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Before we release the Top-200 Overall Rankings (marking the end of this wonderful rankings journey), I first wanted to host a soirée for the rookies. Because soirée’s sound like so much fun. And it’s French, so there’s bound to be croissants at some point. Right? I actually have no idea what a soirée is or what it does. Regardless, this will be a first, for me at least, and it totally wasn’t because a certain Chargers player was going to be pretty high up on the rankings. Okay, okay, it might have been one percent of my reasoning. (Alright, maybe five percent. That’s the highest I’ll go, I swear.) But coming off a year in which we probably saw one of the greatest receiver classes, there’s a lot of hype this season to see which players emerge as fantasy stalwarts immediately. Thus we must create numerical orders for such things and then fight about it!

Based on the following list, I would probably say the top-10 are ownable in all standard formats, however, once you get beyond that, it’s probably best to just keep an eye on them (in a non-stalker type of way).

2015 Rookies Rankings

Rank Name – Team Pos
1 Melvin Gordon – SD RB
2 Todd Gurley – STL RB
3 Amari Cooper – OAK WR
4 Kevin WhiteCHI WR
5 DeVante ParkerMIA WR
6 Nelson AgholorPHI WR
7 Dorial Green-BeckhamTEN WR
8 Breshad PerrimanBAL WR
9 T.J. YeldonJAC RB
10 Tevin ColemanATL RB
11 Ameer AbdullahDET RB
12 Duke JohnsonCLE RB
13 Maxx WilliamsBAL TE
14 Jaelen StrongHOU WR
15 Phillip DorsettIND WR
16 Jay AjayiMIA RB
17 David CobbTEN RB
18 Devin SmithNYJ WR
19 Marcus MariotaTEN QB
20 Jameis WinstonTB QB
21 Devin FunchessCAR WR
22 Sammie CoatesPIT WR
23 Tyler LockettSEA WR
24 David JohnsonARI RB
25 Chris ConleyKC WR
26 Josh RobinsonIND RB
27 Javorius AllenBAL RB
28 Justin HardyATL WR
29 DeAndre SmelterSF WR
30 Mike DavisSF RB
31 Kenny BellTB WR
32 Jeremy LangfordCHI RB
33 Darren WallerBAL WR
34 Clive Walford – OAK TE
35 Cameron Artis-PayneCAR RB
36 Zach ZennerDET RB
37 Tre McBrideTEN WR
38 Devante Davis – PHI WR
39 Ty MontgomeryGB WR
40 Karlos Williams – BUF RB
41 Matt JonesWAS RB
42 Vince MayleCLE WR
43 Rashad GreeneJAC WR
44 Tyler KroftCIN TE
45 Stefon DiggsMIN WR
46 Jamison CrowderWAS WR
47 Malcolm Brown – STL RB
48 Blake BellSF TE
49 Austin Hill – OAK WR
50 Bryce PettyNYJ QB

I do like Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota in Dynasty Leagues, but for your run-of-the-mill standards, there are plenty of other options before these two this year. If you’re asking me to choose, here’s what I said back in May:

Jameis Winston ended being drafted by the Buccaneers as the first overall pick, as was prognosticated by nearly everyone. And those same “everyone” think he’s either the best pick for the Bucs… or the worst. True, there are some major question marks (to be honest, not just major, but very serious question marks…), including some bust potential, but when talking raw athletic ability and ceiling, there was no better quarterback prospect out there. And remember, Winston has been under the spotlight for quite some time, almost two years now, and I doubt the pressure of being the number one overall selection or acclimating to the NFL will be a huge factor this upcoming season. However, playing for the Buccaneers and Lovie Smith, well… that actually might be a factor. In the long run though, the risk/reward here isn’t a detriment (and even if he does go worst case scenario, JaMarcus Russell will continue to show his support, always taking the brunt for all first round busts… what a guy), and if you are in dynasty leagues or any kind of keeper format, Winston would be a good choice, unless you’re in a redraft league. Or you’re crab legs.

