I’m subbing for Mark this week and bringing you my take on the passing matchups.  Instead of going with just the passing yards against for the last 6 weeks, I’ve gone to my Statistical Strategery numbers for this week’s matchups.  (Which I’ll be posting later today) And to the main event:

Thursday 8:20 PM

Indianapolis (24th) @ Jacksonville (23rd)

The word is good for this week regarding the imminent sittitude of the Colts studs. Can colts be studs? Ok, this isn’t Horse Digest. Jacksonville has been poor defending the pass all season.  Reggie Wayne has had two good corners on him the last two weeks and should be able to break out of his slump in prime time against the Jags poor CB’s. Pierre Garcon may not see as many looks this week, but he’s still startable.  The Jags have been fairly tough on tight ends, but Dallas is a rich man with a death wish in his eye.

Colts: Manning +2, Wayne +2, Garcon +1, Clark +1

The Colts pass defense has not been great lately.  In the last 8 games their young corners have given up 191 yards a game to wide receivers.  That is 32nd or dead last or not good.  The problem with facing the Colts is they give you the yardage, but make it tough to get into the endzone.  Mike Sims-Walker Jacksonville Ranger is probable to play.  After his doubtful status got turned into 100% starting status and then turned into sucking status it’s hard to know how he’ll play, but he’s worth a WR #3 play.  David Garrard is a tough nut to crack.  His best game recently was against the Jets in New York! He’s too erratic to risk your playoff matchup on.

Jaguars: Garrard -1, Sims-Walker 0, Lewis -2

Saturday 8:20

Dallas (13th) @ New Orleans (19th)

Romo has thrown 7 touchdowns and averaged 316 yards passing in the last 3 games.  They aren’t winning, but Romo is still helping fantasy teams. Roy Williams has settled down into an ok receiver, not an elite receiver, an ok receiver.  Miles Austin is back near the top of the stud-o-meter and is a must start.

Cowboys: Romo +1, Austin +1, Williams 0, Witten +1

Dallas’ pass defense has been decent, but decent doesn’t stir the jumbalaya in New Orleans.  Start them like you were going to before you started reading this.

Saints: Brees +2, Colston +1, Meachem +1, Shockey 0

Sunday 1 PM

Cleveland (14th) @ Kansas City (14th)

Cleveland has a nice matchup, but they usually don’t capitalize on nice matchups.  The sometimes mighty Quinn has been amazing for a couple games, but then mostly horrid.  He is too inconsistent to even think about starting in your fantasy playoff game.  With his inconsistency goes the rest of the team’s inconsistency.  Mangini in a bottle is looking to give Cribbs more looks in the backfield which will probably look fairly wildcatty, or wild brownie. If he gets the looks, he’s worth a start.  I like him as a WR #3 in this game and if you are in a return yardage league you don’t need me to tell you nothin’.

Browns: Quinn -1, Cribbs +1, Massaquoi -1, Moore 0

Non-Performance Enhanced Dwayne will be playing and has gotten a thumbs up from his coach. It is hard to be really confident in starting him after being off 4 weeks, but he does have a good matchup.  Bowe’s return will hurt Mark Bradley the most, but you don’t own him.  Chris Chambers has gone from startable to not.  With Bowe back he will remain not.

Chiefs: Cassel -1, Bowe +1, Chambers -1

Houston (21st) @ St. Louis (14th)

The Rams recent pass defense numbers are still being inflated by facing some poor quarterbacks.  Feel very good about starting Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson.  Sadly they could be sitting on the bench fairly early because the Rams can’t score.  Kevin Walter and David Anderson are getting about the same amount of looks and are canceling each other out.  I think it’s time to give up on Walter if you haven’t already.

Texans: Schaub +2, Johnson +2, Walter -2

Null threw 5 interceptions last week and Boller didn’t practice due to an illness.  Boller may play, but he’s not much better than Null, literally and figuratively.  If you take a look at the targets week by week for the Rams wide receivers on a graph it is a pretty funky roller coaster.  They’ve got some fantasy quality receivers if only they had a fantasy quality QB.

