The much maligned Jim Zorn will become a figure head-coach after GM Vinny Cerrato and him had a little talk and “stripped him” of his play calling duties.  I wonder if he broke his playbook in two and gave him a wet willy? He should get his papers in order because he’ll be applying for unemployment really soon, but not soon enough.

Tom Brady: Five touchdowns in one quarter? In the snow? Can the Titans be anymore worthless? This game of course was a great sign for Brady, Moss and Welker owners who had to be a little worried that the Pats weren’t going to humiliate teams and then rub their noses in it like they have in the past. Thankfully they will.

Thomas Jones: I have been down on him all season, but he keeps putting up numbers. But when it comes down to it, Washington is going to keep getting half the looks and they won’t get the Bills every week.  Sell high, and 208 yards and a touchdown is very high!

Ben Roethlisberger: A 72.5% completion percentage is great and usually comes from some banana slug arm like Chad Pennington tossing long handoffs to running backs and tight ends, but Big Ben is getting completions deep and racking up big yardage every game. He seems to have complete control of the offense and is no longer the QB that has to gut it out in the final minutes and is just a good QB.

Chris Johnson: He had 128 yards and a couple big runs. He has the ability to break one at anytime and LenDale White left the game with an injury. I’m not sure where he is on the sell high/buy low slide rule, but I’d just grab it and go all nun on your opponent and smack them down with a trade.

Matt Hasselbeck: He has a great schedule, but he has a horrid offensive line which is probably going to get him injured.  I really am amazed that he was so bad yesterday. He will have some bounce back games, but that o-line is too suspect to put much faith in him.

Steve Breaston: He had another solid game and continues to be worth his weight in fantasy points. And just think how many fantasy points Breaston weighs!  And if Boldin’s ankle injury is anything at all Breaston gains a ton of value, and a ton of fantasy points.

Larry Fitzgerald: Drew told ya’ll to trade for him a few weeks ago and he’s had back to back great games.  The guy is too good to hold down for long.

Mario Manningham: He had a few down games, but is getting a lot of looks in the endzone. He’s worth keeping around and spot starting unless you don’t like looks in the endzone.

Drew Brees: The Giants aren’t a horrible pass defense, but they are nowhere near their numbers so far this year. Brees exposed them like a child looking at a cow and being told he just ate said cow’s brother.

Lance Moore: He will have these games when Brees goes off, but it won’t happen every week. He’s a spot #3 receiver at best.

Jeremy Shockey: He looks like an ass.  Not just your run of the mill guy on the street that gets all red when an old lady is impeding his forward progress, but like a guy who gets in the old lady’s face and says, “do you know who I am?!” And then punches her in the throat.

Mike Bell: The new bane of Pierre Thomas owners.  He is the goalline back.  If he hasn’t been picked back up he’s worth it in that offense.

Hines Ward: The guy keeps on producing.  With Roethlisberger gun slinging, Ward will continue to have solid games.

Matt Forte: Hmmm, it just doesn’t look the the Bears want to run the ball and they aren’t giving Forte enough looks in the passing game. He’s not going to be a complete bust, but for where he went in many drafts he is going to be a disappointment unless the Bears realize they need to get him going so they can win.

Heath Miller: If you picked him up you did well.  In the past the Steelers’ offense hasn’t had room to give Miller the targets he needs for fantasy relevancy, but this ain’t your grandpappy’s Steelers.

Ray Rice: 194 total yards and 2 touchdowns. He is off of simmer and starting to burn.

Sidney Rice: Six receptions for 178 yards.  It was a good day for the Rices and Jerry was nowhere to be found. The Favre has been targeting Rice a lot and should continue to do so.

DeAngelo Williams: 172 total yards with 2 touchdowns pushes him out of the buy low slot and back into the, thank god he went off slot. Jonathan Stewart also had a huge game, but Williams was getting a lot of work near the endzone.

Clinton Portis: 124 total yards = sell and sell and then sell some more.

Kevin Smith: He had Culpepper and Stanton and no Megatron and there really wasn’t much chance for him to have a big game  in Green Bay, but after his bye he has some nice matchups.  Send out some feelers for him, especially if his owner is having RB bye problems.

  1. matthole says:

    nice job whoring hasselbeck!!!

  2. matthole says:

    or pimping him, whatevers proper for horrible advice

  3. Beau says:

    Been in trade negotiations for quite awhile. Ive got 5 great WR and 2 good RB and want to spread out the talent a bit. Ive got:

    WR: Wayne, Marshall, Boldin, Andre Johnson, VJax
    RB: Forte, Rice

    The offer is my Wayne and VJax for his Turner and Calvin Johnson.

    What do you think? I like the deal alot, i hate to give up such consistency with wayne and would rather do vjax and boldin, but i dont think hed go for that…

  4. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Beau: Can you hold off until more definite info on CJ comes out? Boldin has an ankle sprain as well. I’d hate for you to have a big injury problem.

  5. Beau says:

    @Doc: Makes sense, I told him Id do it for Boldin and any one of my other WRs, would that make sense for me?

  6. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Beau: Yeah, Wayne and AJ are your top, then Boldin, VJax and Marshall are the 2nd tier. I’d hate to give up Wayne and AJ. As long as CJ is ok he should play in the 1st tier.

  7. Beau says:

    @Doc: Right now the offer is wayne and vjax, i wouldne be giving up both of the top tier guys.

