Why was there never a sequel to Gone in 60 Seconds? I guess it wasn’t plausible that Nicolas Cage could ever round up that dream team of car thieves for second go And without Angelina Jolie on board, what was the point? We ran into that same issue in the wake of the Razzball Best Ball Dynasty Analyst League draft which took place a couple weeks back. When Razzball announced it’s Best Ball Dynasty Superflex Analyst League, the entire star-studded crew of industry participants jumped right back on board. All but one. A certain Nando Di Fino had a prior commitment: Months ago Nando signed up for Catholic missionary work in Saskatchewan. A great loss for the Razzball Dynasty League to be sure, but Rich Hribar of Sharp Football Analysis was luckily available to step into Nando’s Shaquille O’Neal sized shoes. And so we pressed forward, minus our Angelina Jolie.

Here’s the full star studded list of industry participants and the league’s official draft order:

1. Dave Richard| CBS

2. Rich Hribar | Sharp Football Analysis

3. Heath Cummings | CBS

4. Scott Pianowski | Yahoo

5. Jake Ciely | The Athletic

6. Michael Salfino | The Athletic

7. Pat Fitzmaurice | The Football Guys & The Football Girl

8. Rudy Gamble | Razzball

9. Brandon Myers | Razzball

10. Andy Behrens | Yahoo

11. Donkey Teeth | Razzball

12. Dalton Del Don | Yahoo

And here’s the first two rounds of our dynasty superflex half PPR best ball league with real US Dollars on the line:

First Round
Pick Player Analyst
1.01 Christian McCaffrey Dave Richard
1.02 Patrick Mahomes Rich Hribar
1.03 Lamar Jackson Heath Cummings
1.04 Josh Allen Scott Pianowski
1.05 Kyler Murray Donkey Teeth (via trade with Jake Ciely)
1.06 Jonathan Taylor Michael Salfino
1.07 Dak Prescott Pat Fitzmaurice
1.08 Justin Herbert Rudy Gamble
1.09 Joe Burrow B_Don
1.10 Saquon Barkley Andy Behrens
1.11 Trevor Lawrence B_Don (via trade with Jake Ciely via trade with Donkey)
1.12 Trey Lance Dalton Del Don
2.13 Jalen Hurts Dalton Del Don
2.14 Russell Wilson Donkey Teeth
2.15 Cam Akers Andy Behrens
2.16 Tyreek Hill Jake Ciely (via trade with B_Don)
2.17 Justin Fields Rudy Gamble
2.18 Justin Jefferson Pat Fitzmaurice
2.19 Ja’Marr Chase Michael Salfino
2.20 Deshaun Watson Jake Ciely
2.21 Dalvin Cook Scott Pianowski
2.22 Davante Adams Heath Cummings
2.23 D.K. Metcalf Rich Hribar
2.24 Alvin Kamara Dave Richard


My Picks

1.05 Kyler Murray – As the number two player in my superflex dynasty rankings slipped from the top of the first round, I began to contemplate trading up from pick 11. After several hours of heated negotiations with Jake Ciely, who reminds me a lot of Kevin Spacey in The Negotiator, we finally came to an agreement: Jake sent me picks 5 and 77 in exchange for my picks 11 and 38. Truth be told, I felt like Ciely had bent me over a bit at the time of the trade, but in retrospect the deal turned out to be Kyler Murray and Mike Evans coming to me in exchange for Trevor Lawrence and Michael Thomas. That’s a deal I’d take 11 times out of 10.

As for Kyler Murray, if he can put the 2020 hamstring and shoulder injuries behind him, there’s a very real chance for him to be the #1 fantasy quarterback in 2021 considering the rushing stats he brings to the table. Time will tell how his wheels will age, but in a dynasty superflex league I expect Murray to hold first round value for the next decade. 

2.14 Russell Wilson – I had no intention of taking a second QB at pick 14. But when 10 of the first 13 selections were quarterbacks, this pick felt obvious. Russ was the last of the tier two quarterbacks on my list and chasing QBs later in a sharp superflex draft is a sure way to disappointment. Just ask Andy Behrens and his QB stable of Sam Darnold, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Cam Newton!

If this draft took place around the halfway point of the 2020 season then Wilson likely goes off the board in the first six picks. But the Seahawks’ run heavy gameplan in the second half, on the legs of a much improved defense, has driven Wilson’s stock down like a cruiseliner during a pandemic. Still, Russ has thrown 30+ touchdowns in each of the last four seasons (five of the last six) and he’s never missed a game in his nine year career. Plus he has arguably the best receiver in the game at his disposal, D.K. Metcalf.

Surprise Picks

1.12 Trey Lance – We learned in the non-superflex rendition of this draft that Trey Lance has already filed for a retraining order against Dalton Del Don, so it should have come as a surprise to no one when Dalton spend his first round pick on the young 49ers quarterback. I can’t say that Jimmy Garoppolo scares me much as the incumbent, but there’s always some risk in taking a rookie quarterback in the first round of a fantasy league; just ask anyone who took Mitchell Trubisky in the first round back in 2017. I expected Lance to go in the late second round or early third. So with that in mind, the kid wasn’t making it back to Dalton at pick 36; he took his guy where he had to. Respect.

2.17 Justin Fields – When 11 of the first 14 picks are QBs, it’s hard to get overly critical on these analysts taking the upside rookie passers in the top 20 picks. As a Bears fan I loved the Fields pick. Also as a Bears fan, I’m aware that we haven’t had a good quarterback since Harry Truman was in the White House. I can’t help but wonder if Patrick Mahomes somehow would’ve been terrible in Chicago. The deck seems stacked against Fields, but we can dream.

2.20 Deshaun Watson – Is there a more polarizing fantasy pick right now? Even in dynasty superflex leagues I’m not touching him in the first three rounds. Could this whole masseuse saga blow over making Watson the steal of the draft? Sure. Andy Dalton could also lead the Bears to a 2021 Super Bowl victory, but it’s not something I want to bet on. There’s way too many unknowns with this situation right now and I’m having a hard time envisioning a scenario where Watson even plays one snap in 2021.

Best Values

2.23 D.K. Metcalf – If the draft room wasn’t screaming QB at me when pick 14 came up, Metcalf would’ve been a no-brainer pick for me there. I love to build around the stability of, in my opinion, the best wide receiver in the NFL for the next decade. For Rich Hribar to land Metcalf at the back end of the 2nd round and pair him with Mahomes is a criminal offense in 48 states. 

2.24 Alvin Kamara – I’m not crazy about Kamara in dynasty leagues now that Brees has retired and there’s at least a 50/50 chance Taysom Hill will be running the show in New Orleans. That said, landing Kamara nine picks after Cam Akers is a great bargain. Dave Richard starts his draft out with CMC, Kamara and then old man Aaron Rodgers at the top of the third round; pushing him all-in for the 2021 season. Assuming Rodgers doesn’t retire, of course.

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