Rams: Boller/Null Ø, Any Rams WR -2

Atlanta (30th) @ NY Jets (1st)

No matter who starts at quarterback for the Falcons, don’t start him.  Matt Ryan did not participate in practice on Wednesday and is questionable right now.  The Jets pass defense at home makes the whole Falcons’ passing game extremely questionable.  Sadly Roddy White might as well not show up, because his stats at the end of the day will look like he hadn’t.  He will get Revis’d, but good.  Michael Jenkins did put in a good statistical game last week, but he’s not worth owning.  Gonzo is always a start cuz he’s Gonzo.

Falcons: Redman/Ryan -2, White -2, Jenkins -2, Gonzalez 0

Mark Sanchez practiced and if everything goes well he probably will go.  His gunslinging ways help the Jets receivers and I think upgrade Cotchery and Edwards against a poor Falcons pass defense. With Clemens in, they just rush, rush and then rush for good measure.  Sanchez may also be handing off a lot as well, but he does have a better arm than Clemens. His start still isn’t for sure so keep an eye on that.

Jets: Clemens/Sanchez -2, Cotchery +1, Edwards +1, Keller -2

Miami (18th) @ Tennessee (16th)

Chad Henne has been throwing the ball a lot since the wildcat was disbanded and doing fairly well, but the Dolphins are still a running team.  Henne is accurate, tying Pennington’s 17 straight completions, and has a strong arm.  They aren’t going to turn him loose unless they get behind like they did to New England where he threw for over 300 yards.  If the Dolphins are playing the game they want, Henne will throw for 175-225 yards 1 TD and no interceptions.  Not exactly QB 1 numbers, which of course makes it hard to get wide receivers a lot of yards.  Bess was doing well in ppr leagues, but got dinged up last week.  Keep an eye on his status and reserve him for ppr only.

Dolphins: Henne 0, Bess 0, Camarillo 0

Miami’s pass defense hasn’t been good this season and can be beat. Of course a lot depends on Vince Young’s status. He sat out of practice on Wednesday, but says he could have come back into the game on Sunday.  The Titans are a completely different team with Collins behind center.  If VY practices Thursday and Friday I’d feel good about starting him, but if he doesn’t practice I would look elsewhere. Kenny Britt is turning into a legitimate #1 receiver and even with Collins he’ll get his looks.  Otherwise you can’t really rely on any Titans’ receiver/tight end.

Titans: Young +1, Collins -2, Britt +1

San Francisco (12th) @ Philadelphia (20th)

Alex Smith is frustrating to own.  He’s about as on again, off again as you can get.  The Eagles have shown some weaknesses in their pass defense of late.  Does this mean Alex Smith can take advantage? I think so, but I think his contributions will help Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree more than him, at least fantasy wise.  I wouldn’t start Smith in a playoff game in Philadelphia, but I would start his best two targets.  

49’ers: Smith 0, Crabtree +1, Morgan, -1, Davis +2

The Niners pass defense is erratic.  Last Monday night they shut down one of the best passing offenses in the league. They play with emotion, just like their coach.  Will they travel cross country off a emotional Monday night game and play with that same intensity? I don’t think so. McNabb has owned the Niners in his 5 career games against them, averaging 277 yards and 2 TD’s.  Jeremy Maclin is hurt so Jason Avant may have some value.  Keep an eye on Brent Celek’s injury status, but he should play.

Eagles: McNabb +2, Jackson +2, Avant 0, Celek +1

New England (29th) @ Buffalo (2nd)

The Patriots aren’t clicking on all cylinders and going to face one of the best pass defenses in the league in the house that Ralph built is not the way to get back on track.  Moss may be pissed about all this “doggin it” talk, and they may want to knock the talking heads off so I just can’t say you should sit him and you can never sit Wes Welker, but you just can’t feel confident about the situation.

