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What will you be remembered by?  No, nobody will remember your ten Bacon Cheesy Potato Burrito night or that time you watched the extended Lord of the Rings trilogy all in one day, but if you come up with a fantasy team name that all your friends talk about over their mocha fraps it won’t matter how bad you suck, you will go down in the annals of your league’s history (no, I spelled annals right!).

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We started with our Top Ten Fantasy Football Players and now we are moving on to our Top Ten Wide Receivers.  The amount of quality receivers is amazing this year.  And the good thing about receivers is they are consistent.  They don’t give you the same kind of numbers as a top 5 running back, but the odds of them getting injured or just tanking are much less. 

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Tony Romo: Romopson has split.  Or Simpomo.  Whatever.  They are no longer.  Simpson tweets, “Everyone needs to know that hope floats … grab the strings and pull it back to you.”  This would be a good time for the class to turn their textbooks to “mixed metaphor.”

I know this really shouldn’t change much on the field, but without TO and Simpson and all the distractions they bring, it is hard to imagine this can’t help Romo at least a little.

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