There are only a few must haves this week so I thought I would go a little deeper into those pools of players. Kind of looks like the fourth circle of hell, but with more upside.

Running Backs

Stevan Ridley: He’s a must own at this point and #1 on my pick up list. He’s by far the most elusive back on the Patriots right now and his biggest competition skill wise is Shane Vereen and he isn’t getting on the field. You can’t trust Belichick to make him an every down back, but if he can get 15 touches a game in that offense he’s an every week flex player.

Ryan Torain: Shanny seems to be in love with this guy and he does fit his zone blocking scheme better than Hightower. Roy Helu is still a better pure running back, but Torain knows the offense well and Shanahan has an unnatural glow about him when Torain walks by. The Native American’s have a good offensive line and whoever is their running back is worth owning, but of course we have no idea who that will be from day to day.  I’m not going to speculate too much here and just go with what we see and that is Torain as the lead back.

Bernard Scott: At some point Cedric Benson will be suspended and Cincinnati beat reporters have said Scott will get the start. That should make him useful, but I’m starting to worry about the guy below here. No, not him. Yeah, him, I was just messing.

Brian Leonard: Leonard has looked better than Scott in VERY limited playing time for both, but has 28 pounds on him and fits the early down style of Cedric Benson better than Scott. Leonard has 6 rushes for 51 yards and 6 receptions for 56 yards compared to Bernie’s 13 for 36 and 2 for 9.

Isaac Redman: Rashard Mendenhall is supposedly not that hurt, but we’ve seen how hammys flare up, especially when they are on the spit and dripping grease, oh wait, wrong kind of hammy. If I owned Mendy I’d be worried about his hammy and I’d grab Reddy.

Bilal Powell: Shonn Greene continues to suck big donkey hooves and is ranked a cool 50th in yards per carry. Time for some Ground and Pound! If Rex Ryan truly wants to run more (or run effectively for that matter) he’ll need to at least give Powell a shot. In deeper leagues he is worth a stash.


Matt Hasselbeck: With a good offensive line he’s had plenty of time to throw and his accuracy remains strong.  He’s consistently been between 16-18 fantasy points which isn’t Aaron Rodgers like, but good enough to get you through the byes.

John Beck: Rex Grossman was horrible last week against one of the worst pass defenses in the league. We know that Shanny likes John Beck and doesn’t mind benching players so Beck could be given a shot in the not too far away future and that offensive line should be able to help any QB put up decent numbers.

Tarvaris Jackson: He hasn’t been quite as horrid the last couple games and the addition of Sidney Rice seems to be the reason. He has a rushing TD and if he can get to running a little more could start making some things happen. He should be owned in 2 QB leagues.

Wide Receivers

Eric Decker: There are always a lot of wide receivers just on the edge of picking off the wire and usually those players end up inconsistent from week to week. That’s what receivers do for the most part, sometimes even the great ones. Decker is going to have his down games, but so far he is getting enough targets to limit those. He’s probably owned already, but he’s the guy I want first.

Pierre Garcon: He’s going off as I type this. Curtis Painter at least looks better than Kerry Collins which is impossible not to do and it’s helping Garcon out immensely. He’s gong to be boom or bust and tonight he’s been boom with 2 receptions, both going for long touchdowns. I’m not going to bust the bank for him over this big game, but I will pick him up off the dump heap.

Antonio Brown: He’s having trouble converting his targets into fantasy points just like the Steelers whole team, but he leads the Steelers in targets for the season. That’s pretty crazy. If Ben can stay on the field they should start converting those targets.

Titus Young: He’s beating out Nate Burleson for targets and receptions lately and I don’t think that will change too much. He’s still battling Pettigrew, Scheffler and Burleson for looks but his upside is the highest of that group.

Danario Alexander: This is his second game in a row where he’s led the Rams wide receivers in targets. If his knee can hold up he will start bringing those targets in and invite them to the house and they will oblige.

Victor Cruz: Mario Manningham is faster and bigger and better, but Cruz has been getting it done for the most part (if you don’t count tripping over his own fat feet). But if Super Mario gets dropped after this game I want him. Give him to me I say!

Laurent Robinson: I mentioned him in my “In A Pinch” post and he made me look less stupid than usual. It helped that he was targeted an ass load and an ass load equals exactly 10. Of course they are on a bye this week and then Miles Austin will most likely be back, but the way these receivers have been dropping, Robinson is the guy to own when one is down and out.

Vincent Brown: Brown finally got onto the field and the way the Chargers go through wide receiver injuries he could be the #1 receiver by week 6. If Antonio Gates remains out and Patrick Crayton and Malcolm Floyd remain not that good and or hurt, he could start moving up the ranks in quick fashion.

Mark Clayton: Keep Clayton on your radar. Danny Amendola had a setback and Clayton could fill that roll pretty well when he returns. Of course he’s not eligible until Week 8, but I know some of you are in crazy deep leagues. Be ready.

Tight Ends

Ed Dickson: Dickson is solid, but not spectacular. His targets through the first four games have gone 5, 6, 9, 12 which puts him 4th in targets for tight ends. If he can stay near that double digit mark he should start catching more of them and being worth something in fantasy land.