Patriots: Brady 0, Moss 0, Welker +1, Watson -2

The Patriots have been pretty awful in pass defense, but the Bills and Ryan Fitzpatrick aren’t exactly passing juggernauts. Lee Evans has been useless this season. T.O. is finding the endzone again and is worth a start against a poor Pats D.

Bills: Fitzpatrick -1, Owens +1, Evans -1

Arizona (22nd) @ Detroit (32nd)

This game should be over before it starts.  The Cardinals will want to reassert themselves after an ugly loss to the 49ers and the Detroit Lions are a good team to do that against.  The only worry is that the starters will be sitting before the first 2 minute warning, but you have to start the studs.  Watch Larry Fitzgerald’s status, but he seems to be fine.  I think you can even start Breaston here.

Cardinals: Warner +2, Fitzgerald +2, Boldin +2, Breaston +1

It’s looking like Culpepper will get the start again which isn’t the greatest news you could ever hear.  The only player you can think of playing is Megatron.  Daunte threw the ball a ton, but has little to no accuracy left.  Megatron was targeted a lot, but still had a down game.  As long as he’s getting his targets I think you have to start him, especially since they will be down and throwing a lot.

Lions: Culpepper -2, Johnson +1

Chicago (8th) @ Baltimore (5th)

I’m thinking the Bears shot their wad last week against their rival.  There is no reason to believe Cutler can go to Baltimore and do anything besides throw interceptions and get sacked.  Johnny Knox and Devin Aromashodu have some skills, but they’re too young to be consistent, especially against the Ravens. Devin Hester hasn’t practiced and even if he does I’d bench him or drop him.

Bears: Cutler -2, Bears WR’s -2

The Bears pass defense has been decent and held down the best fantasy quarterback this year last week, but like I said I expect a let down in Baltimore. That doesn’t mean you go and start Flacco, but Mason is always a solid play.  You will see a lot of Ray Rice and company pecking at the dead Bear flesh.  I hear Ravens go for the fleshy parts first; think eyes and genitals.

Ravens: Flacco -1, Mason +1, Heap -1

Sunday 4 PM

Oakland (25th) @ Denver (3rd)

Charlie Frye is starting and Zach Miller probably won’t play because of a concussion. Enough said.

Raiders: Frye -2, Anyone else -2

Kyle Orton threw the ball 28 times to Brandon Marshall.  That doesn’t leave much room for anybody else to put up any fantasy numbers.  Don’t expect the same this week against Asomugha, but he often doesn’t shadow the opponent’s best receiver so he doesn’t shut down single players like Revis does.  Play Marshall, just don’t expect insane numbers.  Last week they couldn’t run the ball to save their life.  This week Moreno should get a lot of carries and Frye will keep the Raiders from scoring so Orton won’t need to pass nearly as much.

Broncos: Orton +1, Marshall +1

Cincinnati (3rd) @ San Diego (26th)

This is an interesting game. The Bengals have been able to win on defense and rushing, but their passing game has yet to really click. I don’t see it clicking in San Diego.  The last time the Bengals traveled to the west coast they lost to the Raiders.  They will need to slow down the Chargers, by pushing them around in the running game, not trying to go toe to toe in the passing game.

Bengals: Palmer -1, Ochocinco +1

Phil Rivers has been pretty matchup proof this season.  The Bengals are tough and don’t expect a huge game, but Rivers has only missed 16 fantasy points once this year.  Vincent Jackson got back on track last week and is just too good to bench and Antonio Gates is Antonio Gates.

Chargers: Rivers +1, Jackson 0, Gates 0

Tampa Bay (9th) @ Seattle (31st)

The Seahawks pass defense has been non-existent as of late. Josh Freeman has been throwing like he put his hands up and just don’t care and he must not because many of his passes go to the other team, especially in the red zone.  But the Bucs don’t have much of a running game and they do have Antonio Bryant and Kellen Winslow.  I expect both to get a lot of looks up in the Emerald City. Start both, for reals.

