The middle of the draft should be a solid mix of guys with a track record of decent production and maybe some riskier high upside guys that may be seeing an increased role or a different scheme that fits their skill set. There will be a mix of players that I have already written about and there will be some new names here as well. 

We left off Monday finishing up the fifth round so rounds 6-10 will be covered in this post followed by the rest of the fliers that I like on Friday. Once you’re finished with this post pop on over to my RCL post and grab a spot for your shot at 10 RazzBowl openings that we left open for next season. We still have spots available for each day from August 30th through September 2nd. 

Draft List

Josh Gordon

In the introduction paragraph I wrote about drafting a mixture of risk and safety and picks don’t get much riskier than this. In weeks 5-14 last season, Josh Gordon finished as the #22 overall WR in PPR and that’s good enough for a low end WR2 result during that timeframe. But we all know the Josh Gordon story and we can only hope that he gets better at handling his situations moving forward. Gordon is entering his second season with Tom Brady and in their first season together, Tom and Josh built a solid connection in the passing game. There is a chance that Gordon is going to start flying off the board in the 5th round but if Gordon is sitting there in the 6th, I wholeheartedly believe that you should pull the trigger.

Austin Ekeler

I am a huge Justin Jackson fan but whether or not Melvin Gordon plays the first couple of months or not, Austin Ekeler has sustainability for the entire season as the most efficient pass catching back since he entered the league. If he is splitting carries with Justin Jackson and handling a lot of the pass catching out of the backfield to begin the season, there is plenty of room for profit from his 6th round ADP. I’m still in on Justin Jackson’s upside but I can’t ignore Ekeler’s value.

Geranimo Allison

Geranimo Allison has taken plenty of snaps with the starters in practice throughout training camp and that’s a great spot to be in when you’re playing with Aaron Rodgers. There is risk of inconsistency, but I think that an 8th round draft pick in PPR allows you to take a shot on talent and projected opportunity. 

Will Fuller

It will all be about staying healthy when it comes to Will Fuller because when he is on the field, the production does the talking. In 7 starts last season, Fuller had four 100 yard receiving games to go along with four touchdowns. With Coutee probably a go for the regular season, and DeAndre Hopkins on the other side, there is will be plenty of room for Will Fuller to make plays.

Jameis Winston

Winston has at least three explosive weapons in this offense in O.J. Howard, Mike Evans, and Chris Godwin. Bruce Arians will run a high risk/high reward pass heavy offense which fits right into Jameis Winston’s repertoire. Jameis is going in the 10th round and he rounds out the last group that I want to take as my QB1.

Curtis Samuel

I wrote about him here.

Jared Goff and Vance McDonald

I wrote about them here

Miles Sanders

This guy is the real deal, I wrote about him here

Not Drafting List

Robby Anderson

This is painful for me because I love Robby Anderson as a wide receiver but the man is going to be facing a lot of elite corners this year and I just don’t think that it bodes well for him. Robby had a hell of a finish last season but there are times when owning Robby Anderson left you high and dry. I love Sam Darnold this season, but I’ll be more willing to take Jamison Crowder as a complementary receiver later in the draft. I hope Robby proves me wrong. Wait, no I don’t, then I would look dumb. 

Jared Cook

“But he’s playing with Drew Brees! Drew Brees loved targeting Jimmy Graham in the red zone so that means Jared Cook will excel in New Orleans!” I don’t buy this narrative. This passing game will be built around Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Tre’quan Smith is the 3rd option behind those two. New Orleans will rely more and more on the running game as Brees continues to not get any younger. Jared Cook succeeded to the degree that he did in Oakland because he was THE BEST PASS CATCHER IN OAKLAND. 

Chicago Bears Defense/Special teams

I’ve always found it ludicrous to target a d/st before the 13th round at the very earliest but according to Fantasy Football Calculator, the Bears d/st is being drafted at the end of the 8th round ON AVERAGE. The Bear’s defense is very good and likely won’t falter following a great season like the Jaguars d/st did one year ago, but the Bears’ 2018 turnover and defensive turnover rate seems unsustainable in back to back seasons. I propose that your league gets rid of kickers and d/st positions and adds two flex spots in their place.

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  1. Nick says:

    Nice write-up MB!!

    already sent you my team draft last time.

    i’m trying to improve a little, especially flex players and bye weeks fill-up : RB/WR4
    my starting WR3 Dede Westbrook is a litle banged up right now,
    behind him i have Courtland Sutton, considered as a BUST in FantasyPro !

    talking of Busts, my Rb4 is Jaylen Samuels PIT.

    so i would offer trades like :

    Sutton + Samuels for :
    1) Chris Carson + Mo Sanu
    2) Miles Sanders + Geronimo

    Y! projections for week1-4 are in my favor, … 10-11 points per week
    but not ADP, neither ownership%

    what you think? should i try to deal or keep my Sleepers/Busties for value :)

    + i just discovered ,,, THE CHARK !!! wow Dede’s backup in Jacksonville …
    would you give him a try !? maybe more in a keeper league

    • MB

      MB says:

      I’d try that trade for Sanders and Geranimo for right now

  2. Kyle says:

    Love your stuff as always! Felt weird going heavy RB in my first 4 picks but I couldn’t pass up the value. The biggest challenge I think I will have is figuring out which WR to play in my second slot to put me over the top?

