So the off-season doldrums continue and the latest headlines include Maurice Jones Drew assaulting a bouncer in Miami, and former NFL wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson chasing down Justin Beiber in a Prius….Seriously the season needs to hurry up and get here, not sure how much more NFL TMZ I can take. I mean what kind of self-respecting bouncer gets assaulted by a guy that is 5’7” coming of a Lisfranc injury? And what is self proclaimed tough guy doing driving a Prius in the first place! I’m just going to leave this to Mike Ditka and give this month a big  old Stop It!

Enough about that, let’s talk about some wide receivers that actually matter as in ‘receivers that you could be targeting in your dynasty start up drafts, rookie drafts, waiver wire additions and trades.’ The big news as of late is the Achilles injury of Michael Crabtree that could be absolutely devastating to owners. Sky does a great job breaking down the extent of the injury here and what it means for 2013, but my take in terms of dynasty would be to wait patiently and not to go sell Crabtree for pennies on the dollar as he was Colin Kaepernick’s favorite target in 2012. The injury was a ruptured Achilles tendon and my with my general research – mostly watching a bunch of episodes of House – I have drawn my conclusion or guess that he could make a full recovery in 6 to 12 months.  These types of injuries are scary but I’m not counting out the marvels of modern medicine as seen in the bounce back of Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson.

So what about the rankings? Well I will tell you that this has been an extremely difficult task, as I still haven’t completely made up my mind. Please note that these are my personal opinions and my rankings are more geared toward players that can help you sooner rather than later, which is usually not the case. Wide receivers unlike running backs have a very long shelf life in the NFL and once they find their place they can carve out a major role in an offense from anywhere between 10 and 15 years or even longer as seen with some of the greats like Randy Moss or Jerry Rice which make them very valuable to your team. On the other side of this most wide receivers take at least a few years to develop so tread with caution when drafting young receivers that you count on being immediate assets to your teams. Lets take a look at what I feel are the top 100 receivers at this point in time.


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  1. George says:

    Hey Murph – Thanks for doing the wide receiver rankings. I am interested in why you have De’Sean Jackson rated at 54 and based on the number of snaps that he will get this year why Jarius Wright, MINN, is not listed as well.

    Other than that – I am a little surprised that you have Kenny Britt within the top 25 and ahead of Amendola. I have both of these guys on one team and I have Amendola valued as a WR2 in a 20-team league with Britt as my WR3 (Harvin is my WR1 and rightfully so).

    Thanks bud….

    • @George:
      Hey George,

      Looks like the program I used had an interface error as Jackson is supposed to be 34, sorry about that. I think a new offense will be really benificial to him this year.

      Jarius Wright is hovering just under 100 for me at 102

      I am pretty high on Britt this year as it is a contract year and he should have a great 2013 outing and if not in Tennessse for 2014 should end up in a very good spot. Another reason for this is his age, I was shocked to find out Britt was only 24 I think he has the ability to eventually turn things around and get back to WR1/WR2 status. If you arent a Britt fan I completely understand and I would recommend selling high if he produces in ’13 the way I think he will.
      I really like Amendola as well but am a little concerned with him staying healthy and immediately grasping the Patriots offense.
      Looks like you have a great group of WRs for a 20 team league. Excited for Harvin this year.

  2. George says:

    Hey Murph – Thanks for the clarification regarding Jackson. As for Britt – yea, I like him as long as he is healthy and I have him on both of my keeper teams (one being the aforementioned roster and the other teamed with VJax, Roddy White, Sidney Rice, and Britt).

    Amendola has been working with Brady and he is going to pick up the offense very quickly. In a PPR league (the league that I have him in is a non-PPR) Amendola will be Welker-like with a better YAC. and fewer grabs because the Pats are still loaded despite what many are saying about the Patriots receiving corp. My Amendola estimate for this year is to the tune of 75-1100-8.

    I really like what Jarius Wright is going to be bringing to the table and he may be a draft target of mine in all of my leagues. There was a reason why the Vikings traded Harvin.

    Wright was certainly one of those reasons and it would not surprise me in the least if Wright is the #2 receiver in terms of catches and receiving yards behind Jennings this year.

    He will be a draft value for sure.

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