Week 1 of the playoffs is in the books and the podcast duo of B_Don and Donkey Teeth are happy with their performances with DT moving up into the Championship Bracket of the RazzBowl 2. The Browns and Ravens game was as entertaining as we’ve seen in the MNF spotlight this year. The Brown(s) Town keeps following around Cleveland, first it was OBJ and now it was the poo minute break for LJax.

We go over some of the injuries from week 14 and the potential fallout for Matthew Stafford, Deebo Samuel, and the Dolphins pass catchers. Speaking of Deebo Samuel, is it time to officially label him as injury prone, and has fellow Niner pass catcher Brandon Aiyuk passed him?

The guys bring up some of the RBs that have transformed into league winners here at the end of the year in David Montgomery, Derrick Henry, and Cam Akers. A couple of DT’s favorites in Miles Sanders and Jonathan Taylor made up for some of their previous transgressions by blowing up this week. We review some of the other happenings from week 14 before wrapping up with our A**hole of the Week! 

  1. Hamtime says:

    made it to the semis and big decisions coming up. 14m deep league:

    1. With julio likely out, are you going with john broow, hansen, lazard, or mike williams (this dude burned me last few weeks)

    2. dobbins or david johnson

    • B_Don

      B_Don says:

      1. Well, at this point, it may be whichever one actually gets on the field. Brown was just activated from IR, but doesn’t mean he necessarily plays this week or plays a full compliment of snaps. Hansen was sent back to the praccy squad. Lazard is questionable and hasn’t seen his usual amount of snaps since returning yet. Mike Williams is also questionable for tonight and the Chargers could be down him and Keenan. Any other options? Bowden get scooped up?

      2. Dobbins

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