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  1. agarthered says:

    Every site i’ve read has starks ahead of Deangelo this week, am I crazy after last weeks explosion by williams to want to start him in my flex over starks?

    What do you think, starks has a great matchup but deangelos been looking good the last 2 weeks?

  2. BA says:

    With Blount out, I’m left with Felix and Ridley & Helu as my other options. If BJGE plays, would you still play Ridley or take a chance with Helu?

    Also, I’m thinking of starting F. Davis over O. Daniels just because of the matchups. Baltimore D has been dominating and I like Davis’ chances going deep up the middle. What do you think?

    Thanks as always, Doc.

  3. justin y says:

    In a .5ppr league would you start Mike Thomas or Jerome Simpson? Also, would you sacrifice waiver order positioning to pick up Eli Manning and drop Matt Ryan as a backup? Thanks.

  4. TheHighlander says:

    PPR league, who to start at RB2: Hardesty, Ridley, Reggie Bush or Delone Carter?

    PS Im ure Huckleberry

  5. Doc

    Doc says:

    @agarthered: Starks has actually gotten more work that Williams and gets the worst rush defense in the league. DWIlly can break a long one like that, but if he doesn’t it sucks.

    @BA: I’d probably roll with Helu if BJGE is playing. It’s close. OD will see a lot of work again with AJ out, but I agree Davis has a nice matchup.

  6. Nick says:

    @Doc: Hey Doc, just realized my WR3 in 10team league, Mike Thomas, is facing Pitt (best pass D so far this yr)…would you start D Moore over him or drop Ridley/B Scott (RB1=Forte,RB2=Best, Flex=Torrain, BN=Starks, Scott, Ridley) for Jacoby Jones or James Jones. Or just start Mike Thomas and hope for the best….

  7. Doc

    Doc says:

    @justin y: I’d go with Simpson and I would probably hold with Ryan.

    @TheHighlander: Ridley if BJGE is out.

  8. Mungfisher says:

    Yo Doc,

    So I’m carrying Ray Rice, F. Jax, Ryan Mathews, Daniel Thomas, Jackie Battle and Roy Helu at RB and M. Wallace, S. Johnson, Marshall, Manningham and Titus Young at WR. I need make a roster move to pick up a kicker. We start 2RBs, 3 WRs plus a flex. Helu seems to be the odd man out as I cannot foresee any situation where I start him over the other guys but Titus Young seems expendable as well.

    What’s your take?

  9. Andrew says:

    What about Laurent Robinson? Worth a bye week sub?

  10. cplat says:

    Greg Little or Mark Ingram as flex?

  11. a.j. says:

    Hey Doc, someone offered me Chris Johnson if I give up Tolbert and Lloyd. What are your thoughts? Thanks.

  12. Brian says:

    Doc! Would a PPR league change your ranking of Manningham over David Nelson? Also, rest of the season: Doucet, Breaston, Baldwin?


  13. JR says:

    Stafford or Big Ben this week? Also go with S. Moss or D. Nelson or give M. Williams once last shot? Thanks.

  14. dave says:

    been offered c. johnson for stafford and i have newton on the bench, do it? should i try to get deion branch too?

  15. The Vaporizers says:

    Good morning Doc, I need to drop somebody for a kicker.

    Who is your drop?

    Lance Moore, Robert Meachem or Ladanian Tomlinson?

  16. Kiss tha Baby says:

    @Doc: Doc,

    would you trade Delone Carter and Dexter McCluster for Anquan Boldin? I’d be getting Boldin.

  17. Kiss tha Baby says:

    @dave: I would do that in 2 seconds. Newton’s the better QB.

  18. Sawx10 says:


    Was sent another trade proposal for Cam. Would you take this?

    I give: Newton and Marshall
    I get: Nicks and J Nelson

  19. Dezzed says:

    Matt Ryan vs. Carolina or Sanchez against terrible pass D Dolphins??
    I would play the other in my flex (since we allow any offensive player), but I was able to draft J.Finley and J.Graham and I don’t want to miss out on one of those TE’s tearing it up.