Buccaneers: Freeman -2, Bryant +2, Winslow +2

Matt Hasselbeck is an injury waiting to happen, Houshmandzadeh is a bust and Nate Burleson is out.  Housh may see an uptick in targets, but he’s hard to start the way he’s been playing. Tampa Bay is worse against the run and Talib is a shut down corner so it would behoove the Seahawks to run and run and run with Forsett, not Jones.  Can you hear me Mora?

Seahawks: Hasselbeck 0, Housmandzadeh 0, Carlson -1

Green Bay (7th) @ Pittsburgh (11th)

We’ve all heard it, but it’s true; the Steelers pass defense is average without Polamalu. That doesn’t mean that the Steelers blitz packages won’t hurt Rodgers enough to keep him from going off, but it also doesn’t mean you sit him.  Donald Driver was held to just 11 yards last week, but the Packers will need to throw to move the ball.  I think Driver will get his looks.  Jennings just hasn’t been that good this season.  We could blame it on the offensive line early, but now even when Rodgers gets him the ball he’ll drop it.  He’ll get you 4-5 catches and 50 yards, but asking for more is plain silly.

Packers: Rodgers +1, Driver +1, Jennings 0, Finley +1

The Packers pass defense has been taken over by Chuck Woodson.  They are tough and don’t give up much to wide receivers.  You need to temper your expectations for Big Ben and company.  Santonio Holmes has been playing very well, but will have trouble if Woodson shadows him.  All are starts in the right situation, but be careful.

Steelers: Roethlisberger 0, Holmes -1, Ward 0, Miller -1

Sunday 8:20 PM

Minnesota (9th) @ Carolina (6th)

Carolina continues to have a good pass defense so you’ll probably see a lot of Purple Jesus on Sunday.  I’m not high on Favre out of the dome against a good defense.  Sidney Rice continues to be a stud so it’s very difficult to sit him, so I’d take the easy route and start him. Percy Harvin is still having migraines and has a late start so I would sit him unless we get some good reports.  Berrian just can’t seem to get right, he’s been mini-Jennings this year.

Vikings: Favre -1, Rice 0, Berrian -2, Harvin (check injury reports), Shiancoe -2

Matt Moore should get the start again.  Steve Smith has been doing fine with him in there, but this week he’ll probably get Antoine Winfield which hurts him a lot.  They will have a lot of trouble running on Minnesota so they’ll probably have to throw, so Smith will get his looks, but is a risky play this week.

Panthers: Moore -2, Smith 0

Monday 8:30 PM

NY Giants (27th) @ Washington (17th)

Little Brother had a huge game in a shootout loss last week, but has been inconsistent as usual. The Redskins haven’t been quite as good in pass defense lately.  We might be in store for another high scoring game in D.C. so I see Eli as a low QB #1.  Steve Smith and the recently promoted Hakeem Nicks make good WR #3 starts. Washington has been tough on wide receivers so I’d be careful about starting Boss.

Giants: Manning +1, Smith +1, Nicks +1, Boss -1

Jason Campbell has turned around his season and gets a pitiful Giants’ secondary to work against on Monday night.  I like Campbell, but no receiver is really taking over as a fantasy starter.  Fred Davis is probably the closest player right now.  Davis has been finding the end zone a lot and in the last 8 weeks the Giants have given up 86 yards a game and 11 fantasy points a game to tight ends.  Get Davis in your lineup.

Redskins: Campbell +1, Thomas 0, Moss 0, Davis +2

  1. dbhammel says:

    Tough decision this week, need to pick 3 out of the following 5 WRs:
    Wayne, Andre, Boldin, Marshall, and VJax.

    I think I’m going to sit Marshall and VJax, any opinions.

    Secondly, am I insane to start Foster over Forte? Semi-finals and I probably dont need a huge week out of RB2 with my obvious strength at WR and Rice at RB1.

  2. Gary says:

    I’m looking to start 3 of the following WRs:
    – Britt- Meachem- Crabtree- Breaston- White- Carolina Smith

    I feel pretty decisive about benching White & Smith and am leaning twds starting Britt and Meachem. It’s basically between Breaston and Crabtree for the third spot.

