There are different trends all of the time in fantasy football depending on what websites or writers that you follow. Analytics dudes will tell you that zero RB is the way to go while a large population will tell you how important that it is to get one of the elite running backs in the first round or at the top of your auction. There’s a section of analysts that will tell you how advantageous that it is to get Travis Kelce, Zach Ertz, or George Kittle. I’m sure that there are players out there that are building their teams around a 3rd round Pat Mahomes. There are also people like me who want a few shares of Baker Mayfield or Andrew Luck a couple of rounds later. One strategy will always remain. Taking your quarterbacks late. This strategy was made popular by JJ Zachariason and many others. 

The scoring at quarterback can get pretty bunched. The difference of scoring from the QB3 for the 2018 season which was Ben Roethlisberger and the QB9 which was Russell Wilson was just two fantasy points per game. Ben Roethlisberger is the 117th pick off of the board at this point. And Jared Goff, who finished at QB7, is going off the board just inside the top 100. Pat Mahomes was a later round quarterback and was a league winner last season for fantasy owners. If you’re a gambling man, we might have another one this season. 

Kyler Murray

Kyler doesn’t have the arm or the supporting cast that Pat Mahomes has in Kansas City, but that man has some legs. Kyler will pick up a lot of fantasy points on the ground while hopefully picking apart defenses in a fast paced Kliff Kingsbury offense. The Arizona offensive line should be better this year because of off season signings. Rookie quarterbacks are always a gamble and could be on the brink of disaster but at a 9th-10th round price tag Murray is well worth the risk to me. 

Philip Rivers

Phillip Rivers is going after pick 100 and that is easy money right there. I fully trust Rivers for the 2019 after he threw another 30+ touchdown season in 2018. Rivers hasn’t had a bad season since 2012, this is a no-brainer. Mike Williams is due for a break out season and Keenan Allen is very good asset as long as he stays healthy. Having Hunter Henry back is also great for Rivers. Austin Ekeler can catch passes out of the backfield as well. I think that the Chargers have the best team in the AFC West and one of the best offenses in the entire AFC.

Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz has had some shitty luck when it comes to his health. It’s also a shame that Jon deFilippo is the offensive coordinator in Jacksonville instead of Philadelphia. I was hoping he would reunite with Philadelphia. If Carson Wentz hadn’t missed 5 games last season, he would have finished as a QB1 without a problem. In just 11 games last season, he threw for over 300 yards 5 times and at a 16 game pace, he would have easily thrown 30 touchdowns. Zach Ertz and Alshon Jeffery are great assets to have in that offense and now the Eagles have added DeSean Jackson to the mix. Carson Wentz is going at the end of the 7th round in 12 team leagues and that leaves plenty of room for profit. If Wentz stays healthy, he is a fantastic value to take after you have already filled out 6 of your roster spots.