Greg Olsen: Olsen got into the end zone last week for the second week in a row and his targets have gone 6, 4, 10, 7 so far this season.Those are decent target numbers and the way Cam Newton has been airing it out and moving the ball Greg is worth a spot.

Jared Cook: Unlike Dickson, Cook isn’t getting the targets, but is possibly the most talented receiver on the Titans. I’m all about swinging for the fences, so I want Cook on my team.

Jermaine Gresham: Gresham is averaging 7 targets a game and now has a couple touchdowns. I don’t think he’s going to turn into a top 5 tight end, but he’s top 12 if he can keep getting his looks.

James Casey: With Andre Johnson most likely out for at least a game I think Casey will see more looks. Jacoby Jones and Kevin Walter could be worth an add, but their upside is crap side. Casey can do more.

Droppable Dudes

Just some guys I thought might possibly be clogging up the end of your bench. Clog it with some of the guys above instead.

Chad Henne, Kerry Collins, Knowshon Moreno, Thomas Jones, Hines Ward, Nate Burleson, Malcom Floyd, Jerome Simpson, Emmanuel Sanders, Danny Amendola, Andre Roberts, Roy Williams, Devery Henderson, Austin Collie, Dallas Clark, Evan Moore


  1. Damion says:

    Yo Doc,

    I’m trying to figure out who to put out there this week since my starting QB Flacco is on a BYE. Out of these QBs on the wire, who would be best:

    Cutler, Orton, McNabb, T.Jackson, A.Dalton, Painter, Gabbert, Cassel?

  2. Damion says:

    As for DEF FOR WEEK 5


  3. Blain Train says:

    Always a quality read… Would you drop LT after Rex Ryan’s renewed commitment to “Ground & Pound” for some of the above pickups? I’m looking mostly at Ridley, Cook, or Casey. Also, do you think Powell will ever get 10-15 touches? Thanks!

  4. uncle mowglie says:

    hilarious hammy joke. actually had a real LoL.
    2 qb leagues.. is it almost tebow time on waivers ? Maybe drop a Henne for a tebow? or is that a lil too pre emptive?

  5. Vikings says:

    drop caddy pick up torain?

  6. WDE05 says:

    Hey Doc,

    12 team standard non ppr.

    I’ve been offered Brady + McGahee for Cam + LeSean McCoy.

    We start 2 RBs, 2 WRs and 1 flex. At RB, I also have Blount, Fred Jackson, Sproles, and Shonn Greene. At QB, my backup is Matt Ryan.

    Really torn on this one. I’d love to have Brady, but Cam and McCoy have put up an enormous amount of points thus far. My team is 3-1 and I have the 2 highest point totals of the season by any team. The old saying “if it aint broke, don’t fix it comes to mind.” Thoughts?

  7. Kratos says:

    Drop Meachem for Cruz? Schamato/Schamata?

  8. BA says:

    No Charles, and have Blount, Scott, Ridley, Starks, and Helu.

    After tonight’s game, what RB do you think I can buy low on and sell Blount high?

    Thanks in advance and for your active twitter feed.

  9. TJ says:

    Hey Doc,

    10 team league, non por, start 2ea WRs & RBs

    – keep Ingram or Ridley for bench? (other Rbs: Rice, McFadden, F Jones,Best)

    – Manningham & Decker available, also Cruz – who to drop: Holmes, D Nelson (also have Megatron, Washington, D Moore). Can’t face ever starting Holmes again….


  10. Lou says:

    I have daniel thomas on bye, Freddy jax
    M Ingram

    I was going to pick up either ridley
    Or torrain … If your an Andre Johnson owner
    Is jacoby jones a must add.. I have mike Williams tb
    David Nelson and Julio this week
    I have Andre Johnson hurt and dez on bye

  11. JT says:

    Hey, Doc:

    Drop Knowshon Moreno for Ryan Grant or DeAngelo Williams?

    Drop Denarius Moore for Julio Jones?

    Thank you!

  12. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Doc:are you worried about Manningham or do y’think his lousy performance/benching was just due to after effects of that concussion?

    should I look to trade him before it gets worse?

  13. mark says:

    any chance your think titus young in ppr will out perform mike thomas?

  14. Jay says:

    12team, ppr, non keeper. My TEs are FDavis/AHernandez, QBs are Stafford/Bradford, RBs Foster/JSTarks/SGreene/KMoreno/BScott/BTate.

    Should I drop FDavis(WK5 bye), KMoreno, or Bradford(WK5 bye) to pick up Hasselback with the purpose of trading him to the team with Romo/Grossman (both WK5 bye) or the BigBen owner?

    Or should I drop Moreno for Torain?

  15. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    one more question Doc….

    8 team points league(ppr),I currently have Roddy,Wallace,Welker,Maclin,Green and Decker as my WR’s(plus Graham and Gates at TE).I want to trade for another RB.I was offered Matthews straight up for either Roddy or Wallace.

    what do y’think?

  16. J says:

    With byes, I need to drop R Bush to field a full lineup this week. How would you rank Redman, Ridley, Hunter, or E. Graham for me to start this week? 0.5 PPR.

  17. J says:

    ^ Add B. Scott to the list above.

  18. CL says:

    Doc: Really nice touch with the “Droppable Dudes” section above.