    Do you agree those are the 4 players it should come down to and if so, Crabtree or Breaston (assuming Fitz plays)?

    Thanks again.

  3. Ian says:

    Which 3 WRs do I start?–Boldin, Moss, Rice, VJax

    I’m thinking about benching Moss, what do you think?

  4. GTS says:

    Housh or Garcon this week?

  5. Van Hammersly says:

    Great preview, as always.

    Please rank the following for this Week: Housh, Sims-Walker, Cribbs, Breaston, Moats. I’m deciding on my WR2 and my Flex.

  6. BP says:

    I need a non-PPR flex option:

    Calvin Johnson, Mendenhall, or Arian Foster?

    Very scared to gamble with Johnson/Dante. Mendenhall was my gut instinct but GB DEF is playing phenomenal. I am already starting Schaub and Andre Johnson and Arian Foster would give me 3 Texans…?

  7. matthew says:

    cribbs or nicks or the magical disappearing MSW

  8. Doc

    Doc says:

    @dbhammel: I agree, sit Jax and Marshall. Foster has more upside. Tough call since we really don’t know how much work Foster will get, but Forte cannot score against decent defenses. That is a fact.

    @Gary: Yeah, I think Crabtree is a little safer.

    @Ian: Tough decision. I don’t feel good about sitting him. I think they’ll give him a lot of looks to break him out of his slump. No easy sits in that group though so I can see going ahead with it, but I’d probably go with Rice on the road.

    @GTS: Garcon

    @Van Hammersly: Thanks. Lots of question marks in there, but I’d go Sims-Walker, Breaston, Cribbs, Housh, Moats

    @BP: Mendenhall is your safest bet to get into the endzone.

    @matthew: I wish i had a better idea on how Cribbs was going to be used. I’m evenly divided on the three and think each has a good shot. But I’m giving MSW the nod.

  9. stumanji says:


    Greg Jennings, Housh, or Cribbs for my WR2?

    Also, my RB decisions are driving me nuts (start 3): LT, Pierre Thomas, Mendenhall, Ganther, Foster, Harrison, C. Jennings.

    (Yes, I do own the craptacular trifecta of C. Jennings, Harrison, and Cribbs.)

  10. AreWhyA_In says:

    playoffs bring questions lol. Welll here is mine… I have qb’s with not so stellar matchups, big ben, alex smith. I have the option of vince young or jason campbell. Just trying to get some insight as far as what you think the best option would be. Thanks

  11. Doc

    Doc says:

    @stumanji: I like Cribbs if you are looking to take a risk, but Jennings would be my safer choice. I think you have to go with your more seasoned options there. LT, PT, Mendy.

    @AreWhyA_In: Good to see you on the site! He’s a risk, but I like Campbell this week. If you feel really good about the rest of your lineup I could see going with Big Ben for a more conservative approach.

  12. AreWhyA_In says:

    glad to be here. You know ur my fav. Fantasy guy. I feel pretty good about my lineup. I’ve got AJ & Fitz at WR. T. Jones, R. Williams/Moreno/Forsett/F. Jackson (that was my 2nd ?, T. Jones is in torn on 2nd rb) F. Davis at TE , Saints K, and Hou/NYJ Defense. I feel ok everywhere but qb & the right rb combo. Ur thoughts?

  13. Doc

    Doc says:

    @AreWhyA_In: Unless the weather is bad I think Ben won’t steer you wrong. I know Ricky outplayed Moreno last week, but I am really high on Moreno at home against the Raiders this week as long as Buckhalter doesn’t play.

  14. AreWhyA_In says:

    I was leaning towards Moreno. I ended up playing ricky last week but one thing I have learned from you is to pay attention to the matchups. Moreno has a good one. I’ll keep my eye on the weather. Thanks as always.

  15. DANgerous says:

    Who do I start Drew Breeeees or Kurt Warner? And also when did Kurts wife get hot? I always remember her having the same haircut as him

  16. DANgerous says:

    Who do I start Drew Breeeees or Kurt Warner? And also when did Kurts wife get hot? I always remember her having the same haircut as him

  17. Doc

    Doc says:

    @AreWhyA_In: Way to go with your gut on Ricky!

