Phew! It was a whirlwind day here at Razzball headquarters. Football, beer, and well, that was about it. We still have two games, but it was nice to just soak up a full day of NFL and fake football. I’m worn out from sitting on my ass! But being the trooper that I am I thought I’d try to hit some relevant fantasy news from today’s games before I collapse. I hope all your teams won and you made your opponents cry.

Cam Newton: He was slinging it all over the field for a first rookie start record of 422 yards passing and was just plain fun to watch. His arm is legit. His escabability is legit. Steve Smith has always been legit. But he is still a rookie and will be inconsistent for sure. But his upside is high enough to grab him if you can. He ran the ball twice at the goal line (scoring on a dive) and those are things you just don’t see from most QBs. I was luke warm on Vick when he came back and they have similar skill sets, so grab him so you don’t look back in anger.

Steve Smith (CAR): The guy just needed someone who wasn’t as bad as Jimmy Clausen throwing his way. He could be on his way to his second comeback player of the year award. Newton can get the ball deep whenever he wants which is great for Mr. Smith. Oh and his 2 touchdowns equaled the total he had all last season. He’ll be inconsistent along with Newton, but there’s no doubt his prospects are looking up.

Mike Tolbert: It was the Mike Tolbert show yesterday and I’d probably say he was the guy I was most wrong about. His 12 carries for 35 yards and a TD sounds about right. Ok, next blurb. Wait, what’s that you say? He also had 9 receptions for 58 yards and 2 touchdowns? Oh, that’s a lot. He led all running backs in PPR scoring, even Ray Rice who went off, which ain’t bad. He’s owned of course, but as long as he’s getting goal line carries and is in on most passing downs he’s a must start.

Ryan Mathews: While Tolbert was scoring all the touchdowns Mathews was racking up yardage. He had 118 yards on 12 carries and 3 receptions and like I’ve said before is just a better pure runner. Sadly, Tolbert stays healthy and is more trusted. He’ll get into the end zone on some long runs, but not consistently.

Ray Rice: Wow, just think if he had faced a bad run defense? He finished with 149 total yards and 2 touchdowns and looked fast, stout, all those things we saw in preseason. Ride him all the way to your fake football championship.

Antonio Brown: I bring Antonio up because he got 9 targets to Emmanuel Sanders 3. Of course he only had 2 receptions for 14 yards while Sanders had 2 for 20 and a touchdown. This situation is probably going start trending Sanders way, but right now it’s not the best to be a part of. I’d stash Sanders if you have room in deep leagues, but there is no easy answer here.

Mike Thomas: He had a big 11 targets with 8 receptions for 55 yards. That works in PPR leagues and shows you he will continue to get his opportunities since he was targeted on close to half of McCown’s attempts.

Fred Davis: He put up good numbers with 5 receptions for 105 yards/ Davis will continue to get opportunities and is the tight end to own in Washington. Like most tight ends his numbers will be inconsistent and Cooley will take some away, but he has much more upside.

Ben Tate: Both Derrick Ward and Tate got into the end zone, but Tate finished with better numbers and looked like the better runner with 116 yards. Ward was injured and taken out of the game as a precaution when they were up by 34 points, so that helped (oh yeah, the Colts aren’t as good without Peyton Manning). Kubiak praised Tate after the game and we’ll just have to see if Arian Foster practices this week. Stay tuned.

Cadillac Williams: Steven Jackson got going fast with a 46 yard touchdown run, but strained his quad and Caddy came in and played well. He finished with 140 total yards, which is not shabby.  His 10 receiving targets and 6 receptions were the most for the Rams who are having real trouble with their worthless receivers, but we’ll get to that later. Jackson came back in after hurting his quad, so I’m guessing it won’t be a long term problem, but there have been no new reports. If you own SJax you should grab Caddy for sure, if not I could see grabbing him in deeper leagues, but SJax usually doesn’t miss games.

UPDATE: Steven Jackson is out for next week. Caddy may only be a one week player, but is a good add.

Beanie Wells: He fumbled and wasn’t taken out of the game!! Yeaaahh!!! Wells is the guy, really, nobody else on the team can be the guy, and he ran hard and didn’t get injured while gaining 102 total yards and a touchdown. He should continue to be solid.

Frank Gore: He didn’t have much room to roam and Alex Smith can’t stretch the field, but still looked like he had his A game. Sadly he just could never break loose. He’ll have better games, but the offense under Smith is going nowhere fast.