    This early in the week, would you sit on Titus Young or Garcon? I’m leaning Young because I like Stafford over Painter.

  19. Chuck says:

    Where would you rate Mike Thomas compared to the wide receivers posted above?

  20. Gavin says:

    As a Gore owner, are you grabbing Ridley, Brown, Redman, or Torain over Hunter? Gore’s breakout was nice, but he is still big injury risk.

  21. Van Haggard says:

    Im without Ray Rice this week. My league is non-ppr and we have 2 RB and 1 flex. Am I ok this week using Best, Jacobs, and Hunter? Or should I try and claim Torain with my #7 waiver?

    Thanks Doc

  22. Plainview says:

    I have been offered Santonio Holmes for Shonn Green. I’m considering it but my other RBs are Mendy, Mathews, Tolbert and Helu. At WR, I have Dez, Lance Moore, Mike Thomas and Nelson. Seems like a deal if Green is the bust he appears to be and the Jets continue to throw first. What are your thoughts?

  23. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Damion: Hit me up after I’ve gone through the matchups.

    @Chuck: Near the top in PPR.

    @Gavin: I’d rather have Ridley

    @CL: Yeah, both will be inconsistent, but I could see Garcon at least getting some end zone looks while Megatron dominates those in DET.

    @J: Ridley has a tough matchup, but I’d still lean him unless Mendy or Benson is out.

    @Oilcan Giuseppe: How many WR can you start?

    @Jay: If you think they are open to a trade go for it.

    @mark: Probably not.

    @Oilcan Giuseppe: I think you have to hold there. Wouldn’t get much for him anyway.

    @JT: Yes for Grant and Jones.

    @Lou: Walter is probably a safer add. Torain will be on a bye if that matters.

    @TJ: Tough call, but I’m sticking with Ingram and I’d drop Nelson and Moore.

    @BA: I like Felix Jones as a buy low there.

    @Kratos: Schmomato

    @WDE05: Agreed. McGahee is light years below McCoy.

    @Vikings: Yeah

    @uncle mowglie: I’d probably do that.

    @Blain Train: I’d get Ridley for LT. Really don’t know with Powell, but I think he’ll get a shot.

  24. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Van Haggard: If you need him for just this week he’s on a bye.

    @Plainview: I’d probably do that.

  25. Jonny says:

    Drop Tolbert or Bernard Scott for Ridley?

  26. MJD Took A Knee says:

    12T NonPPR

    Drop L.Moore for Garcon?

  27. Plainview says:

    @Doc: Thanks. What would you say to expanding the Santonio Holmes for Shonn Green deal to Holmes/Megatron for Green/Cam Newton and Lance Moore or Dez Bryant?

  28. Steve says:

    Have Mendy as my best(?) RB, know I should grab Redman but have Felix, Starks, McGahee, Ridley and B Scott as well. Drop B Scott for Redman?? Rest of roster all needed.

  29. WDE05 says:

    Hey doc, another trade proposal for your review…

    Guy in my 16 team standard non ppr league has been trying to get me to trade him Vick since the draft. Most of his offers have been a joke though. His current offer is Newton + Meachem for Vick. We start 2 WRs 2RBs and a flex. My current WRs are Harvin, Lance Moore, Bess, Thomas, and Gibson. My starter at flex has been the ever shitty Mark Ingram. I have Forte and Benson at RB, but obviously I’ll be hurting there whenever Benson finally gets smacked by Goodell.

    Thoughts on the offer? Cam has been a beast, but I feel like Vick is more of a proven commodity. Vick is def more of an injury risk though.

  30. Van Haggard says:

    Ah crap..

  31. KarlJ. says:

    Hey Doc. My wife actually drafted a team this year and is doing well. However she is week at TE as she has Gresham and Dallas Clark. She received a trade offer of Tony Gonzalez and Cutler for Eli Manning and Clark. She has Brady as her starting QB. Pull the trigger? The other team is not willing to part with his other TE (Graham).

    Can Gonzo keep this up (3rd ranked TE so far)


  32. ThePoonTycoon says:

    my WR situation has not panned out. mike williams (tb) and manningham look like poo. stevie johnson has been solid at least. i now have a healthy foster back and fred jackson is gonna hold down the RB2 spot. i have banged up mendenhall behind the sieve the steelers call an offensive line.

    i have the following offer on the table
    i give: $camdal newton (and i hate the mf’er), mendenhall, mike williams
    i get: larry fitz, brandon jacobs, sam bradford

    my current lineup is:
    QB – brees, $camdal
    RB (start 2) – foster, jackson, mendenhall, starks, spiller
    WR (start 2) – stevie johnson, mike williams, manningham, henderson (though waiver wire claim in to pick up antonio brown and drop henderson)

    i gotta make the deal to exponentially strengthen my starting lineup even if i weaken my bench right?

  33. Howard says:

    @Doc, Have been pretty happy with my team so far (3-1) but there’s always room for improvement!
    QB Brees
    WR VJax
    WR Roddy
    RB FredJax
    RB Hightower
    W/R Welker
    TE McMichael
    BN D Thomas
    BN J Starks
    BN Hasselbeck
    BN Decker

    Would you consider Ridley/Torain over Hightower/Starks? At WR Decker or Antonio Brown? Thanks!

