Yes, there were some choice news items between the Eagles trade of LeSean McCoy to yesterday’s whopper (with cheese, mind you), and of course they occurred while I enjoyed Spring Training in Phoenix. But I’m back and here to make amends, and it’s as if I was astoundingly prescient with knowing when the right time was to come back to report on all the NFL news items missed. Late yesterday afternoon, the New Orleans Saints traded Jimmy Graham (BUT DOES HE PLAY BASKETBALL?) and their 4th round selection to the Seattle Seahawks for Max Unger and their 1st round selection in the upcoming draft. The move clearly shows two things: First, the Saints are clearing large amounts of cap space. When you combine this transaction with their other releases and pay cuts, you might call this a heavy re-tool. Also, it will allow Breesus to really live up to his name by carrying this now heavy cross. For the Seahawks, well, I guess if you don’t fire your offensive coordinator for a questionable call that may have lost a Super Bowl, I guess quelling the masses by getting the best (or second best, depending on what the Gronk injured) tight end is a strong plan B. Intrestingly enough, though both McCoy and now Graham have moved within a week, elite players at their respective positions, you can make an argument that then the Eagles, and now the Saints had pretty good returns. I mean, if you’re going to burn it down, burn that f*cker down right, amiright folks?

While Jimmy Graham will probably be the best Sonic ever, it remains to be seen how Russell Wilson and the system in place will utilize him. Sure, it’s hard to get a grasp on the game plan when your best catching tight end starred in Bottle Rocket, but as of now, I think this has a net-neutral effect on Graham’s value. Drew Brees‘ value certainly drops, but there are moves to be made out there that could negate the hole that is Brees’ escape valve and end zone target.

Jake Locker retired, sabotaging the rest of the Jets offseason plans, I’m sure, but in an interesting “show me” trade (or I guess you could also call it the “ah, what the heck, why not?” trade), the St. Louis Rams have traded oft-injured Sam Bradford (who broke both clavicle bones on hearing the news) to the Eagles for Nick Foles. This is a win-win for both, as a change of scenery seemed inevitable. Foles might have a chance here to be a top-12, but certainly not going into the season.

DeMarco Murray has removed all pictures related to the Dallas Cowboys from his twitter. Despite this not being really any substantial indication that his time in Dallas is over, this is basically what I do when I break up with someone. That or unplug their fridge on the way out…

Patrick Willis is retiring, but the big news coming out of San Francisco is that Colin Kaepernick is on the block. I doubt this, but wouldn’t surprised if the 49ers go into full rebuild mode. Mostly because Trent Baalke is an idiot. Frank Gore signed with the Eagles, Colts and while I think this ultimately might be a good thing in some ways, the age factor really gives me pause. I’d like to see what else the Eagles Colts do, but as of now, Gore’s value doesn’t really change. Unless he pulls a Trent Richardson, which seems highly unlikely for anyone not named Trent Richardson.

The Lions replaced Ndamukong Suh, (who signed with the Dolphins for $60 million guaranteed, highest ever for a defensive player) with Haloti Ngata. While I’m interested in what the dollar amount will end up as with all the fines Suh draws when he enters within a five mile radius of Tom Brady, it sure feels like this division is really intent on finishing three games behind the Patriots. Just look at the Jets going out and trading for Brandon Marshall, and of course the McCoy trade for the Bills.

Owen Daniels signed with Denver (good!) and Eddie Royal signed with the Bears (who cares!), the Jets released Percy Harvin (Lord have mercy, there’s no Percy?), Andre Johnson wants to follow Gore to the Colts (I like it!) and Julius Thomas signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars, ending his reign as a pass-catcher in the NFL. For what it’s worth, Murray might end up there, meaning they might only have to fill 44 other holes.

If this continues, I’ll be traded twice this offseason…