Fred Jackson: CJ Spiller scored a touchdown, but touched the ball 6 times to Fred Jackson’s 21. Jackson looked strong and has won that starting position outright even though they wanted Spiller to win it. The Bills aren’t going to be the offensive juggernaut they were against the Chefs, but Jackson is the guy to own.

Greg Olsen: Cam Newton targeted Olsen 6 times (second to Steve Smith) and he caught 4 of those for 78 yards. Worth a look.

DeAngelo Williams: Ugh, I’m not sure what happened here, but Jonathan Stewart outplayed him and unless they are up big and running out the clock the two backs are going to cancel each other out quite a bit. I’m also afraid DWilly may have lost some of that game changing ability. It’s still early, but I’m concerned.

Danny Amendola: My man Amendola will not get to 100 receptions like I predicted. He may even be out for the season with a dislocated left elbow. I’d like to hear more about the time frame, but he’s probably droppable unless you have a very deep bench. This should leave more targets for Lance Kendricks who looked very shaky, but should improve. The Rams passing game does not look in synch at all and for fantasy it’s still a cluster eff. I’m sticking with Kendricks, Gibson and Sims-Walker until things clear up though.

UPDATE: Amendola is now going to avoid surgery and could be back as early as week 6. Hold.

Matt Forte: Forte had a big game and with no true WR1 he will continue to get a ton of work both running and receiving. He totaled 158 yards and got in the end zone. I think that may be very good. Marion Barber will vulture some touchdowns this season, but Forte will see the ball more often than not and do good things with it.

Kevin Walter: I’m seeing conflicting reports on his injury, but Pro Football Talk is saying a broken shoulder and that he’s out 10-12 weeks. Whatever it is I doubt he’ll be back soon. Jacoby Jones has always been high on my sleeper lists and always disappointed me, but he’s worth grabbing since he should be the clear # receiver now. This should also boost Owen Daniels production, and anything will be a boost after his suck bomb of a game 1.

UPDATE: Walter does not have a broken anything, just a bad bone bruise. He hasn’t even been ruled out for next week. Jacoby Jones loses most of his waiver wire possibilities.

Michael Crabtree: His foot was still hurting him and Alex Smith is not good. I’d drop him for someone like Jacoby Jones or just about anyone with a fantasy pulse. Drop him for me. It’s all the same.

Percy Harvin: He returned the opening kickoff 103 yards and also got into the end zone. Weird, huh? Donovan McNabb threw for a whopping 39 yards so you can guess how many receiving yards Harvin had (hint: less than 39). He rushed the ball 4 times and was targeted 4 times, which amazingly led the team. His 22 total offensive yards isn’t getting you far, but they were playing a tough pass defense and they are fully committed to getting Harvin the ball. I’d look at buying low if possible.

Vincent Jackson: His 2 receptions for 31 yards is a kick in the crotch, but it’s mainly due to the pressure Philip Rivers was getting. He never really had time to let Jackson get open deep and that won’t happen every week. VJax will bounce back.

LeGarrette Blount: 5 carries for 15 yards is about as bad as you can get (well, no carries for -76 yards would be worse). Blount will never be in on passing downs it seems and Earnest Graham will. His value is contingent on them having the lead. His status will go hand in hand with how poor the Bucs opponent’s offense is.

Early Doucet: You won’t see too many receivers get 3 targets, catch all three and gain 105 yards and get a touchdown. He most likely won’t do it again.

Scott Chandler: If you started Chandler you are a friggin genius! His 2 touchdowns may be all he scores all season, but he was efficient and got 5 targets. In 2 TE leagues I could see grabbing him and in 16 teamers as well. Keep him on your radar.

  1. Too Favre says:

    Sell low on Shonn Greene? It’s looking like a repeat of last season. So much for “feature back” status… I hate post-post-hype sleeper status…

    Buy low on Blount? 5 carries is worrisome but just seems so out of place compared to last season.

    How legitimate was Kevin Kolb’s performance today? What kind of numbers do you envision him putting up against a better defense?

  2. Schwaggs says:

    Jeeze Chet, It’s like you wrote half this based on my roster. Starting Forte and Dwill, with Stewart Mathews and Fred Jackson on the bench. It’s gonna be a frustrating year for the RB2………..

  3. Gary Bajillion says:

    Kendricks dropped an easy TD pass, which is both a good sign and a bad one.

    Olsen caught a TD pass in the corner just out of bounds after a long Cam scramble. He was also open for a TD on that final play, but Cam was rushed and dumped it off short of the first down to end the drive.

    At least if Blount continues to get so few carries, he will fall short of my pre-season prediction of double digit fumbles.

