Donkey Teeth and B_Don swap spots as DT travels Europe and B_Don is joined by a special guest on the podcast, Razzball’s Football Sr. Editor, MB. The guys discuss how their seasonal leagues went and what they need going into Monday night’s action.

After reminiscing about what could have been this season, the duo give you a list of free agent pickups as it’s time to move onto the championship round in week 16. We give the listeners a few options for you depending on the league depth and what position you need including Breshad Perriman, Mike Boone, Tyler Higbee, Myles Gaskin, and Anthony Miller. MB and B_Don then talk about some streaming options at the TE position and of course, we bring you each of our A**hole of the week. 


  1. Stupid Sexy Glanders says:

    everett this early in the week lost his DTD tag for higbee owners or those who just added him. good news (for me) is the only spot i have higbee (and everett in 1 of 2 IR slots) is in that league for the 3rd year in a row i had the worst luck out of all my leagues (this year includes JJSS, d-will part 1 (KC), l.miller (we draft early so he got hurt about exactly 24 hours post draft, and i needed RB’s since we keep 2), AB (my 4th round keeper), oj howard (my other last round keeper), newton, probably some others) and had to fight yet again to get to 9-10th out of 14. also had to start either k.allen or garapololololo all year (jimmer back when he never threw the ball and pre-sanders/deebo being used). do now have these as possible keepers, which is nice: parker (last round), sutton (6th), carson (3rd, but better values elsewhere), j.brown (10th), singletary (8th).

  2. Stupid Sexy Glanders says:

    if/when r.anderson leaves NYJ and blows up somewhere else almost immediately we could start putting together a pretty damn good deep league fantasy team from players that either gase left or they got away from him and nearly right away suddenly showed good results, so far
    QB tannehill
    RB drake (albeit drake WAS good when gase was at MIA but not used much),
    WR parker, r.anderson
    TE gesicki

    pretty sure the ONLY counterexample that i can think of is landry, and he hasn’t sucked since he left gase, just not as good. i might even be wrong and landry left MIA before gase did, but pretty sure i’m right in the timeframe. i mean stick r.anderson on some team that actually thinks using him is a good idea even without a great QB necessarily, he’ll be great.

    • Stupid Sexy Glanders says:

      coaches come back from firings in sports all the time, probably less in football than some other sports i suppose. but it likely won’t happen with gase, since he’s just not good at his job and never was. football people (excepting NYJ owners apparently) would’ve and did know this before his NYJ tenure.

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