I like writing about Daily Fantasy Football, which is how I got the position of writing about Daily Fantasy Football for Razzball. It all started with an email. I emailed some guy named Jason Long, or Longfellow, or Jason, or Jay, or Jay Long, Jay Wrong etc. about covering Fanduel for Razz. I got a very interesting response. Anything strike you as odd or interesting here? Anything at all? I before E, Jay. I before E! [Jay’s Note: I’m totally human sometimes! It sucks.]

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Week 1 Recap

What a very interesting, and fun week. Many surprises, some injuries, some great finishes (and questionable coaching decisions?), James Jones, and a couple of busts that I wrote about, all headlined the opening weekend of the NFL.

Carson Palmer (19/32, 307 Yards, 3 TD, 0 INT) – Oh how I love you Carson Palmer. You made my wife come back Carson Palmer. Thank you Carson Palmer. What can I say? Rob Ryan is probably the greatest Defensive Coordinator to ever coach the game, so this is why I had much confidence in him. And Palmer came through. Except for that 1 TD that went to Darren Fells #ThatHelpsNoOne.

Tyler Eifert (9-104, 2 TD) – It was a very interesting game. A.J. Green did disappoint, which led to the success for Eifert. Don’t count on Green being this bad (5-63) every single week, but ride the Eifert train for as long as you can.

Dion Lewis (15-69 Rushing, 4-51 Receiving) – Well, I didn’t have the balls to start him, but he did alright (AND ALMOST A TD). You’ll take it as a low-priced GPP scrub play. However, I would stay away from him going forward, because this week they head up to Orchard Park, NY, and that is not the best matchup in the world.

Demaryius Thomas (7-60) – Yuck. This entire game was a yuck. Justin Forsett? Yuck. Peyton Manning? Yuck. Hopefully, this doesn’t happen too often, or else the panic shall commence.

Tampa Bay D/ST – Oy vey. 6 total TD’s scored by Tennessee. Should have stayed away from those crazy Florida people.

Well, that was a very interesting week. Let’s get to Week 2!



Carson Palmer, ARI ($7,800) – Oh how I still love you Carson Palmer. They do not respect you, Carson Palmer. Why do they not give you a $8,000+ salary when you face the Chicago Bears, Carson Palmer? I do not know Carson Palmer. Did you know that the Bears could not stop a nosebleed Carson Palmer? Did you know Aaron Rodgers threw for 3 TD’s against them in Week 1, Carson Palmer? You shall make me rich, Carson Palmer, and then my dog shall come back, Carson Palmer. Thank you Carson Palmer. I should really stop with the emotions and love.

Nick Foles, STL ($6,500) – Foles did very well last week against, who some think, is the best defense in the NFL, the Seattle Seahawks, throwing for 297 yards and throwing and running for 1 TD each. If he can do that against the Seahawks, he can definitely do that against Washington, who did do fine against the Dolphins, but that should not be a sign for the things to come.

Tony Romo, DAL ($8,500) – If you want to pay that much for him, be my guest. The Philly secondary was beaten up by Matty Ice in Week 1, and after the way he played last season and last week, this should be an easy matchup for Romo. However, he is missing Dez, and does that concern you? For me, it does not, but for some, it may. All-in-all, the ‘Boys defense is very bad, like last week, so Dallas may have to abandon the run and let Romo sling the ball.


Running Backs

Chris Ivory, NYJ ($7,000) – Ivory had a very good game last week, going for 91 yards and 2 TD’s, and the Ivory skills should roll into this week, going against the very bad Colts defense. I like him a lot, and he should not disappoint. Especially if they start winning, and can dominate TOP with running the ball. Watch out, the J-E-T-S, Jets Jets Jets! could win this ball game.

Lamar Miller, MIA ($7,300) – Is Miller done? Is Zach really bad at Fantasy Football? What’s the Wi-Fi code? How do you create an “Incognito Tab”? Why are people acting like I’m their friend when they comment and ask me if they should start Chandler Cantazaro? Doesn’t some other guy handle those? Anyway, many people were let down by a horrible performance by Miller against the ‘Skins in Week 1, but fear not, Miller will get back into a good, comfortable groove this week against the Jacksonville Jaguars.


Wide Receivers

Brandon Coleman, NO ($5,000) – Sleeper of the Week. Coleman will get the start as the WR3 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and if you listened to my advice last week, sorry. The Bucs defense is not a good one, and Brees should take advantage of it. He’s best paired as a WR3 on Fanduel, and you shouldn’t have many more expectations for him as a WR3. He’s a very big sleeper.

Odell Beckham Jr., NYG ($8,700) – For my WR1, I am taking Odell. Yes, he did have a very disappointing Week 1, however I am very confident that he’ll return to his normal status. Maybe it’s the blond hair. Yuck. Anyway, Jordan Matthews did good (ALMOST A TD) and that means that Odell should do fine as well.

Terrance Williams, DAL ($6,300) – With Dez being gone, this means that the next man up is Williams, and that is a good thing for those playing on Fanduel. With a price like this, Williams has the upside to put up WR1 numbers against a weak Philly secondary. Pair him with Romo and you, my good man, is now very happy with a very good stack.

Tight Ends

Dwayne Allen or Coby Fleener, IND ($5,200 & $4,900) – Let’s face it, the entire Colts offense was in shambles, and now, they have a chance to not have it in shambles. I really like either of these guys, but I would prefer Allen. Maybe Fleener. Coby has a better last name. Well, I can’t decide, but hopefully you can, because the Jets cannot cover TE’s if their life depended on it. Also, if T.Y. is out this week, you better believe Luck will depend on the depended Allen or Fleener, not some idiot named Donte. The other guys are the way to go.


Kickers and Defense & Special Teams

Justin Tucker, BAL ($5,200) Ravens should HANG up numbers against the Raiders.

St. Louis Rams – They have a great defense, and chances are, they’ll return a punt to the house. Plus, no one crazy lives in St. Louis, unlike Florida.


Other Great People I Didn’t Have The Energy To Write A Paragraph About…

Matt McGloin, QB OAK ($5,500) Derek Carr may not play.

Carlos Hyde, HB SF ($7,000) – Could keep it going against a weak Steel Curtain.

Drew Brees, QB NO ($8,900) – Look at what Mariota did.

Darren Fells, TE ARI ($4,900) – Pair him up with Carson Palmer, and he could be a great, but deep sleeper.

Amari Cooper, WR OAK ($6,700) – Relatively cheap, good pairing with McGloin.

Alright kids, go read a book. Jeselnik, anyone?



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