Full of Thanksgiving Sausage and Ditka dreams, the guys return to the mic with analysis of the monstrous David Njoku along with yet another up and coming undrafted running back, Peyton Barber. Do these two have the potential to lead your team to fantasy glory? Uh, no, doubtful; but they’re worth taking a look at anyway.

In the special dynasty segment of Sausage/Cheesehead/Ditka, find out whether to buy, sell or hold James Conner, Antonio Brown, Julio Jones and Lamar Jackson in dynasty leagues. Don’t ask how the sausage is made, just enjoy it!

  1. The Harrow says:

    it’s not karma (justice is a human construct), it’s the other people who see you act that way. now the cat’s out of the bag forever about you. you don’t get it back (assuming at least one of them sees it and remembers it). takes a long time to build a reputation, ONE instance to ruin it likely forever. a guy in one of our leagues has been trying to tank since week 9 and at least one guy is quitting league forever since comish isn’t doing anything about it. the tanker didn’t actually gain anything (he would’ve had the worst record even if he set a legitimate lineup from weeks 9-13 and would’ve gotten 14th out of 14 anyway), but we now all know what he’s about. in the past i used to humor his awful trade “offers” by at least responding to him, figuring he at least deserves that, but he would still try to waste my time with “offers” that were very insulting to be sending, similar to some hobo following you around trying to trade you his “shiny” ten dollar bill for your twenty bill. it makes sense when we find out what kind of person he truly is.
    – it’s not the “universe” that’ll get you back on this stuff, but now the people you have to deal with will smell you coming.

    • The Harrow says:

      @The Harrow: trying to play a worser opp by losing a game wouldn’t count for this though, as that does help you. it’s not collusion there.

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