  34. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    @Doc: that league starts 2 WR,2 W/R/T.

  35. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: oh yeah, and regarding my league, it’s a 3 man keeper league, so i can keep 3 guys. i feel fine keeping brees the next few years, so $camdal probably isn’t in my immediate future, but hypothetically i could be trading him to someone for the next decade.

  36. jgk5020 says:

    Thanks so much for all the wonderful advice! I need help this week please!

    Thanks to you I’m leading my league but suffered my first loss in Week4.

    12 team non-PPR

    I need 2 RBs and 3 WRs for Week5.

    RBs = McCoy, Mendenhall, Tolbert (who I haven’t played yet this season)
    WRs = Dez, Miles Austin, Steve Johnson, Decker, Mike Thomas.

    Question 1) Dez/Miles have a bye, do I just play Steve johnson, Decker, Mike Thomas? Or look at Waiver options?

    Question 2) RBs concern me. Do I a)keep Tolbert and play him for Mendy only if Mendy is hurt b)play Tolbert for Mendy regardless c)Try my chances on the Wire and pick up Ridley/Torain/Redman? (And in what order?)

    Thanks again!

  37. rascal says:


    I put in waiver claims for Ridley (12%), BJGE (11%), and Nelson (20%). But also available are Torain and Redman (Mendenhall owner). Shallow league, so I would have to drop Moreno (also own McGahee), Manningham, and Harvin for those three. I’m torn on dropping Harvin (also have Lloyd, Holmes, Steve Johnson, and the previousy mentioned Manningham in a league that starts 3 WR in a non-ppr scoring format). Another option is to drop JStew over Harvin, but with Ingram and Mendenhall sucking it up, so is Holmes obviously, I didn’t think I should lose any RB depth.

  38. angry jack rabbit says:

    Doc, long time listener, first time caller.

    keep one, trade one: stafford, newton?

    currently in negotiations to deal Newton, you prefer Matthews or SJax (i’d get caddy with SJax) 14 team – 0.5 ppr. both injury concerns so sjax bc of caddys inclusion?

    thanks, appreciate the work.

  39. rascal says:

    That is Jordy Nelson.

  40. Shin-Soo Choo Choo says:

    S Ridley over S Greene or J Starks?

  41. Creamsickle says:

    1) As a Hightower Owner, do you think picking up Torain and dealing the pair is a better strategy than out-guessing Devil-hanahan himself?

    2) Is it really time to drop on Knowshown Moreno? I thought he still had some upside as McGahee hasn’t impressed me; even as janky a fantasy coach as Fox is – he did constantly put 2 successful RB’s in the backfield in Carolina.

  42. Random Collmenter says:

    drop reggie bush for torain, leonard, or bilal?


  43. Jeff says:

    Have 1st claim this week. Should I use it on Ridley, Redman or Hardesty?
    RBs right now are Steven Jackson, Frank Gore, Tim Hightower, Cedric Benson, Bernard Scott, Brandon Jacobs, Darren Sproles. (So I definitely need some sort of decent production)

    2nd Question, is Tate dropable now?

  44. John says:

    Quick trade ? please help

    10 team PPR start 3 wr, 2rb, 1 flex

    Stafford QB
    Nicks WR
    Moss WR
    Decker WR
    Dmac RB
    Best RB
    Witten TE
    Felix Jones Flex

    Bench- meachem, sproles, cam newton

    i was just offered larry fitz for cam newton

    i have stafford, i know newton is a beast but i really need an upgrade at WR

  45. brapp says:

    @doc hey now that I lost Andre johnson for a few weeks or more (who knows), my fantasy team is almost garbage. Here’s my current lineup:

    WR:Denarius Moore
    T/W: Harvin
    TE: Clark
    K: Jason Hanson
    DE: New Orleans

    Steven Ridley (should I start him?)
    Jared Cook (should I start him?)
    Andre Johnson
    Colston (should I start him?)
    David Nelson( him too?)

    Thanks again.

  46. Mungfisher says:

    So I was planning to rely on Burleson to be a serviceable bye week fill-in, but that’s not looking so hot. Should I drop him for Cruz or Titus Young or just roll with him? He’s my only back up WR right now (Austin Collie dropped last week) and Marshall’s on a bye.

  47. Johnny Ringo says:

    Hey Doc, I think if somehow we could just give you all of our leagues and passwords and have you set out lineup for us, it would save us all a lot of time. And by ‘us all’ I obviously only mean us. Not you.

    Smartass comments aside, how long do I stick with Marcedes since Gates is wasting my time yet again this season? Competitive league so the only attractive waiver options are Cook and Watson. ppr. Thanks.

  48. herschel says:

    @Doc: need a possibly qb replacement with rothlisberger hurting/sucking. put in for hasselbeck, but im last on the ww, so not sure if i will get him. who do you like for this week as a plan c?

    mcnabb vs ari
    a smith vs tb
    tjax @ nyg
    dalton @ jac
    cassel @ ind
    painter vs kc

    ugly i know. thanks!

  49. chinese checkers says:

    should i trade hillis for ridley n roddy white?