    Any tips for playing in such a shallow league? Everyone feels stacked in one way or another.

    Here is my draft in a very shallow 8 team 1 ppr league. QB get 6 per TD -2 for int:

    QB: Aaron Rodgers
    RB: Alvin Kamara
    RB: James Connor
    WR: Tyreek Hill
    WR: Robert Woods
    TE: OJ Howard
    Flex: Joe Mixon
    Kicker: Robbie Gould
    Def: Cleaveland (will stream matchups)

    Bench: Chris Carson, Mike Williams, Tyler Lockett, Will Fuller V, David Montgomery, Christian Kirk.

    • MB

      MB says:

      I think that roster is really deep even for an 8 team league. With such a stacked roster where everyone is studs set it and forget it is tough with some guys. You’re going to have to play the matchups at WR.

  3. Brian says:

    16 team dynasty ppr. 1 qb, 2 wr, 2 rb, 2 wr/rb/te flex, 1 te.

    Have Deshaun, big ben, brissett
    Leveon, conner, hyde, Duke, cja, darwin Thompson, james white
    Julio, tyreek, alshon, gabriel, demarcus robinson
    Trey burton, eifert, waller

    About to pick in draft. End of 5th so most impact rookies are gone. I’m looking at trent taylor, kumerow, beebe, pringle, shaheen, Emmanuel butler, dillon mitchell, Gary Jennings, Karan higdon, myles gaskin

    Who are your top 5 or so from that group?

    Thanks mb

    • MB

      MB says:

      Wow. Umm. Taylor, Shaheen, Gaskin, Pringle, Kumerow

  4. packers2018 says:

    Really solid posts. Thanks.

    10 team 1/2 PPR, flex and super flex. Any special strategy for drafting positions? I figure to get one #1 QB and stream my 2nd one. Just fill up on RB’s and WR’s or get one of the big 3 TE’s?

    • MB

      MB says:

      1 QB, 1 TE one of the big 3 would be nice because it’s hard to get an advantage in shallow leagues. Yeah be the last to take your first QB and one of the first to get your 2nd. Think Goff/Winston

  5. nightpandas says:

    MB, first auction in the books 12 team .5ppr keep 3

    1 QB: Trubisky 1, Rivers 1
    2 RB: Bell 73, Coleman 19, Montgomery 31, Michel 9 (K), Edmonds 1, M Brown 1
    3 WR: Cooper 37, Ridley 11 (K), S Shepard 6, J Brown 4, Harry 1, Tyrell Williams 2
    1 TE: Howard 2 (K)
    1 Flex
    Def: Browns 1
    K: TBD

    Pretty happy on the whole, all high end RB’s went between $70 and $90 that were in the draft, CMC the highest.

    WR is a little of a concern but do have some depth, ton of WR’s went for over $50

    What ya think?

    • MB

      MB says:

      Yeah wide receiver could be stronger but you can play the matchups at WR3 love the running back depth. Pretty solid I think.

  6. Beware the Shit Rope says:

    13th round is just far too early for DEF’s anyway. yet you see even in money leagues maybe 6-8 owners (in 12’ers) do that just that.

    1. 12 team 2 QB half PPR dynasty. we have a 3 round slow draft about finishing up it’s 1st round. i just got haskins at 1.10 (could’ve went fitz, which would’ve guaranteed me this year 3 starters with rosen already owned, but long term this seems better). i never want to have less than 4 possibly starting QB’s here (we have deep enough benches to do this)
    QB: mahomes (him i own only since i used my 1st rounder 2 years ago, knowing full well he’d not likely start till last year), rodgers, rosen, haskins
    RB (2): kamara, ingram, michael, gus the bus, burkhead, ekeler
    WR (3): thielen, k.allen, boyd, edelman, crowder, watkins, m.lee
    TE (1): ertz, doyle
    2 R/W/T flexes
    kicker: DAL kicker
    DEF: none now (ended year with TEN from a good matchup)
    IDP (4 flexes): b.martinez, j.adams, d.jones (ATL)
    IR (2): t.smith (JAX)

    i’m now rostered up and will have to drop somebody in 5 picks (snake draft). later i’ll have to drop somebody for my 4th IDP flex and a DEF.

