Here are my Top 32 Quarterbacks for Dynasty Leagues. Of course this list is in flux but most Dynasty rankings are. Small changes can have a huge effect on long term outlooks. I’m basing these on start up leagues so of course in keeper leagues you’ll want to assess your needs at QB.

I’m going high with the the rookie QBs because they are that good. If you think your dynasty league is going to crap out in a couple years I wouldn’t grab them as high but you’ll be kicking yourself if you take an oldie and in a year or two he’s hobbling around on one leg. He of course won’t be able to kick himself in that scenario but that’s beside the point.

  1. JimParkey says:

    Great stuff as always, doc…

  2. Rob says:

    I’m in a 10 team, 2QB, 1/2 PPR, keeper league – you keep 6
    My keepers for next year (are ridiculous):
    Drew Brees
    Roddy White
    Julio Jones
    Arian Foster
    Ray Rice
    Leshawn Mccoy

    I’m considering trading Drew Brees and one of my keeper slots for the first overall pick in the draft to draft RG3 (or maybe Luck). This league has been going for 8 years and will go for the forseeable future. The successful teams have young stud QB’s. As can’t miss as these guys are, should I sacrifice the production in the short term for the extra 9-10 years of age?

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