  50. 10-team, NON-PPR league
    we start 1QB, 3WR, 2RB, 1TE, 1K, 1D/ST; here is my team:
    QBs: Brady, Roethlisberger
    WRs: Roddy, Smith (CAR), Harvin, N. Washington, Ochocinco
    RBs: FJax, CJ2K, Felix Jones, Ridley
    TEs: Finley, Keller
    then Kasay for my kicker and I have to use a committee for my D/ST based on matchups since all the good D/ST are taken.

    I like my team but after winning my first matchup, I’ve lost 3 in a row. Either CJ2K needs to get his ass in gear and start winning me games, or I need to make a change. Roddy’s slow start makes my WR corps pretty weak. All the WRs you mentioned are available except Decker. I think I’m good at RB for now. I dropped Reggie Bush for Ridley before sunday but had him on my bench. Wouldve dropped Ocho but I wanted to give him one more week. Also, looking ahead to week 8, finley and Keller both have byes so i’m not sure what to do there.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, kind sir.

  51. Scott says:

    Would u drop Tate and add Ridley or red man since foster is back?

  52. Mike says:

    Concerned with turner against green bay…would u bench him and start issac red man ? Thanks

  53. Eng says:

    Doc, thanks for these updates – they are a great read. What do you think of the Dolphins QB situation? Where are you leaning?

  54. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Johnny Ringo: I’m going to give him another week. Got 7 targets last week. Could be an upswing. We’ll see.

    @Mungfisher: I’d drop him for Young

    @brapp: Colston

    @John: Go for it

    @Jeff: Ridley and yeah

    @Random Collmenter: for Torain

    @Creamsickle: I’m cutting the dead weight. I’d try that.

    @Shin-Soo Choo Choo: Close on Greene, but I’d hold off.

    @angry jack rabbit: I like Mathews more, but agree SJax with Caddy is safer

    @rascal: Keep Stew and Harvin. I would drop Moreno for Torain.

    @jgk5020: I’d hold with what you have for now.

    @Jonny: I’d drop Scott

    @MJD Took A Knee: Hmm, that’s close, but in non-ppr I think so

    @Plainview: I’d want Megatron side with Moore on the other side.

    @Steve: I’d probably hold there.

    @WDE05: Looks like you need a RB more than a WR. Does he have any?

    @KarlJ.: I really don’t think he will. I’d keep Gresham and look to upgrade another way.

    @ThePoonTycoon: That deal is not good. I’d look elsewhere.

    @Howard: I’d try to upgrade McMichael. Tough call on Hightower. I wuld drop him for Ridley, but it’s risky.

    @Oilcan Giuseppe: I’d do it for Roddy

  55. herschel says:

    @Doc: also, who do you like for def/st this week?

    texans vs oak
    cinci @ jac
    tb @ sf
    min vs ari
    ind @ kc


  56. exactly says:

    Hey Doc,

    PPR league…trade Hillis and Mike Thomas for Brees?

    If I do this, I’ll have rice forte and greene at rb; s. johnson, amendola, moore and meachem at wr; and romo brees and sanchez at qb…we start a rb/wr flex and a qb/rb/wr/te flex so i can start brees and romo.


  57. Doc

    Doc says:

    @herschel: Would lean Cincy right now

    @Eng: Looks like Henne might be done for the season. It’ll probably be Moore, Garrard or Delhomme. Don’t know.

    @Mike: No

    @allballsdntbwnc: I’d give Garcon a shot for Ocho

    @chinese checkers: Yeah

  58. Plainview says:

    @Doc: Would you make the deal if it were Dez instead of Moore:

    Megatron/Santonio Holmes for Cam Newton/Shonn Green/Dez

    I have Brady as well – Cam is my backup – Dez is my WR1 at present

  59. herschel says:

    @Doc: think this one may have got lost in the shuffle. need a possible qb replacement with rothlisberger hurting/sucking. put in for hasselbeck, but im last on the ww, so not sure if i will get him. who do you like for this week as a plan c?

    mcnabb vs ari
    a smith vs tb
    tjax @ nyg
    dalton @ jac
    cassel @ ind
    painter vs kc

    ugly i know. thanks!

  60. WDE05 says:


    In re: to your question above, the guy offering the Cam for Vick trade has CJ, Ryan Mathews, Frank Gore and Steven Ridley at running back.

    Obviously he’s not going to give me Cam and CJ, Gore or Ryan Mathews for Vick, but would you do it for Cam + Ridley?

  61. Child PLEASE!!! says:

    @Doc: Doc, I just offered this blockbuster, what do you think.

    I give:
    Jahvid Best, Shonn Greene, Percy Harvin and Dexter McCluster

    I get:
    Ryan Matthews, Andre Johnson, Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush.

    I currently have
    RB = Best, Beanie, Greene, Helu, Carter
    WR = VJAX, Dmoore, Lmoore, Harvin, Mccluster

    This will give me a starting crew of
    RB: Matthews and Beanie
    WR: VJAX and Andre (once healthy)
    Flex: Dmoore / Lmoore / Thomas / Bush / Helu


  62. Drew Crew says:

    Which side of the trade in ppr?
    Gore + Denarius Moore or
    B. Lloyd + felix jones

  63. Child PLEASE!!! says:

    scratch that last question, dude already rejected it.