    1. what’s my drop order (2 of which’ll be dropped during draft as i go): thinking some mix of doyle, burkhead, gus the bus (but those are double handcuffs for michel/m.lee/crowder. if i drop a RB i’ll replace with somebody as i do it.

    2. best guy to target coming up now (some of these might be gone shortly):
    RB: j.hill (possibly a better handcuff to ingram), mattison, singletary, d.harris (possibly a better handcuff to michel)
    WR: j.gordon, j.brown, MVS, gallup, enunwa, deebo, aj brown, m.brown (BAL), metcalf, parris,
    TE: hoch, m.andrews, d.walker

  7. MB

    MB says:

    Solid squad! I’m dropping Marquise lee, Burkhead, and Gus the bus for D/ST, Justice, and Josh Gordon

    • Beware the Shit Rope says:

      assuming i actually get j.gordon with 2.3 (and either j.hill BAL or another RB with 3.10) i’d guess later also drop crowder for the 4th IDP guy (it’s either him or doyle)? t.smith is sitting out football this year and if/when i need the IR slot he’s gone, it’s very easy in a 12 teamer to find good IDPs, no reason to ever draft them (according to one great ranking source my 3 guys are all top 20 overall), the 4th IDP and DEF will be obtained post draft. last year owned JAX (since they were so sick in 2017) but didn’t take too long to just stream that slot.

      2. if j.gordon is gone in a few picks hit up one of the other WR’ers or hoch (eventually this guy’s comped to kelce, and will play immediately, best blocker in the draft class). m.andrews is getting noise around him too (and actually did well in last few games with l-jax last year). DT and Bdon around here are highest on: deebo, aj brown, m.brown, metcalf, parris in that order (after ranking them averaged between the 2).

      • MB

        MB says:

        Yeah they’re the best dynasty guys around here. I watched a lot of Hoch when he was at Iowa, Fant too. They’re both gonna be awesome. Yeah dropping Doyle is fine for IDP

  8. RICE says:

    Hey MB,

    I’ve got a free roster spot for the next three weeks before I need a kicker. If you were to hold on to one of the below guys to see how things shake out the rest of the preseason, which one would you want to hold on to?

    Devin Singletary
    Tony Pollard


    • RICE says:


      Drop my backup TE (Burton) and pick up both for the time being?

      Engram is my TE1

    • MB

      MB says:

      Pollard but I’d only hold onto one tight end so both

      • RICE says:

        Thanks MB!

        • MB

          MB says:


  9. hotmilk8 says:

    Hello again, have the 6th round or later keeper league with James White. I know you mentioned taking odb Jones or Thomas with the 9th pick of my ppr but what if David Johnson falls to me? Would you still go WR RB RB WR WR 1-5 with white kept? Or grab DJ instead of one of the 3 WR listed as 9th pick. I’ve just noticed you have DJ ranked higher than I’ve seen. Thanks once again.

    • MB

      MB says:

      Yeah I like DJ a lot and am grabbing him everywhere that he falls to me outside of the top 3

  10. Patdaddy says:

    If we do have to draft a kicker and defense who do you recommend and when?

    • MB

      MB says:

      The last two rounds. I like Indy, NYJ, and Buf. Kickers… Badgley

      • For An Armenianless Vacation Come To Akron says:

        those LAC/SD kickers are almost ALWAYS cheaper than they should be. and that dude is actually accurate.

    • Patdaddy says:

      Thank you!

  11. What's A Drexl? says:

    12 team .2 PPR (yeah it’s weird, basically standard) keep 6. also short IDP’s (2 DL, 2 DB, 2 LB, 1 IDP flex). deep benches BUT we have roster maximums, 6 RB, 6 WR, 4 TE, 3 QB, 4 max of all the IDP position types, 2 K, 3 DEF (which means you should always have 2 DEF’s since you might get stuck with 1 pretty crappy one if not, esp if some teams go into auto mode late in draft and might get a lot of them). 1 kicker is obviously correct. 5 injury slots BUT our roster maximums count those, so anytime you put like a RB in there it’s not like you can just go and add another RB (assuming you’d always have exactly 6 max, which i do)

    starting slots:
    QB (1)
    RB (2)
    WR (2)
    TE (1)
    3 R/W/T flexes
    1 K
    1 DEF
    2 LB
    2 DL
    2 DB
    1 IDP flex

    keep 6: for sure i’m keeping ertz, michel, julio, JJSS, and then 2 out of these: b.wagner (top 3 LB guy), wentz, j.allen, drake’s coffee cake, jeffery, l-jax, d.jones (ATL LB, another top 4ish LB). almost nobody ever did this, but new rule you can only keep max 1 QB (i have no idea why this was inputted, as you’d be hurting yourself keeping 2 QB when you can start one of them max)

    • What's A Drexl? says:

      also have r.anderson as option here. and j.howard, but he can’t be ahead of a few others.

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