Here is the next installment of the Twitter DraftMaster Mock.  You will find such names as Braylon, Pierre, Montario, and Brett and some others, 32 to be exact.  If you want to see rounds 1 & 2 and 3 & 4, do that clicky thing.

5.01 @FDC_Mike Clay TE Brent Celek

5.02 @mschauf63 TE Tony Gonzalez

5.03 @DanielCondeNY WR Jeremy Maclin

5.04 @TheTonyCincotta RB Brandon Jacobs

5.05 @FFSpin RB Ahmad Bradshaw

5.06 @RookieBlitz RB Fred Jackson

5.07 @FSG_BrianJ RB Michael Bush

5.08 @Gridironguy QB Jay Cutler

5.09 @RedRum26 RB C.J. Spiller

5.10 @Chetrazzball QB Kevin Kolb

5.11 @FatKat52 QB Eli Manning

5.12 @h2h_Corner QB Joe Flacco

5.13 @realanakin WR Pierre Garcon

5.14 @fantasysprtsdsh RB Ben Tate

5.15 @Fantasytaz WR Robert Meachem

5.16 Rubberduck WR Mike Wallace

Ben Tate is falling on my draft board, but at 78th overall I think he still has value even in PPR.  His upside is huge if he can grab that starting RB position by the neck and hold on while Kubiak berates him, he’ll be golden (Tate).

Michael Bush is rising in mock drafts and that was no exception here.  You might have seen my post on Bush and know that I like him.  That is a good thing. He falls a little in PPR with DMac poised to get a lot of receptions, but I still think this was a good spot for him.

C.J. Spiller could be a PPR stud, but with Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch to navigate I am losing my interest in the Bills’ backfield. Just not enough offensive production to go around. The same goes for the Fred Jackson pick, but only to a lesser extent.  He should be the starter and will get the most production, just not as much as he would have if Lynch had been traded.

I would rather have Ahmad Bradshaw in PPR than Brandon Jacobs, but that is predicated on my belief that Jacobs will tweak something at some point.

My touchstone for quarterbacks this season is Jay Cutler.  If he goes before I grab him I start to get a little worried about who I’ll get at QB and even though the scoring for this fake fake league isn’t great for QBs there are still 16 starters that dilute the pool and I don’t want a junker.  I see no reason Kolb won’t be a top 10 QB this season, with upside for more.

6.01 Rubberduck TE Owen Daniels

6.02 @Fantasytaz RB Montario Hardesty

6.03 @fantasysprtsdsh WR Santana Moss

6.04 @realanakin WR Johnny Knox

6.05 @h2h_Corner WR Braylon Edwards

6.06 @FatKat52 WR Dexter McCluster

6.07 @Chetrazzball WR Derrick Mason

6.08 @RedRum26 QB Brett Favre

6.09 @Gridironguy WR Eddie Royal

6.10 @FSG_BrianJ WR Dez Bryant

6.11 @RookieBlitz RB Darren Sproles

6.12 @FFSpin WR Donald Driver

6.13 @TheTonyCincotta QB Matthew Stafford

6.14 @DanielCondeNY RB Darren McFadden

6.15 @mschauf63 RB Jerome Harrison

6.16 @FDC_Mike Clay WR Devin Hester

Hardesty is growing on me and I like him at 82d overall.  I wouldn’t think you would need to reach any further than that though.  I have a feeling the RBBC in Cleveland will be Hardesty getting 1st/2nd downs with goal line carries with Harrison as the third down back.

Darren McFadden’s value goes up in PPR if they don’t try to make him run between the tackles.  I think he’s worth the risk here.

Darren Sproles will continue to be the third down back and return kicks so I think he has value here.  He was the 27th best RB in PPR last season and goes off the board as the 36th here.

Braylon Edwards could possibly be undervalued due to his well deserved reputation of dropping the ball, but I am not expecting much more than a handful of good games from him, especially when Santonio Holmes gets into the fold.

I like Matthew Stafford as an upside backup, but not as a starter and not this early.  He has the receivers to put up some big numbers, but I still worry about his greenness and o-line.

Derrick Mason was the 17th best PPR receiver last season and is another consistent player like Hines Ward.  I believe the Ravens will throw more this season and Boldin will help free Mason up for a lot of receptions.  Having waited on wide receivers I wanted to make sure I had two starters that I could count on for consistent points.

  1. KVC

    cleaver596 says:

    I think your team is rounding pretty well considering its 16 team league. Mason and Ward definitely aren’t what one would consider “upside” picks, but they are consistent. With two top notch RB and a 3rd RB that could have a darn good season, matching them up with two grizzled old veterans at WR could work out pretty well. What are you gonna do for TE?

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @cleaver596: Went with my man crush, Zach Miller.

  3. Dominic says:

    Kind of surprising seeing Dexter McCluster getting taken that early too, hes a speedster but before even Dez Bryant Driver and Mason? Johnny Knox is a stretch too.

  4. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Dominic: true. Some people think McCluster will be a Welker type in the slot, but I’m not buying just yet.

    Knox is considered the #2 right now. It really depends on how you think the Bears will use their receivers. There’s a lot of upside there, just tough to decipher at this point.

  5. Greg says:

    Heck I’m half tempted to draft the whole Bears WRs core….. Knox, Hester, Bennett, and Aromossshhaabbbbuuuu (sp)- figure one of them has to stick!! – my money is on Knox. He showed promise last yr when given the opportunity and we all know Martz is the MAN with WRs……can we remember the greatest show on turf?

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