    I have this other offer out for hakeem nicks:

    i give:
    Greene, Freeman, McCluster

    I get
    Nicks and 2 garbage players.

  64. The Sequential Hermaphrodite says:

    Would you drop Shonne Greene or David Nelson for Kendall Hunter or Ryan Torain?

    On another team my most droppable guys are Mark Ingram, Nate Washington, Aaron Hernandez, and Darren Sproles (who I’m inclined to keep because of his trade value), and Ridley and Torain are available.. Who would you drop for whom?

  65. SDPete says:

    Ok Doc, a follow-up question to another one I asked in another thread. How would you rank the following players for 2013 for fantasy purposes??

    DeMarco Murray, Jermaine Gresham, Montario Hardesty, Denarius Moore

  66. DrPepper says:

    Trying to figure out best strategy on Andre Johnson. I’ve been offered Roddy White for Andre and Brandon Marshall. That would leave me with Roddy, Desean Jackson, Julio Jones, and Eric Decker at WR. (Doing OK at RB with McFad, S Jackson, Addai, and Daniel Thomas). The price is steep, but it would get me out of the hammy game and help me through a week where I’m already missing a ton of guys on byes. Thoughts?

  67. Juan Pierre is Fast says:

    Anyone feel free to answer: Would you trade Brandon Pettigrew for Antonio Gates?

  68. I’m finally gonna start Cam over Rivers. Asking for trouble?

  69. trick dad says:

    most droppable, regardless of need: moreno, ben tate (own foster), d. nelson, d. moore? thanks

  70. rascal says:



    So drop Moreno for Torain and keep Harvin and Stew. Should I drop Manningham for Ridley, Jordy Nelson, BJGE, or Redman? I was thinking Ridley. I would love to stand pat, but I can’t since I’m 1-3. Of course, Ridley’s matchup this week sucks and Torain is on a bye.

  71. rascal says:

    Local pittsburgh beat writer says Redman will start and both Mewelde and Mendenhall will be out.

  72. Mike says:

    Would u rather have turner or Bradshaw at rb the rest of the way? Have to choose for a trade…thanks!

  73. T-Bone says:

    Hey doc, any chance we could get an update on the RCL’s? Just took my first loss of the season and I’d like to see where myself and the rest of my league stack up.

  74. Kendall Hunter vs TB, Isaac Redman vs TEN, or Stevan Ridley @ NYJ

  75. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Chicago Mike: For this week Redman.

    @T-Bone: Soon.

    @Mike: Turner

    @rascal: Yep

    @rascal: With the news that Redman will be the main guy for this week it might be worth it to grab him.

    @trick dad: Nelson

    @Jeremy: Any move you make is asking for trouble. Cam is good.

    @Juan Pierre is Fast: I wouldn’t. Gates may be done for all we know, but Pettigrew types are a dime a dozen.

    @DrPepper: I could see trying something like this, but that is way too steep.

    @The Sequential Hermaphrodite: I’d drop Nelson for Torain

    @SDPete: Moore, Hardesty, Murray, Gresham

    @Child PLEASE!!!: If they accept that would be great

    @Drew Crew: Jones side

    @herschel: I think Dalton has the highest upside, but is risky. I’d lean Smith for safety.

    @Plainview: It’s close. If it helps your starting lineup go for it.

  76. WDE05 says:


    In re: to your question above, the guy offering the Cam for Vick trade has CJ, Ryan Mathews, Frank Gore and Steven Ridley at running back.

    Obviously he’s not going to give me Cam and CJ, Gore or Ryan Mathews for Vick, but would you do it for Cam + Ridley?

  77. Jim Parkey says:

    Doctor, should I drop EITHER S. Greene or B. Scott for Ridley?

  78. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Jim Parkey: I’d drop Scott for him

    @WDE05: I’d see if you can throw anything else in for Mathews.

  79. DFresh says:

    10 team league, should i drop Boldin for ridley? My other WR are Roddy, Steve Smith, Washington and Lloyd. My RB are Felix, AP, Sjax, Best and Mcgahee. I love my Rbs but they have been underperforming.

  80. Scott says:

    David Nelson or santonio holmes the rest of the way?

  81. anthony says:

    Hey Doc,

    Trying to stay undefeated.

    Who should I sit?

    A foster
    L mccoy
    B wells
    Calvin johnson
    Wes Welker
    Desean jackson

    Foster n Mccoy are my running backs.
    I’m debating over beanie or desean as my flex.
    Thanks a lot!

  82. WDE05 says:


    I don’t think I have anything I could throw in to get Mathews away from him other than Forte who I’m not willing to part with.

    What do you think about Cam + Gore for Vick + Harvin?

  83. anthony says:

    Sorry if I’m asking twice. Idk if my question made it on..

    Who should I sit?

    A foster
    2rb 2wr 1 flex

    I think its between beanie and desean as flex. What about you Doc?

  84. Diamondoug says:

    In a tough small money league, I have both Stafford and Cam Newton who both have same bye of week 9.

    Need to trade 1 for a RB2 and decent QB for week 9.

    Which would you trade ?

    12 teams, 0.5 PPR, have McCoy and Forte, M Wallace, D Bryant, Smith Carolina, Harvin, L Moore and A Hernandez.
    Need RB2 for bye weeks and Flex

  85. stumanji says:

    Lions vs Chi or Giants vs Sea this week?

