Before Game Of Thrones, HBO had a terrible-but-awesome show about some bros in Hollywood. It was called Entourage. I guess it was called Entourage because the friends formed an entourage. High brow stuff! This show was exactly what 19-21 year-old me needed every Sunday. Would I again binge watch the show that got me into serialized television even with a lot better television coming out almost weekly? Hell yeah I would.

Anyways, if you haven’t seen Entourage, Johnny Drama is the less famous brother of Vincent Chase, but before Vince got famous, Drama starred in a terrible cult classic show called Viking Quest. The way Minnesota played last night is probably comparable to Viking Quest if it were an actual show. 

As I mentioned, the Vikings just didn’t look very good last night, but they played well enough to win. I think that was probably the plan all along with Thielen out. Get out of this game with a win and as healthy as possible. I think we see this a lot when a good team plays against a bad team on Thursday night. When you have a Thursday night game, you’re basically getting an extra half of a bye week. The Vikings defense still looked pretty good. They were forcing turnovers, providing pressure, and were generally in the right spots to make plays. When you have a game with 28 total points, the fantasy tidbits can be few and far between, but let’s see what we can dig up.

Adrian Peterson was clearly motivated by his return to Minnesota. He was running harder than we have seen him run all season. It was the ol’ circled date on the calendar, but you know, it ended in disappointment like they usually do. Peterson ran for 76 yards and averaged 5.4 per carry. He also caught 2 passes for 27 yards. We’re probably back to old man plodder Peterson next week.

– Dominick wrote about how McLaurin was a sell earlier this week. 4 catches for 39 yards isn’t going to do a lot to raise his value. Tough matchup, at least he got SOMETHING. Hopefully it was on your bench. 

– Case got concussed after the Redskins were surprisingly moving the ball kind’ve well in the first half so Dwayne Haskins came in the second half and we collectively held our breath. Callahan stuck to his word about establishing the run and Haskins only attempted 5 passes. One of them was picked off. I know we all like to see the new rookie toys as soon as possible, but throwing an unprepared rookie behind a bad offensive line isn’t going to do anybody any good. 

– I noticed Kirk Cousins has been throwing with some zip on the ball. He looks a lot better than he did at the beginning of the season. He was efficient, only throwing 3 incompletions all game. the zero touchdown aspect was pretty disappointing. Perhaps he will be a solid fantasy option going forward this season.

– Runs like his touchdown rush is part of what makes Dalvin Cook special. Sure, it was a 5 yard run that we take for granted but his patience and body control to get the ball over the goal line before his knees go down separates him from so many other RBs that we tout that aren’t so automatic inside the 5 yard-line. Melvin Gordon could probably learn a thing or two. Shots fired. Dalvin Cook’s ability in the passing game puts him right behind Christian McCaffrey, but for a much cheaper draft day price. Think about it; if you’re a Dalvin Cook owner, you have him and probably ANOTHER elite player, unless you messed up your first round. 
– After a slow first half, Stefon Diggs ended up with a pretty good game outside of the fumble. Diggs caught all 7 of his targets for 143 yards and no touchdowns to speak of. Diggs should continue to be a great option with or without Adam Thielen on the field.

– Listen, if Kyle Rudolph can’t put up fantasy points with Thielen out against the Redskins, he’s never going to be able to do it. Rudolph had the same amount of targets (3) as Irv Smith Jr. last night. 




  1. Chad Bowling says:

    Would you make this deal in a .5 ppr and I’m in 1st.

    My Chris Carson, Hunter Henry and Sutton


    Tyreek, mark ingram and ebron.

    My roster:
    Rb – McCaffrey, Carson, aaron jones, Singletary and Montgomery
    Wr- Hopkins, sutton, chark, aj green
    TE – Waller, Henry, Everett

    • CMUTIMMAH says:

      No way. You are in first. You have depth. Why give up any depth for nothing? Sutton is putting up points. Hill has Matt Moore for the forseeable future. Usually in these mixed bag deals, you want the best player. Hill is the best player, but he is coming off injury and his QB is injured. If you are packaging those three guys, I want a a better WR1 back. PS – Sutton is the man now in Denver, they are going to be chasing the other team a lot which means lots of opportunities. Ingram is the second running back on his own team (Lamar #1 obviously). And Ebron will never play for you. Hard to like this deal.

      I’d hold. If Mahomes was healthy, I would probably feel like it’s an even trade. Current circumstances though…

    • MB

      MB says:

      No I think you’re solid where you’re at

  2. Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

    for this week only dorsett or pascal? could also go watkins (already own him) but i would think sanu isn’t going to get tons of snaps to steal dorsett’s value just yet. this is dynasty too, but long term i probably won’t be keeping either of dorsett or pascal. PPR. do have j.gordon in one of 2 IR slots.

    – also, d.adams apparently has a new numerical system of telling us when people are healthy, he apparently feels “2 million times better than a few weeks ago” but of course still won’t be playing this week. so the floor in his scale starts with quite a high number here, sort of like instead of using lbs. for weight of humans we did amount of ants that would fit into the human(s) being measured. maybe next week we get to find out how many million times better a turf toe must feel to play on it though, can barely wait for this development.

    • MB

      MB says:

      Dorsett this week, I share the same sentiment.

      Haha, damn 2 million times better has to be a million times better than he’s ever felt, right?

  3. Water boy says:

    Hey MB i have a potential big issue in my league, seeing your insight/what to do & if you’ve ever encountered that.