  4. eyyoitsmejerry says:

    any further news on the tolbert injury? Mostly interested for Matthew’s outlook.

  5. eyyoitsmejerry says:

    I read cramps from some sources and uncertainty from others.

  6. Bourne says:

    Do you like Henderson or Meachem better to replace Amendola? (I read at least 8-10 weeks)

  7. cockyphoenix says:

    Greene really broke my heart (and lost my game since I started him over Tolbert). I think I’m going to permanently switch the two on the depth chart. Good plan? I hate RB-by-committees

    Also my TE is Clark. If he weren’t undroppable I might have made a move on Watson or Cook already. It looks like Kerry’s back on the sauce. Woe and damnation

  8. robert says:

    Worth using a 4th waiver on Cam and start him over Ben Roth.?

  9. Van Haggard says:

    I own Schaub. Cam Newton is on FA. I have #3 waiver priority. Should I try and claim him? My bench: ben tate, stevan ridley, karim, lance moore, jacoby ford, mike thomas…

  10. Tom C says:

    Any worries about Shonn Greene? The Jets “workhorse” touched the ball 12 times and was only really available to run the bull up the middle

  11. Ickey Shuffle says:

    Cutler or Newton off the Waiver Wire?

  12. douglas says:

    good lord is Cam gonna be overvalued after this week. I still think he is on the back half of the QB2s and would gladly take Fitzpatrick, McCoy or even Sanchez before Mr. Newton.

    Let’s all just wait until he faces a Varsity level secondary, yeah?

  13. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    y’know,I have know problem accepting defeat when my players simply dont play as well as my opponent’s.thats the way it goes.Whatever….

    but when every single one of my skill players end ups w/ more points than my opponent’s and I still lose because he owns the wk’s most productive kicker and defense(Gould and Baltimore)?….

    that just bothers me.

    oh well,anyway….

    Doc:does the fact that Jared Cook was only targeted twice against a team that was weak against the TE last yr concern you?

  14. John says:

    The top players on waivers are:
    Cam Newton
    Ryan Fitzpatrick
    49ers D/ST
    Devery Henderson
    Scott Chandler
    Rex Grossman
    Mark Sanchez
    Early Doucet
    Matt Hasselbeck
    Cadillac Williams
    Doug Baldwin
    Texans D/ST
    Dustin Keller
    Jermaine Gresham
    Randall Cobb
    Fred Davis
    Ed Dickson
    David Akers
    Redskins D/ST
    Jabar Gaffney
    Earnest Graham
    Jeff King
    Nate Burleson
    Benjamin Watson

    My team is:
    1st Year of 10 Team PPR Keeper League
    QB: Romo
    RB: Forte
    RB: Shonn Greene
    Flex: V Jax
    WR: Roddy White
    WR: Calvin Johnson
    TE: Jason Witten
    D/ST: Bears
    BE: Lynch
    BE: Mike Thomas
    BE: Reggie Bush
    BE: Stafford
    BE: Jimmy Graham
    BE: Cedric Benson
    BE: Amendola

  15. Doc

    Doc says:

    @John: I’d drop Amendola for Burleson

    @Oilcan Giuseppe: Yeah, that sucks. I am worried about Cook because I own him in a lot of leagues, but I’m taking a wait and see approach for now.

    @douglas: That’s exactly what I said abut Vick. I’m not saying drop starters for him, but don’t skip just because you doubt his ability. He has ability.

    @Van Haggard: If you don’t have a backup I’d drop Ridley for him.

    @Ickey Shuffle: Cutler

    @Tom C: Yeah, he has Blount disease. He’ll need a lead.

    @robert: Ben will be fine. I wouldn’t mind having Cam as my backup though.

    @cockyphoenix: Hah, Clark is worrisome, but he’ll still put up similar numbers or better than those guys. Yeah, as long as Tolbert is in on passing downs he’s ahead of Greene from here on out.

    @Bourne: Meachem

    @eyyoitsmejerry: @eyyoitsmejerry: I read a knee issue, but most likely bruising. He may miss some practice and be questionable.

    @Too Favre: I’d buy low on Blount in Standard leagues. I think Kolb’s numbers were legit. His accuracy was good.

  16. John says:

    @Doc: Not Henderson now that Colston is out?

  17. timSTi says:

    @Doc: .5 PPR. My RB’s are McCoy, Blount, Ingram, Starks, & Spiller. Start 2 & a Flex.

    Drop Spiller for Caddy?