  18. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    Anyone know why people in my leagues are picking up Demetrius Williams, WR – BAL? I can’t find anything other than Mason being questionable with a finger? Am I missing something?



  19. u guys have saved me this yr. I’m in the quarters and one win away from money. I need HELP. Garcon, Moats, or Forte. Forte stinks but is the true 1RB. Moats got carries last week but I don’t trust Kubiak. Garcon WAS a stud till last week. My friends think Moats. I lean towards Garcon. Looking for ya’all to bail me out again. OR could go balls to the wall with Devin Thomas….HIGH risk HIGH reward…

  20. Todd says:

    Brady or Campbell?

  21. sal says:

    Pick the frog that turns into the prince…

    two rbs, three wr, two flex out of….

    RB: SJAX, Moreno, Pierre T, Charles in Charge
    WR: Calvin Johnson, Greg Jennings, MSW, Hakeem Nicks, Josh Cribbs

    I was thinking:

    RB: SJAX
    RB: J Charles
    WR: C. Johnson
    WR: Jennings (poss sub)
    WR: Hakeem Nicks
    FLX: Moreno
    FLX: Pierre T

    I dont know what to do. I would like to get Cribbs in there and I dont know what to do with MSW. Do you think Pierre T is worth being in there over Cribbs and MSW? If I go with MSW and Cribbs then I feel like I have a ton of potential busts. What do you think the combo should be?

  22. Nico says:

    I need one of these 3 in my slot: Beanie, Miles Austin, Ganther…. Who you got?? ALSO would you play Miles over R. Wayne or Colston at WR? Thanks in advance.

    Eventual Champion of the KC 913 league

  23. Chris says:

    Could you pick your 3 favorite from Britt, Breaston, Cribbs, Edwards, and Harvin?

  24. charlie batch says:

    just picked up dwayne bowe. Him, or donald driver this week?

  25. Jo says:

    alright doc, the overthinking of this weeks flex player stops with your opinion…

    (PPR League)

    Ryan Grant (@Pit)
    Kenny Britt (vMia)
    Joshua Cribbs (@KC)

    What to do, what to do????

  26. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Commish Cauda (formerly Mike): Probably because Clayton is out, but I don’t see him doing too much this week.

    @fantasy flukie: Kubiak says Foster will be the main guy so you can’t trust Moats. I’d go with Garcon. Forte just can’t get into the end zone against decent defenses.

    @DANgerous: Hit is a relative term, but her hair has improved! I like Brees.

    @Todd: Still gotta go with Brady unless the weather looks nasty.

    @sal: Keep an eye on Megatron. He didn’t practice today after being limited yesterday. I’d keep PT in at flex. I’m really torn on Cribbs/MSW this week, but I like MSW over Nicks.

    @Nico: I’d stick with Colston and Wayne. I like Beanie.

    @Chris: Right now I wouldn’t rely on Harvin. I would sit Edwards out of the rest.

    @charlie batch: I think Driver will have a solid game. Bowe is risky.

  27. Doc,

    I”ll go w. Garcon unless you think Arian Foster is that much of an upgrade?!? he is on the waiver wire.

  28. Doc

    Doc says:

    @fantasy flukie: I actually do like Foster more.

  29. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Jo: Tough. I like Britt unless VY doesn’t go.

  30. They don’t call you a Doc for nothing…. I’ll roll the dice on your word. Adrian Foster it is! Thanks for all for all of your help this year.

  31. nick m. says:

    hasselbeck nearly bounced me from the playoffs last week in what should have been a pretty good matchup…stick with him this week, or take a chance (not sure it is that much of a chance with the way hasselbeck’s been playing) on freeman, quinn, fitzpatrick, cassel, or sanchez?

  32. Doc

    Doc says:

    @nick m.: Those are some razztastic choices. I guess Quinn would be my choice, but I would be afeared.

