Well, we just saw one of the most dominating performances by a NFL player in, well, ever.  I can’t say I’m a fan of Mr. Vick (because I’m not) but you cannot deny that he is insanely good at playing football.  Last night’s game was a fake football player’s nightmare/dream.  I was on the receiving end of a Vick beat down and I can’t say I was singing about bluebirds on my shoulder.  Anywho, let’s look forward to a whole new set of games and players that might help us out.

(Doc’s Note: I got the Razzball FanDuel Leagues set up a little earlier this week so here they are — League 1, League 2, and League 3. I’ll also post my team for this week soon.)

Rob Gronkowski: Who knows what Bill Belichick will do next week, but it looks like Aaron Hernandez has lost out to Gronk for the time being.  There’s no use asking BB about this, so all we can do is guess.  And there isn’t a lot to go on.  The only thing I am going on right now is that Gronk caught three touchdown passes last week and is good at catching touchdown passes.  I could see dropping AHer for him and a slew of other mid-level TEs.  His upside is, well, you saw it last week.

Keiland Williams: While the Eagles were humiliating the Native Peoples, Mr. Williams was going off on his own securing a bunch of fantasy points, and yards and touchdowns, but those aren’t as exciting. Both Portis and Torain should be back at some point, but both are extremely injury prone and I could see Shanny making Williams his starter after this game.  Grab him.

Justin Forsett: He’s not going to all of the sudden score a touchdown every game, but he has more speed and open field ability than Lynch, so he’s worth having as a backup and Lynch might get into the end zone now and then, but with that offensive line it will be hard for him to gain many yards.

Fred Jackson: He’s probably already gone in your league, but if someone dropped him, he is worth a pickup, especially with Spiller out of commission.

Brandon Gibson: Picking a St. Louis receiver is kind of like picking which bullet you want lodged in your skull, but us fake footballers are masochists, so if you are looking to speculate once again, Gibson could become the deep threat Bradford sorely needs.

Danny Amendola: He’s now scored a touchdown three weeks in a row.  You can’t count on that, but if you are in a PPR league, he’s good to go.

Santonio Holmes: Yes, I know, he’s owned already, but I noticed while flipping through my ESPN site (yes mine is personalized) that his ownership was under 40% and yes 4/5ths of ESPN teams are run by my uncle Roy who has been too drunk to check his team, but just in case he is available, grab him for JC’s sake! (Edit: As somebody pointed out in the comments in a not so nice way, that 40% was the percent of teams that “Started” him.  He is now over 90%, but there seem to still be leagues out there with him on the wire.  So it’s always worth a check).

Louis Murphy: He is supposed to be able to go this week and should return to the #1 receiver position.  He’s worth a grab.

Dustin Keller: I know he’s been craptastic lately, but he did have 9 targets last week and gets the Texans this week.  He’s a great start.

Kevin Boss: With Steve Smith now out until December we should see more targets for Boss.  He’s nothing special, but he is moving up the TE boards.

Mario Manningham: Same as above, but Ramses Barden is also hurt and Manningham is a must add if he is available.  He had 16 targets last week and that will continue.

Vincent Jackson: If for some reason he is available, he is a must add.  Just one more week and you’ll have him back.

Malcolm Floyd: If someone in your league has given up on him you need to laugh in their faces while you pick him up.  Well, maybe wait until they turn around and snicker so they can’t hear you.  This week he will be the #1 again and even with VJax back he’ll be the #2.

Jerome Harrison: Unless LeSean McCoy goes down I don’t think Harrison will be fantasy worthy unless they score 60 points a game, but if you have McCoy or a deep roster, he is a worthy backup.