  86. exactly says:

    if you had to choose one: bilal powell or brian leonard?

  87. exactly says:

    Also, which of these guys would you most want to trade right now: s. greene, hillis, mike thomas…or do you think they’ll have better value going forward?

  88. Damion says:

    Cutler, Orton, McNabb, T.Jackson, A.Dalton, Painter, Gabbert, Cassel?

    top 3 out of these

    As for DEF FOR WEEK 5


    top 3 out of these

  89. Kevin says:

    I thought your article on fantasy football pickups was great. It has shown me a new way to look at how I change my team from week to week. I also thought that you made some great points on certain players and how the number of touches would limit them despite the talent level that they have. I also loved the easy to read and find what I was looking for format. It made it so easy to pinpoint. One question for the upcoming week, Julio Jones seems to be on the rise is he a keeper and a solid 2 or 3 option or do I sell now and see what I can get in return like a top 20 RB?

  90. clodbuster says:

    Hey Doc, who do you prefer from DeAngelo and Ridley for the rest of the season? Thanks!

  91. Project badass says:

    .5 PPR, $100 waiver budget ($74 left)

    Need a replacement for Witten this week…Gresham is the best and only reliable TE available…how much would you bid for him?

  92. Doc

    Doc says:

    @clodbuster: Ridley

    @Kevin: He’s a keeper. Like him a lot.

    @exactly: I’d trade Hillis and Greene now if I could.

    @exactly: Powell has more long term upside.

  93. Damion says:

    Are my questions too broad?

  94. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Damion: I don’t know the matchups yet. Can’t answer them, especially with so many choices.

  95. Damion says:

    ok Ill shorten choices

    Orton vs SD
    Cutler vs Det
    T.Jax vs NYG

    On DEF-


  96. WDE05 says:


    I don’t think I have anything I could throw in to get Mathews away from him other than Forte who I’m not willing to part with.

    What do you think about Cam + Gore for Vick + Harvin?

  97. Doc

    Doc says:

    @stumanji: Close one. I think the Lions have more upside.

    @Diamondoug: I’d trade Cam.

    @anthony: If you put who they play it would be easier for me. At this point in the week i don’t have all the matchups in my head yet.

    @WDE05: I think it’s worth it

    @Scott: Holmes

    @DFresh: I couldn’t drop Boldin

  98. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Damion: Tough, I’d lean KC and Cutler.

  99. Howie says:

    @Doc: AJ owner here…McCluster is available and has the potential of double-dipping with RB touches as well. Worth a pickup in a non-PPR until Houston Hamstring #2 returns with the likes of Garcon, Meachem, Cruz, Antonio Brown, et al. out there as well?

  100. Blain Train says:

    Hey Doc… I’m 1-3 and really need a W this week.

    I have the #2 waiver slot, should I grab Redman or Ridley? Redman expects to have bigger Week5 numbers, but Ridley better long-term value. If I choose Ridley, I would likely stash him this week and start Tolbert at flex. Carpe Diem or think Long-Term??

    Also, should I drop DeAngelo or A. Brown for Jacoby Jones? I would be using J Jones as a WR2 over D. Nelson. Thanks!

  101. anthony says:

    This week its
    Foster vs. Oak
    Mccoy vs buf
    Desean vs. Buf
    Beanie vs. Min
    Megatron vs. Chi
    Welker vs. Nyj

    Thanks a lot.

  102. The Den says:

    I’m 3-1 and I have two tempting trade proposals. I will be getting Andre Johnson.

    Andre Johnson for Daniel Thomas/Eric Decker or Andre Johnson for Decker/Deangelo Williams

    Do I pull the trigger? Or is it too risky?

  103. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Howie: I don’t trust McCluster. I’d rather go with Brown or Garcon.

    @Blain Train: I’d grab Ridley and probably stick with what you have.

    @anthony: You have an all star lineup there. I’d probably sit Desean, but just because Welker has been so insanely on fire and i think they can move him around enough to keep Revis from shutting him down.

    @The Den: Do the Decker/Deangelo trade.

  104. Steve Stevenson says:

    Is the upgrade from Eli to Romo worth giving up Ridley (RB 4/5, where we start 2 and a flex)?

  105. brapp says:

    So you said I should start Colston? Which guys should I bench and start then? Thanks.

  106. Marty Funkhouser says:

    @Doc: Greene, Garcon and Brandon Marshall for Ryan Matthews is a no-brainer, correct? Also, would you trade Ingram for Ridley straight up? Wanted to pick him up last week, decided to wait and was a slot too low to grab him off waivers (although I’m happy with snagging Torain for now).

  107. Project badass says:

    .5 PPR, $100 waiver budget ($74 left)

    Need a replacement for Witten this week…Gresham is the best and only reliable TE available…how much would you bid for him?

  108. Gavin says:

    What do you think about dropping Plax for Preston Parker?

  109. surfmonger says:

    lol. holy comment deluge. thanks again for all your humor and analysis.

    I’ve got two inter-related problems.

    r rice and hightower are on a bye. my RB2 sub options for this week on my bench are ridley (v NYJ) or hunter (v Eagles).