  33. nick m. says:

    colts d or seahawks d? and do you play arian foster over sjax or brandon jacobs in a ppr?

  34. Doc

    Doc says:

    @nick m.: I am fairly high on Foster, but not over established lead backs. I just don’t know how much he’ll split time. I like Seattle.

  35. nick m. says:

    what about titans d instead of both those options? thanks!

  36. Doc

    Doc says:

    @nick m.: I think Henne has been playing t0o well

  37. Doc,

    You were right to play Arian Foster over Garcon. Garcon only had 3.4 pts last night. So I’m still alive. Now let’s hope that Calvin Johnson plays or I’ll be stuck btn Devin Thomas or Braylon Edwards. Thanks for the help!!!

  38. Doc

    Doc says:

    @fantasy flukie: Megatron is at practice today.

  39. Damion says:

    I have Shaub at qb. fitz and austin at wr…g.jennings at flex. and trying to figure out who to start at rb…..I have r.grant, b.wells, r.moats, a.foster. who do I select?

  40. Doc

    Doc says:

    I like them in order of #1 Wells, Foster, Grant, Moats

  41. Damion says:

    Thanks. That’s what I was shooting for….will celek be healthy at TE this week or should I pick someone up off waivers? And Defense: NyJets or Houston?

  42. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Damion: Celek looks like he’s good to go. I like Houston.

  43. J.J. says:

    Choose 1 WR:
    G. Jennings, D. Mason

    Choose 1 RB:
    M. Barber, Q. Ganther, A. Foster

    Choose 1 TE:
    K. Winslow, F. Davis

    Would I lessen my chances of a win if I start 2 players from the same team?

  44. Damion says:

    for flex: should i start greg jennings or grant/moats?

  45. Doc

    Doc says:

    @J.J.: Mason, Foster, Davis (Winslow is hurting)

    It really depends on the situation. Starting 2 WR’s from the same team means you’ll be splitting production.

  46. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Damion: Jennings

  47. J.J. says:

    Thanks, Doc. I was heavily conflicted with Ganther’s guaranteed touches against NYG’s 17 allowed TDs and Foster’s (maybe) split carries and no fumbles against terrible STL. I suppose Foster is the bigger bet.

    I asked the 2 players question because of Q. Ganther and F. Davis. Like saying if it would be safe to say, start Q. Ganther and K. Winslow instead of putting in F. Davis.

  48. Damion says:

    just looked up my roster and it said the following:

    How much should I be freaking?
    Plus, where would chris jennings fall into the quartet of runningbacks I showed in an earlier post?

    wells foster grant moats…chris jennings?

  49. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Damion: I think you are safe on all fronts.

    Jennings would be near the bottom with Moats. Too many mouths to feed in Cleveland

  50. Damion says:

    Last msg…..celek is on your sit list…..is there a TE sleeper I should look into?

  51. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Damion: I think you are fine with Celek. Where do I say to sit him?

  52. TJ says:

    Need 2 from: Welker, Austin, Ochocinco, Cribbs, SmithNYG
    Need 2 from: Sjax, Charles, Wells, Forsett, R Bush

    (non-ppr, no return yrds but TDs count) Thanks.

  53. Damion says:

    on the consensus sit list

  54. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Damion: Oh, I see what you are looking at. That’s the Fantasy Football Librarian’s site, not ours.

  55. Bret says:

    Pick 3


  56. tony says:

    need a qb…farve or jason campbell.
    need 2rb sjax, fjax ,forsett or hightower.

  57. Damion says:

    Turner is active. Do I start him or over wells or foster? or should I be concerned about his previous injury and not start him???

  58. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Damion: I’m concerned. I wouldn’t risk starting him today.

  59. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Bret: Bryant, Britt, Ward

    @tony: Favre/FJax/SJax

  60. Damion says:

    what the heck happened to Foster? I think Im going to pull it off ….Im ahead by 30 and he has Fred Davis, but we shall see

  61. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Damion: He fumbled early and Kubiak benched him.

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