    So earlier in the week I called out the league about his league dues saying he has to pay in 3-4 weeks not like I’m asking right now because for him I can’t wait until week 13 he gave me a sob story last year so I felt bad & covered his due. I said he owes double because I covered him he went ballistic.

    Now it looks like he’s trying to F me over his opponent this week is my division leader the division leader is 6-1. The guy I called out benched his entire roster, he’s usually very active on the wire this week nothing. Oh and next week who’s his opponent the guy in my division who me & him are tied at 2nd in the division at 4-3. If in fact he’s being that salty and benched everyone & left the league do I use my LM powers & fill the roster slots for players that he would start, I wouldn’t add anyone but his D has a bye, kicker bye. If by Sunday 12:50pm do I do anything?

    Of course I gotta boot him if Sunday close to kick off it’s still like that, or do I just remove his access from the team & I’ll just fill in the empty slots otherwise that’ll screw up everyone’s seeding, etc. oh and he is in 3rd place in the league 5-2 .

    This is just bizarre I’ve never seen this before.

    • MB

      MB says:

      Oh man, sorry to hear that. Use your LM powers and fill his roster with actives. That’s the only solution there is

    • Mantis Toboggan says:

      set roster for ROS, and grab players when needed, but before doing any of this explain what happened to the entire league. also there are 2 options for what to do if let’s say his team wins ANY money now after he’s been thrown out
      1. YOU keep it since you are running the team and have now paid for it
      2. it’s simply subtracted from the total pot and any winnings get divided out by bumping up whatever payout he doesn’t get IF his old roster gets a payout, i.e. if he gets 2nd, the 2nd place money goes somewhere else, and where ever else you need to have the possibles listed somewhere where everybody can see it so they know you aren’t gaining from this.

  4. Jake says:

    ROS who do you like better AJ Brown or Kirk I feel like Brown has more upside PPR ?

    • MB

      MB says:

      Kirk if he ever gets on the field haha

      • Charles Parton says:

        I may roll the dice a little and pick up damien williams and start over coleman. The oackers have allowed 4th most pts to RBs. What do you think?

        • MB

          MB says:

          It’s a dice roll for sure, depends on your other options

  5. Water boy says:

    Water boy now a waiver Q/ who to add. I lost Josh Gordon who is this best one out of this group to add ROS wise

    Daesean Hamilton (no more Emmanuel Sanders)

    Amendola (could he benefit with no kerryon?)

    Preston Williams

    Keke coutee (fuller to miss time)

    Jaron brown

    Allen hurns

    Chris Conley

    Adam humphries

    My WRs are obj, thielin, Josh Gordon (IR/could be cut), aj green (hasn’t played in 2019 yet), MVS, Watkins, dionte Johnson, Davante Parker, daesean Hamilton.

    I did add Hamilton a few days ago but didn’t know if any of those guys are better adds?

    Since my WR core is hurting would you deal Ty Johnson for a WR after this week I’d he plays well? I wanted to deal David Montgomery but his value is so low I’ll have to include him as a throw in but nobody wants him I even tried for Curtis Samuel before last week nothing same thing tried to get Dorsett nothing . Or I was considering dealing OBJ for one of: amari cooper, Mike Evans , Keenan Allen

    Thanks man

    • MB

      MB says:

      I would grab Preston Williams and yes sell high on Johnson if he does well

  6. Cram It says:

    I love Hockenson and trying to hold out hope, but for this week only I can roster another starter while still holding on to him. Does Jonnu Smith do anything for you this week over Hock?

    • MB

      MB says:

      Yeah I’d start Jonnu over Hock

  7. Steve says:

    Looking at trading for Jacobs. Would you Trade Chark and Edmonds or White for Jacobs?
    The guy ask for K. Allen and Edmonds. I declined that.

    My WRs OJB, Lockett, Allen, Chark, Moore an T. Williams
    RBs Conner, White, Edmonds and Snell

    • MB

      MB says:

      Yeah Chark and Edmonds is fine

  8. Jeff Aces says:


    16 team PPR Keeper League
    Should I trade Mixon and Edmonds FOR a 2020 1st Rd pick?

    Would probably be a 12-16 overall pick

    • MB

      MB says:

      No I think you’re giving up too much for that range

  9. Eric says:

    Hey MB! Looking to get some advice about preparing my team for the playoffs!

    12 team yahoo league, 0.5 PPR

    QB: Wentz
    WR: K. Allen
    WR: A. Cooper
    WR: T. Lockett
    RB: S. Barkley
    RB: E. Elliot
    TE: E. Engram
    W/R/T: J. Jacobs
    K: J. Myers
    DEF: SF
    Bench: D. Singletary
    Bench: R. Anderson
    Bench: C. Herndon
    Bench: D. Guice
    Bench: J. Allen

    1) I traded for wentz because I think his playoff schedule is pretty good, is there anyone else you would try to target that’s around his price?
    2) Is there a DEF that I should pick up if they become available?
    3) I think my starters have pretty good/neutral playoff schedules but anyone that you think otherwise?

    Thanks for your help!


    • MB

      MB says:

      I think you look very solid, I wouldn’t make any moves this week

  10. Trader says:

    Pick one please…

    Wentz at Buffalo
    Minshew home v Jets
    Rudolph home v Miami
    Moore home v Packers

    Yes, ugly all around yet I must pick one

    • MB

      MB says:


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