  20. Matt says:

    PPR League, can only start 2 of them (bonus for TD’s over 50 yd):
    James Starks
    Brandon Marshall
    Reggie Wayne

    also have Spiller and DHB, but I figure it’s between those 3.

  21. herschel says:

    @Doc: in my ppr league was offered best and dalton for my finley/rothlisberger. feel like ben may have turned a corner and has a pretty easy schedule coming up. i also have gronk and tebow as replacements. thoughts?

  22. Lubey says:

    Rest of year, PPR
    Ingram or Moreno???

  23. Kiss tha Baby says:

    @Doc: any change in Denarius Moore’s rank with it confirmed that HAGAN is out? I have to start 2/3 this week with Harvin, L. Moore, and D. Moore. I was originally leaning Harvin and L. Moore, but with the rib injury that Harvin has and the news about DNABB. i might go Moore x 2.

  24. dave says:

    @Doc:should have specified, it’s for chris johnson not calvin, still do it?

  25. Random Collmenter says:

    You like trading Beanie for Austin straight up? .5 PPR league.

    Other RBs are McFadden, CJ2K, and Torain.

    Other WRs are Calvin, Percy, Nelson, Little.


  26. Random Collmenter says:

    OR i could offer Beanie/Gates for Austin/Sproles… You like that one better?

  27. Wilsonian says:

    Schaub is my backup to Rivers. These guys are available:

    Sanchez, Dalton, Cutler, Campbell, Freeman

    I can pick up one. Who do you play, Schaub or one of them there beautiful specimen of FA QB-ness?

  28. money says:

    PPR league ROS which 2 do you want: Djax, Maclin, Austin or Stevie Johnson?

  29. Commish Cauda says:

    12-team, 0.5 ppr

    My RBs are Benson, DeAngelo Williams, Earnest Graham, and D. Murray
    My WRs are Fitz, VJax, V. Cruz, Little & Burleson

    Trade Fitz for Felix Jones & Deion Branch?

  30. Hitts1 says:

    Doc……Gore or R Torrain this week? How ’bout S Holmes or S Moss.

  31. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Hitts1: Gore, Holmes

    @Commish Cauda: Dang, tough call. I probably would, but would rather have someone other than Branch if at all possible.

    @money: Austin and DJax

    @Wilsonian: Sanchez, but it’s a tough call.

    @Random Collmenter: I like it for your team.

    @dave: yeah

  32. a.j. says:

    Hey doc, I have two trades. I give up Lloyd and Tolbert and get Chris Johnson. The other is I give up Ingram and get Dez Bryant. What do you think about both? Thanks

  33. Doc

    Doc says:

    @a.j.: I like both in a vacuum.

  34. PDXPean says:

    I own Flacco/Cutler in a PPR dynasty league. I am 5-0 and making a push for the championship this year. I feel that my QBs are my weakest position. i have been offered…

    Drew Brees
    Maurice Jones-Drew


    Randall Cobb
    Mikell Leshoure
    2012 1st rounder
    another owner’s 2012 2nd (right now would be 2.01)
    2013 1st
    2013 3rd

    First of all, is this too much for Brees/MJD? MJD would sit on the bench behind McCoy/Best but I lack RB depth and he would fill in during bye weeks/injury. Fair deal? I almost wanna say he is asking too much, maybe reduce the picks. Or am I crazy and take the deal?

  35. Doc

    Doc says:

    @PDXPean: It’s always tough to judge the value of future picks. Brees will continue to be elte for a few more years so it really shores you up there. MJD is risky with his knee surgeries. Cobb has a ton of long term value. Leshoure could have good long term value. Flacco I’m not sold on. Then there are of course the 2 1st rounders. I think it may be a little too much, but I also think it gives you a great shot at winning your league this year.

  36. SWB says:

    Just traded Ryan Torain and DeAngelo Williams for CJ and Denarius Moore. Was that a huge mistake? I feel like CJ is bound to have a solid 2nd half of the season, but the majority of people tend to think hes done.

    Did I just give up 2 starters for a underperforming/possibly injured Chris Johnson?

  37. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    Follow-up from above…

    You like James Jones, Danario Alexander or Sidney Rice more than Branch?

