Should you bench Purple Jesus?  I mean, the Lions have moved up to 17th in yards given up to running backs!  There are some really amazingly easy matchups for studs this weekend.  Chris Johnson going up against the Bills! Purple Jesus to turn the Lions defensive line into water which he will then have Brett “Moses” Favre part so he can rush for what seems like 40 days and 40 nights before being touched. 

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I’m fresh out of risk management parables and parlor game analogies this week, so I’m going to indulge myself by just skipping to the good stuff.

Let’s recap how the system works here: start with your basic ranking of players, and then consider -1 and +1 ratings to move the player to the bottom or top of their current tier.

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Greg Camarillo– Playing Miami receivers is like playing Russian roulette, at the end of which you sometimes wish you ate the bullet.  However, it looks like Camarillo may be able to provide some relief for your frustration.  Though he is not a big play guy, Camarillo will move the chains and run precise underneath routes for a developing Henne who doesn’t look half bad. 

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The Chiefs only gave Jamaal Charles 9 touches when they should have given him 99.  Haley gave too many looks to Smith and Savage which just seems ignorant.  Smith was just activated and Savage hasn’t done anything.  Charles has shown he can run in the NFL so hey, I’ve got a good idea, let’s just give these other schmohawks a chance to ruin any chance for the offense to get in a rhythm.

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