  18. MattTruss

    MattTruss223 says:

    Couple quickies:

    -In a 14 teamer, is Jacoby Jones worth burning #2 waiver spot on? (Dropping Leon Washington) (WRs are Wallace, Ocho, Mike Thomas, Jacoby Ford, we play 2) (Benn & Gibson are out there also) Or just wait for a decent RB to burn my waiver on?

    -Swap Miller for Fred Davis?

    -Saw you traded for Vick in the Y!F&F league – Cam and Vick, nice combo

    Muchas Gracias!

  19. atcdav says:

    Big Bens upcoming schedule is so easy it is sick. He is a poor sell low IMO

  20. MattTruss

    MattTruss223 says:

    Oh, forgot my trade question: For a WR4, is Meachem for Harvin a sweet swap? Thanks again!

  21. atcdav says:

    Have Freeman.Qb HernandezTE. trade Gates, BigBen to get Jennings/Kolb? My Wrs are Holmes/Julio/Collie/Benn. we start 2WRs 1flex

  22. Eng says:

    Doc. I’m worried about my TE, Jared Cook. After the week 1 debacle would you rather have him, Dustin Keller or Jermaine Gresham?

  23. Eng says:

    I see you already answered a Cook Q. Sorry about that, but would still ove to know if you now prefer Keller or, more likely, Gresham?

  24. trick dad says:

    i desperately need a WR3, since collie doesnt seem to be dependable at least until manning returns. there are limited WR’s on waivers (burleson, gaffney, massaquoi maybe) that i could pick up or i could make a trade. what position do you think im strong at that i should trade away and what tier receiver should i expect in return? thanks!

    QB: Vick, Stafford, Newton
    RB: Foster, McFadden, Greene, Hightower, Spiller, M.Bush, Hunter, Carter
    WR: C.Johnson, Wallace, Collie, Little, Evans
    TE: Finley, J.Graham

  25. trick dad says:

    @trick dad: we start QB, RB, RB, Flex, WR, WR, WR, TE

  26. Doc

    Doc says:

    @trick dad: First I’d drop Collie for Burls. I think you might need to keep your RB depth so I’d stick with that for now.

    @Eng: I wouldn’t go after either just yet.

    @atcdav: I wouldn’t.

    @MattTruss223: I like Harvin there. Especially in PPR.

    @MattTruss223: I’d probably hold off on Jones for your #2. See if he gets through. I would swap for Davis. Yeah, Manning is killing me!

    @timSTi: Tough call. Hate to completely give up on Spiller, but hard to see him doing much. His name is the main reason he is on teams right now. I’d go for it.

    @John: If Moore is still out Henderson will be a good pickup for this week, but Moore will supplant him when he comes back.

  27. Eng says:

    Thanks, sir. Consider you advice followed.

  28. Jeagle says:

    Which TE would you add for your starter for the rest of the way?

  29. Howie says:

    @Doc: Does either F. Davis or Olsen rise above Kendricks or J. Cook in the middling TE tier?

  30. Salty Balty says:

    Next week should I start Moreno over Blount?

  31. MJD Took A Knee says:

    NonPPR 12T 2WR/2RB/Flex

    WR: Wallace – Manningham – Lance Moore – Collie

    Really not sure what to think of Collie right now. Drop for one of these Wire WR?

    Knox – Burleson – Jacoby Jones – Jacoby Ford

    Thank ya

  32. trick dad says:

    thanks doc, sorry i didn’t see moore was available too. moore or burleson ROS?

  33. hey Doc,

    i have a league member disgruntled over Hillis. Should i offer him Fred Jackson or am i better off with Big Fred? non ppr

  34. mike boy324 says:

    Doc I have Cook as my starting te in a 12 team h2h league, should I drop him for Fred Davis or hold?

  35. debar says:

    Just got offered Brandon Marshall for LaGarrette Blount.

    RBs are AP, Blount, Hightower
    WRs are Jennings, Burleson, Sidney Rice, Jacoby Ford, Meachem

    We start 2 RBs, 2 WRs & a flex

    Pull the trigger or is it too early to panic?

  36. JRBug says:


    Another Blount question. Standard scoring. Was just offered Cedric Benson for Blount in an auction keeper league where we can keep 3 players at their current value. I kept Blount for $2 this year. Cedric is at $10.

    The rest of my roster in the 12 team league is Rodgers, Fitzpatrick, JCharles, Fred Jackson, Roy Helu, Blount, Larry Fitzgerald, Meachem, Garçon, Ammendola, MSW, Jimmy Graham and Aaron Hernandez.

    I’m tempted to take this deal because of Cedric’s early schedule. Would you do that?