    Also, Torrain is now a FA. (no one grabbed him.) I was hoping someone would pick him up so I could offer hightower in a trade.

    P Thomas (v CAR) and D Carter (v Indy) are also available. unless there is an injury I don’t know about, I don’t see anyone else worth a hoot for my wk5 sub.

    If Ridley is my best wk5 sub (outside of an aggressive trade) do I drop hunter for Torrain? (Torrain saved my season last year!)


  110. HotCorner306 says:

    Would you consider starting Ike Redman over Green-Ellis this week? Ridley seems to be the better back on NE, but the Steelers are playing a tough defense in the Titans this week.

  111. Fantasy Court says:


    everyone in our league respects your opinion and i would appreciate it if you threw in your two sense.

    this trade was Veto’d.

    LeSean MCCoy, Andre Johnson and Ryan Fitzpatrick


    Drew Brees, Peyton Hillis and A.J GReen


    dynasty keeper league

    2 qb league

    qb scoring is same as rb
    1 pt for every 10 yards
    rb 100 yrd bonus 10 pts
    qb 400 yrd bonus 5 pts

    The trade was made made before Andre’s news of 3 weeks out btw but the guy who accepted the trade watched the gamne where AJ went down.

    who wins this trade and is it worth a veto?

    thanks Doc.

  112. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Steve Stevenson: It’s close. I’d probably hold Eli.

    @brapp: Give me the options again.

    @Marty Funkhouser: I’d take the Mathews side

    @Project badass: 10

    @Gavin: nah

    @surfmonger: Start Ridley and grab Torain

    @Fantasy Court: Looks fairly even in a 2QB league. Brees holds a lot of value in 2QB and Green holds good value in Dynasty. McCoy and AJ are of course the 2 big pieces so that side wins, but it’s not crazy with AJ hurting. And some will value Hillis more than I do.

  113. brapp says:

    Here’s my current lineup, I’m thinking about risking it this week with Ridley and Cook at the RB & TE spots and maybe Colston at WR. What do you suggest?

    WR:D Moore
    WR:S Holmes
    RB:J Best
    RB:Stevan Ridley
    T/W: P Harvin
    TE: D Clark
    K: Jason Hanson
    DE: New Orleans

    Mark Ingram
    Jared Cook
    Andre Johnson
    J Cutler
    M Colston
    David Nelson

  114. Jeremy says:

    How long to I hold onto Pittsburgh D?
    I got Washington as my backup and they saved me last week but they are a bye this week. Tennesee is available in my league. I am thinking about jumping ship.


  115. Eng says:

    Doc, would you speculate on Palmer or Rosenfels or neither for Miami?

    Thanks as usual for all your hard work, I really need this insight when it comes to football.

  116. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Eng: I think Moore is their guy even if they bring someone in.

    @Jeremy: I’d lean Tenn

  117. nick m. says:

    Romo on a bye. Mcnabb, TJax, Cutler, Cassel, or Alex Smith for this week (6pts/passing TD, -1pts/sack, -2pts/INT)?

  118. Mark says:

    Thoughts on TB’s Mike Williams? Good bounce back candidate after a rough 4 weeks? Thanks!

  119. Mark says:

    Sorry to separate these post but also wondering who you like more for the rest of the year. Newton or Stafford?

  120. Sam says:

    Would you trade either Mike Wallace or Vincent Jackson for Ryan Matthews in a PPR league?

  121. Mike says:

    Would u trade Michael turner and santonio Holmes for Ahmad Bradshaw?
    Concerned with turner the rest of the way? Or would I need to get Chris Johnson instead in the trade

  122. Dan says:

    Hey Doc, need some help. I’m lookin to add a wr. My options are Donald Jones, mike sims-walker, preston parker, greg little, titus young, josh cribbs and michael crabtree. who out of that group do you like most for next week and who do you like most for the rest of the season? Thanks a ton!

  123. herschel says:

    @Doc: gotta start ridley over bjge in a ppr league, right?

  124. brapp says:

    @Doc Here’s my current starting roster and bench, are there any switches you would suggest? Thanks again!

    WR:M Colston
    WR:S Holmes
    RB:J Best
    RB:Stevan Ridley
    T/W: P Harvin
    TE: J Cook
    K: Jason Hanson
    DE: New Orleans

    Mark Ingram
    D Clark
    Andre Johnson
    J Cutler
    Denarius Moore
    David Nelson

  125. Scott says:

    Would u trade Michael turner and either Nelson or Holmes for jahvid best and Stevie Johnson

  126. James says:

    Michael turner and aj green for McFadden? Is that too much

  127. Doc

    Doc says:

    @James: Depending on who you have to replace Green, but it’s fair.

    @Scott: I would in PPR

    @brapp: I’d play Ingram over Ridley

    @herschel: I think so.

    @Dan: Right now I’m leaning Crabtree

    @Mike: I’d probably hold there

    @Sam: I’d trade VJax for him

    @Mark: Stafford

    @Mark: I think he’ll be better, but I don’t see a huge bounce

    @nick m.: Thinking Cutler will need to play from behind.

  128. A. Dub says:

    Here’s one for you Doc. I have to drop someone for a bye week QB. Who would you drop? Starks, LT, Harvin, or Manningham.

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