And if that’s the case, Marcus Mariota may be the better quarterback prospect next year. I mean, he may end up being the better quarterback overall as well, but it’s hard to deny the ceiling has a bit more limit than Winston’s does. Despite being involved in several trade rumors, all of them with him ending up on the Eagles (and one random Jay Cutler rumor that was full of LOL), he’ll be playing for Ken Whisenhunt and the Titans. This may not be true at the end of the year if the Titans have another terrible season, but I don’t think Whisenhunt has stopped being an above-average offense-minded coach, and there are some receiving weapons (Justin Hunter, Nate Washington, and sorta-kinda Kendall Wright) that will help carry the load. I like the situation slightly more than the Bucs, but truth be told, both of these quarterbacks should be deep league or keeper league options only.

I did opine in that same post that Amari Cooper, because of being selected by the Raiders, would probably be less valuable than Kevin White, Nelson Agholor, and DeVante Parker, but with the stellar reports coming out of camp and my continued support of Derek Carr becoming an above average quarterback, I’m willing to give him the edge at this moment.

The biggest question though is where to rank Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon. Despite my homerism, it’s hard to argue against my ranking of Gordon in first overall slot. The Chargers have a clear need at the position, and while the return of Danny Woodhead and the depressing notion that Donald Brown is still a thing could limit him as a two-down back, the versatility and overall impactful offense is definitely a place where he could thrive. Don’t get me wrong, I like Gurley a lot too (or should I say two, har har), I’m not sure when he’ll start producing quality numbers. He’s a speculative must-add at this point, since he could pay off big time at midseason.



  1. John says:

    What no PPR rankings?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      PPR Rankings will all be updated with the top-200 rankings next week!

  2. Barry says:

    DeVante Parker will be a bust and Ameer Abdullah should have been the RB3 for these rookie rankings.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Barry: To be fair, I think the majority of these players could be busts. I do like Parker’s surrounding cast a bit, and I think there’s some possible volume with Miami. As for Abdullah, I like the skill set.

  3. Clubber Lane says:

    Ut oh…I have TJ Yeldon #1 because of his Strength of Schedule, and he’ll get the ball 25 times a game…Granted it’s for the Jaguars.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Clubber Lane: you might be right, but I’m not sure we’ll see 25 carries right off the bat. And like you said, not a big fan of the Jags, though I think they have a chance to show improvement this year.

  4. team Maxwell says:

    I haven’t checked matchups for 2015 yet. How much of a difference could a rough matchup year have on a player like say Gurley. Last year, matchups made a ‘huge’ impact on both my fantasy teams and I got edged out of the playoffs. Great post and thanks for your response!

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @team Maxwell: It’s hard to gauge, as we’re not quite sure how the defenses will play out at this point. A good example is the Panthers in 2014. They were supposed to be pretty good, but ended up lousy. I think you just pick the guy and let things sort themselves sort out and work around it with matchup plays.

  5. Never played fantasy football says:

    I’m joining a fantasy football keeper league and have my choice between two teams to takeo ver. Both have at least one good keeper along with A LOT of junk. 3 keeper forever with no raises. Would you please help me take the first step to not embarrassing myself at auction? Thank you.

    Auction league, $160 cap. Below are the only really plausible keepers I could find. Which team should I go with?

    Le’veon Bell @ $9, Michael Floyd @ $11, Julio Jones @ $34, Aaron Rodgers @ $32.


    Antonio Brown @ $15, Gronkowski @ $22, Cutler @ $2, Shane Vereen @ $8

    My guess is that Brown and Gronk provide the most surplus value, but Vereen or Cutler aren’t really keepers while Bell might be the best overall value while Rodgers and Jones would be retail priced. Thanks for your help

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Never played fantasy football: I think you have to go with Bell here. I like Brown and Gronk, but I think you can build around Bell in a league like this.

  6. Tim says:

    Keeper question for you, Jay.
    PPR, 6 points for Qb Td’s
    Have to choose 3

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Tim: I think you have to go Luck, Charles, and Alshon here. The format really made me focus on those three.

  7. SwaggerJackers says:

    I’m not sure I agree that Abdullah isn’t ownable in standard leagues.

    He’s currently going in the top 100 and everyone is predicting Bell’s demise this season.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @SwaggerJackers: I’m still okay with Bell, but he will certainly rise if they are focusing on Abdullah being a one in preseason play.

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