going with Brady.

  31. freak says:

    Okay, so I’ve got 2 RB slots, 2 WR slots and a RB/WR. It’s a PPR league. Who should I go with?

    A. Bradshaw
    M. Lynch
    R. Jennings
    V. Jackson
    J. Knox
    B. White
    W. Welker
    S. Greene
    R. Matthews

    Leaning towards Bradshaw, Lynch, Jennings, Jackson and Knox.

  32. freak says:

    My Colts fandom is really making me want to play the blair white project. But I don’t know. I’m so worried.

  33. Doc

    Doc says:

    @freak: Jennings, Bradshaw, VJax, Welker, Lynch

  34. CL says:

    Happy Holidays Doc! If AJohnson doesn’t go, Blair White or Jabbar Gaffney is about all the options I have remining… who do you like? White? 12 team PPR…

  35. nick m. says:

    I have a wealth of RB’s at this point. I know I’m starting Foster, but which 1 are you benching out of this group in PPR: Bradshaw, Rashad Jennings, AP (who scares me after last week and I’d only have Sid Rice to replace him if I rolled AP)?

  36. Doc

    Doc says:

    @CL: White

  37. barker says:

    garcon marshall tolbert non ppr

  38. freak says:

    @Doc: Welker even though he averages something like 5 catches against the bills in 12 career games? With zero tds? Maybe I’m overthinking this.

  39. freak says:

    @freak: Not 5 catches, 56 yards.

  40. Doc

    Doc says:

    @nick m.: It’s really tough. I’d probably go with Jennings/Bradshaw to be safe

  41. Doc

    Doc says:

    @barker: Marshall

  42. WillieMayesHayes says:

    Should I be worried about M. Ryan possibly being rested today if game is out of hand? Would I be crazy to think of starting S. Hill? Also, if AJ is out, who should I start, Jacoby Jones or J. Knox?

  43. barker says:

    woodhead or maclin for a WR spot non ppr

  44. 24hourjack says:

    doc….w/out A. Johnson,would you start Garrard ahead of Schaub?

  45. drew crew says:

    Have Nate Keading but im looking to pick up a kicker not playing in bad wind/snow. Should i grab Detroits Rayner @ Miami, Rams Josh Brown at home or stick with Nate in light snow and 18 mph wind? thanks

  46. Doc

    Doc says:

    ****The Eagles/Vikings game has been postponed until Tuesday Night. ****

    Keep all your Eagles and Vikings players in. This could help AP, but I would still want a backup plan.

  47. nick m. says:

    @Doc: ugh, with news about the Eagles Vikes game, would you still keep Jennings in over AP (again, will only have Sid Rice to sub in)?

  48. Steve Mc says:

    If AJ doesnt go, would you play Blair White or Jacoby Jones in a PPR league?

  49. Fletch says:

    @Doc: Would you take the risk and start Joe Webb at WR over Stevie Johnson or Marshall?

  50. timmy riggins says:

    @Doc: whats ur call on andre johnson…do you start him risking a DNP or do you play it safer and start crabtree


  51. trick dad says:

    andre johnsons out

  52. Doc

    Doc says:

    As trick dad said, Andre Johnson is out, grab Jacoby Jones then Kevin Walter for a spot start.

  53. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Probably should have gone safe with Freeman. Using Garrard in the Championship game is not comforting.

  54. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Ben & Cutler and I drop them for Garrard and Freeman. This sucks

  55. nick m. says:

    with AJ out, do you like Owen Daniels or Tamme better in PPR?

  56. drew crew says:

    jacoby jones, lance moore, or joe webb to replace andre in ppr?

  57. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Panic attack because I changed out Freeman wow why did I even pick him up. Can’t wait for this to be over

  58. Doc

    Doc says:

    This week has put me in a coma.

  59. Penguin says:

    So apparently the postponement causes us to receive zeroes for all PHI players for this week on FanDuel. Wow, that sucks pretty hard.

  60. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Penguin: Yeah, I sent an email in, not that it will do much good. It sucks very hard.

  61. Howie says:

    @Doc: Should have played Jennings over VJax… and, speaking of the Jenningses, I started/sat the wrong ones (played Rashad and sat Greg). That brotherly mistake cost me my Super Bowl today as I had Rodgers and Blount, but the likes of VJax, Megatron, and Marcedes just killed me).

    On a related note, VJax has entered the “Westbrook Zone” for me. I was victimized by Westbrook three years ago when he lay down at the one yard line. I vowed never to draft him again and now that VJax has screwed me over twice this year…same deal. Sit Greg Jennings and Nicks for your Super Bowl so VJax can screw you over? Yep, that’s me…

  62. Scott says:

    Thus ends my fantasy football season, one game short of three-peating. Disappointing, but it was fun while it lasted.

    Thanks for your posts this season, Doc! Always a pleasure.

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