    Fitz FOR Felix Jones and JJ/Alexander/Rice

  38. Pick one to drop: Mike Williams, Manningham, Nate Washington, Lance Moore.

  39. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: yeah, don’t really trust Schaub this week, but don’t really trust any of the other guys, either.

    Might just roll with Schaub and hope for the best.

  40. Cheeeeeze says:

    start schwabb or cutler this week??

  41. Jim says:

    Hey, just looking for a second opinion on this one. My team is reeling at the moment–I’m last in my division and 11th in a 12-team league. I don’t feel like my team is entirely awful, though. Most of my losses have been due to what I’d chalk up to bad luck (mainly on the injury front). I’ve been contemplating making moves all week to improve my team, but I’m not sure that I can’t stand pat with what I got. It just makes me real nervous doing so. It’s a 12-man 1ppr league with 4pts for throwing TDs. Here’s my roster (as it stands for this week):

    QB: Romo
    RB: Arian Foster
    RB: Peyton Hillis
    RB/WR Flex: Steven Jackson
    WR: Greg Little
    WR: Danario Alexander
    TE: Kellen Winslow
    Def: Raiders
    K: Oakland

    BE: Vincent Jackson (BYE–normally my #1)
    BE: Julio Jones (inj–normally my #2)
    BE: Josh Freeman
    BE: Stevan Ridley
    BE: Jermaine Gresham
    BE: Jackie Battle
    BE: Tim Tebow

    I’ve been pretty weak at WR all year–this week is definitely the most paltry, though. What has me worried is that I’m essentially relying on my RBs/Romo to carry my team this week. I’ve been entertaining shipping Foster for 2-3 good players with high upside. Some of the options are…

    1. Foster for Mathews/AJ Green (+I might try and go for Pettigrew since he’s on his bench).
    2. Foster for Bradshaw/Roddy White (+ I might go for Owen Daniels since he’s on his bench).
    3. Foster for Felix Jones and Hakeem Nicks (and possibly Ryan Torain if I threw one of my BE players in)

    I’m just not sure if these trades make my team better or not. Any input you have is much appreciated.

  42. the1skelly says:

    Doc, always enjoy your writing here (and on the Twitter).

    RB question (on a related note, I hate bye weeks):

    Worth dropping Little, Battle, or Tate for Reggie Bush? With Beanie on a bye, I’m left with Tate & Kendall Hunter in my RB2 spot.

    Thanks in advance.

  43. Doc

    Doc says:

    @the1skelly: Thanks. Tough call. If Thomas is really hurting still Bush could have some value and probably more than Tate. I could see switching them out.

    @Jim: I’m guessing these moves would be too late for tomorrow’s games? I could see trying to mix things up because you are so far back, but Foster has the upside you are really looking for when you are down so far. His injury hurt you, but his health is going to help you. I’d hold.

  44. TheUraineTrain says:

    Doc – need 1 of these 3 – PPR:

    Marshall, Little, Crabtree

    Also, I have Beanie as my #2 RB, and Bowe as my #2 WR. Do you think they’re are ok the rest of the season, or do I look to move one or both, while their values are high?

  45. Doc

    Doc says:

    @TheUraineTrain: I could see shopping them, but don’t give them away.

    I like Crabtree, but it is a coin flip.

  46. PDXPean says:

    Update from post #35.

    I made the trade, but talked him down considerably.

    I gave:
    Joe Flacco
    Mikell Leshoure
    OJ Atogwe
    my 2012 1st rounder
    another owner’s 2012 2nd rounder
    another owner’s 2012 3rd rounder

    I received:
    Drew Brees
    Maurice Jones-Drew

    I was able to remove Randall Cobb from the equation and added Atogwe. I was on the verge of dropping OJ anyway. He originally wanted my 2013 1st and 3rd and I counted with the other owner’s 2012 3rd (which would be 3.01 at this point).

    I like Leshoure, but with his Achilles injury, he is no sure bet to return to his former self. MJD has knee issues, but right now he is producing.

    I essentially lost 1 starter in Flacco and replaced him with 2 starters. I think I stole Brees/MJD!

  47. SWB says:

    Chris Johnson or DeMarco Murray?


    Anquan Boldin or Miles Austin?

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