  37. Joel says:


    my qbs are Stafford and Romo.

    If u were me, would you trade Romo for Schaub and Tolbert? Is that enough of a return for Romo? I’d keep Stafford as starter and Schaub backup. My RBs are CJ2K, Deangelo, jacobs and mcgahee, non-ppr, so I could really use the RB help.


  38. Joel says:


    ROS, non-ppr. Can u rank these three backs: Blount, Deangelo, Greene, Tolbert, beanie. THANKS!

  39. Doc

    Doc says:

    @debar: PPR?

    @Joel: I’d want a better RB for Romo.

    @Joel: That looks like more than three! Beanie, Blount, Tolbert, Deangelo, Greene

  40. Lubey says:

    Yo Doc,

    How bout Donny M’s 39 yd performance? Do you think it was a fluke or Mcnabb just blows? Also do you think it will hurt Harvin value? Im assuming the Vikings will be losing a lot of games late so they will need to be throwing the ball but Im worried the Dono wont be able to connect with him. Whats your take on Harvin’s value going forward?

  41. Lubey says:

    WOW. I must have skipped right over the Harvin part, my bagel.

  42. joel says:

    doc, a follow up to #38 above: would you do Romo and Deangelo or jacobs for Flacco and beanie? Keeping in mind that Stafford is my starter and flacco just a back up.

  43. debar says:

    @debar @Doc – no PPR

  44. Andrew says:

    Week two, who should i start, Tolbert or Gore?

    Javid Best and Hightower are the RB2 and Flex,

    Also got Ben Tate riding the pine as well.

  45. m says:

    was offered for Steve Smith-CAR

    mark ingram or
    aj green or
    benjarvus green ellis or
    marshawn lynch or
    peyton manning or
    marques colston or
    jets D

    Any takers?

  46. sos says:

    In a non-ppr where we start 1qb and an flex that includes a qb, I have only flacco and mccown at qb. Was offered henne for felix which would leave me with charles, benson, and and bush at rb. We only start 1 rb. Should I pull the trigger even though i’m not getting full value on jones?

  47. herschel says:

    @Doc: 12 team ppr. i currently own 5 backup rbs. ringer (cj owner), ward, spiller, ridley and helu. are all worth owning and should i can i drop 1 or 2 for the waiver wire. would be leaning towards dropping ward or helu. thoughts?


  48. Doc

    Doc says:

    @joel: Still don’t love it, but could see trading Jacobs and giving Beanie a shot.

    @debar: I’d hold

    @Andrew: Gore

    @m: Yes for Ingram

    @sos: Ugh. Are you sure you can’t find a better QB for Jones?

    @herschel: I think you’d be ok dropping those guys for now.

  49. Mr2Bits says:

    Freaking sad day when Plaxico gets more points than Holmes and Brady won’t freaking stop throwing to Gronkowski. Yahoo projections suck ass!

  50. joel says:

    One last Q for tonite. Thanks for all the great help. My TE is Fred davis/Greg Olsen. If u were me, would u trade CJ2K for Mccoy and Jimmy Graham in non-ppr? Would u do it for Mccoy and Gates? THANKS

  51. sos says:

    @Doc: re: jones for henne…it’s a 14 team league, i’m trying for Stafford but past that options are nearly exhausted. Would you say go with Flacco and Mccown and hope for the best instead of losing Jones for Henne?

  52. Alex says:

    How worried do you think I should be about Owen Daniels as my TE? 34 points and one lousy catch. It looks like he might lose me the game week 1.

  53. robert says:

    Guy in my league has Brady AND Rodgers. Would it be insulting to offer Eli Manning and Vincent Jackson for Aaron Rodgers?

  54. elwood blues says:

    We start 2 RB.. 0.5 ppr.
    I have S-Jax, Best, Bradshaw, D.Carter, and Ridley.
    With S-Jax out, drop Ridley or Carter for Carnell?

    If I get him, would he start over Bradshaw?? STL vs NYG, too.

  55. TJ says:

    Hey Doc,
    Need a backup QB for for Ryan – who to pick up between Cam, Fitzpatrick, Orton, Henne, McCoy. (mainly for week 8 bye, I hope).

  56. TJ says:

    Also – wanting to upgrade WRs, start 2 non-ppr, return yards count to player. Next to Megatron I’ve got Holmes, Manningham, Ford, MSW.

    Looking at FAs Decker, Jordy Nelson, Henderson/Meacham/Moore, Hester, Jacoby Jones, Little. 10-team league so lots out there….

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