Donkey Teeth rediscovered gushers at Halloween and BraMy gushes about his love for rookie TE, Chris Herndon, on this Erection Day episode of the Ditka Pod. The guys also take a look at some Nick Chubb and Kenny Golladay film, sharing their analysis and expectations for both of these rising stars moving forward.

After the weekly LeVeon Bell check in (where BraMy continues to pray to Football Jesus for Bell’s return), your hosts then dive into a session of Buy the Sausage/Sell the Cheesehead/Hold the Ditka. Find out what to do with Tyler Boyd, Golden Tate, Amari Cooper and Cordarelle Patterson. The guys make 2 new stogie bets for the rest of the season. A battle of tight ends, Chris Herndon vs Kyle Rudolph; and they each take a running back for the Steelers. Suckle the sausage right here:

  1. The Harrow says:

    it’s gotten far past the point of even believing anything “news” related about l.bell. can anybody even remember how many times it was “reported” he was going to “show up”. all those in quotes due to this shit being FAR beyond the boy who cried wolf. honestly any journo who’d claim ANYTHING about this without explicitly stating to “not really believe what i’m saying” shouldn’t be believed about anything ever again. i’m serious about the number of times, what is it, like at least 8 times?

    • The Harrow says:

      @The Harrow: i actually wrote this before listening and WOW one of you guys (a few days ago, but still) was willing to trade connor for bell (redraft leagues). did that guy miss the minimum 8 “updates” we’ve seen all year about
      “bell says (or it was reported) he’ll be back week 2”
      “… week 5…”
      “week 6 for sure”
      and so on and on and on.

      • B_Don

        B_Don says:

        @The Harrow: I believe Bell is the best RB in the league. Even if you disagree with that statement, I think top 3 is reasonable. I assumed he would be back with the cut off date upcoming, at least prior to the recent news, and that he would be his usual self, which is a difference maker for fantasy purposes. I admit I was wrong and I have him in a number of leagues, so, I am hurting alongside anyone else that drafted him. The potential was enticing, but clearly it was the wrong place to stick my bets this year.

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