  8. timSTi says:

    @Doc: Is Cassel droppable in a 12 teamer? We start 1 QB, I have a trio of Cutler, Orton, & Cassel. Just received Cutler in a trade. I’m trying to offer Cassel to anyone that needs a decent backup but noone’s biting. We only have 5 Bench spots so I don’t want to clog that up with a 3rd QB when both my other 2 have already had their bye weeks. Here’s my team:

    Turner & Barber
    Wayne, Colston, Sims-Walker

    Orton & Cassel
    J.Harrison & L.Washington

    I could use another WR. Any clue what Cassel should get me in that department?

    Thanks! Solid write up.

  9. timSTi says:

    Obviously substitue Cutler in as my starter in that previous post.

  10. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @timSTi: cassel probably wont get you any bites,if you can add someone like bell that could possibly help then drop him,breaston might be a hot commodity if boldin is out 2 or 3 weeks

  11. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @timSTi: oh and barber isnt going to get you 20 touches a game for atleast a few more weeks,maybe find a cowboy fan and upgrade at rb?

  12. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Doc: forte`s only decent game this year was stricktly 2 long runs,weather the line isnt creating holes or what but that running game looks terrible,especially without catching many passes,he might be trouble all year,do you see maroney being usefull

  13. Howie says:

    So, the weekly WR waiver wire game for me (I’m the guy who started S. Carolina Smith this week and will lose because of it and got screwed- pun intended- by Sims-Walker and lost because of that episode).

    Breaston or Rice for this week’s pickup? If Breaston is the better of the two, does it change if Boldin is not out (or only misses a week)?


  14. hacienda says:

    With Morris banged up, what do you think about BenJarvus Green-Ellis’s value for next week against Tampa Bay? I’m hurting for a bye-week replacement, and he’s one of the meager options on the wire.

  15. Joel says:

    Hasselbeck shit the bed in my spot start en route to a 1-5 beginning.

    At least my team isn’t waiting ’til the end of the season to kick me in the nuts like my FBB team did (dropped from 1st to 5th in the last week).

  16. Swass says:

    .4 PPR league…4 pts for QB TD

    Schaub and Ray Rice (I’m starting Fred Jackson and Donald Brown due to Rice and MJD bye weeks) or Brees and Steven Jackson (Bye week 8)

  17. Ian says:

    Is it a good time to shop my Mendenhall to buy low on another RB like Jacobs, Turner or Kevin Smith? I’m particularly interested in improving my playoff schedule:
    Pit (GB, Bal)
    NYG (@Was, Car)
    Atl (@NYJ, Buf)

    Thoughts? Jacobs seems to have the best playoff match-ups though he’s a real injury risk and is being severely out-played by his teammate

  18. Doc

    Doc says:

    @timSTi: I agree with Al.

    @hacienda: I think Maroney would benefit the most. Ellis was mostly mop up duty.

    @Joel: Yeah, he killed me in a league too.

    @Swass: Wow, that’s a close one. SJax will eventually get into the endzone and he will always get you your 100 yards. Rice’s TD’s should tail off a little. I think it’s a good trade.

    @Ian: yeah, I’d hate to have to rely on Jacobs week 15 and 16. I like Turner for reliability and they should be in the hunt. Cedric Benson has a great playoff schedule! with KC and SD, but I’m still not completely sold.

  19. unstopabull says:

    I need a RB for my bye this week (MJD,RICE) to team with Mendy (lost S. Morris this W/E). I have Colston , Jennings, Ocho, Hicks, Collie, Austin as WR (play 3). i think I could trade Jennings and Collie for FWP and Lewis. I am in 1st place in pts and standing and Lewis could help since I have a close matchup. In 14 team league and there is almost no one on WW that could help. Should I look to do this trade or pick up someone like Harrison from the WW and hope for the best? Also, I can’t find shit on Morris injury status, any chance he will be playable in week 7?

  20. Byron says:

    Forte owner is looking to dump him- his Forte for my Moreno and Hines Ward- im pretty deep at wr with fitzgerald, moss, ward, massaquoia, lance moore, hakeem nicks- im really thin at rb with kevin smith, moreno, mcfadden and mccoy- this is also a 1 ppr league

  21. Don says:

    I know this is a little early but I need a bye week replacement for Tom Brady for Week 8. I’m down to either Eli Manning vs Eagles or Kyle Orton vs Ravens. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance and nice web site.

  22. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Doc: any news on boldin anyone??

  23. Doc

    Doc says:

    @unstopabull: I know you are desperate, but I wouldn’t take J Lewis and FWP for Jennings. I’d give Harrison a shot.

    @Byron: I think it’s close. I am a little worried about the way they are using Forte. And Forte has Min/Bal in the fantasy playoffs. I’m going to say no, but barely.

    @Don: Ravens pass D hasn’t looked good. Orton.

  24. Byron says:

    @Doc- what do u think about Kevin Smith and Hakeem Nicks for Steven Jackson- i have Smith and Moreno on bye this week- i only have Mccoy and Mcfadden on my bench and Mcfaddem has already been ruled out for week 7- plus kevin smith has a rough playoff schedule

  25. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Byron: I’d go for it

  26. trevor says:

    I think people are sleeping on lance moore just a bit to much. Meachem and Henderson are just a little above average right now. I think Moore could be a #2 very soon with a few 100+yd, TD games coming.

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