The results came pouring in for our third fantasy football face/off poll and I’m sure it shall be no surprise to hear that it was our very own Andrew Nordmeier winning the checkered flag with his Cam Newton opus which you can read here.  I mean, why would you be surprised, Andrew writes for us, ya know?  Taking in 67% of the vote, Andrew left Mark Lee crest-fallen when his loving ode to Michael Vick – which him mom put up on his refrigerator at home and you can read here – fell on deaf ears.  It was clear that he was inconsolable when he came into the break room with only a rope and a 1/5th of rum.  I’ve never seen someone make that many mooring hitches while doing a spot on Jack Sparrow impression.  He’s so nautical!  In the end, it was heard many times over in the Razzball halls ‘Up Your Nose With a Rubber Hose!’ as Andrew basked in Face/Off glory.

Now that we’ve covered that little goodie, it’s time we focus on this week’s challenge as we find out which wide receiver from the city of brotherly love will reign supreme: DeSean Jackson vs Jeremy Maclin.  In the end, if it’s Jason Avant, something went really wrong in Philly…oh, I wanted to remind you all that we’re doing this little contest thing where you can win cash for showing us your fantasy football knowledge as we try and determine The Next Great Fantasy Football Writer.  You can read about the details of it here.  All submissions received through the 22nd will get reviewed so if you haven’t started, well, I strongly suggest you do.  I’ve heard of speed readers but not many speed think-writers.  Good luck to all submitters!