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Nothing beats a rambling preamble.  By the time the tumbleweed stopped tumbling, Sam Elliot wrapped up his narration, and the Dude finished paying for his milk with a check for 69 cents, you knew you were about to witness greatness.   Circumnavigating the fantasy football world, you come across a lot of bizarre characters.  Please, blog, may I have some more?

And so it begins. While this is the eleventh podcast of our "season", this shall be known, henceforth, as the first podcast of the NFL season. You know it's legit when I add in Old English vernacular. THOUEST THOU! Tehol and I briefly went over some news items like James Jones signing with Green Bay and Fred Jackson signing with Seattle. We then moved onto the first slate of games in Week 1, going over the fantasy implications and what to look for this Thursday, Sunday, and Monday. As an added twist, Tehol and I started a game of Pick 'Em and you're invited! At the end of the year, I'll take note of all the games both of us pick on the pod along with your picks in the comment section. If you guys (and gals) end up beating both Tehol and myself, whichever listener has the highest total of correct calls, you'll get a Razzball t-shirt of your choice, on me! So go ahead and list your Week 1 winners below in the comment section. New to Daily Fantasy Football? I am too! I’m trying out this new free FanDuel’s contest, where half the league is guaranteed to win. If you want, you can join up with me! (Played FanDuel before? You can build a team for $5 for a chance of $100,000, part of a one million dollar prize pool!)
[caption id="attachment_36214" align="aligncenter" width="480"]"Look at me! My hamstring and I are having relationship issues! Weeeeee!" "Look at me! My hamstring and I are having relationship issues! Weeeeee!"[/caption] See what I did there with the title? Yes you did. Yesterday, there were some concerns that the Bills' LeSean McCoy may not be ready for Week 1 after suffering a hamstring injury early in the preseason. And now Rex Ryan has expressed doubt as well:
I hope,... if not then the next man has to step up. So we will see. If he is not ready to go, he won’t be in there."
It appears that McCoy is dealing with a "small tear" in the hamstring (proving that anything can sound delicious when combined with the word ham), tearing in a spot "that couldn't have been better". Okay. I'm no longer hungry, so I have to ask, even if it's best possible tear in the history of all hamstrings (nope, I'm hungry again), it's still a tear of the hamstring, right? I have to hand it to them though, a lot of hustle here to play this story down. Yes he tore his hamstring. But it's the best possible tear ever! If McCoy is a no-go, which seems likely at this point, it'll be Bryce Brown and Anthony Dixon getting most of the carries, as Karlos Williams is still recovering from an undisclosed leg injury. No worries though, I hear Fred Jackson is available...
C.J. Spiller can't catch a break man. Is there anyone else in the NFL as unlucky as Spiller? He's like the Charlie Brown of professional football. When everyone else is getting chocolate bars and quarters on Halloween, C.J. is getting rocks. (Sad Trombone.) I'd like to tell you that I feel your pain, but I don't. I avoided Spiller in drafts the way vegans avoid bacon. Which is the primary reason I don't trust vegans, but anywho! Spiller is more than likely done for the foreseeable future and maybe the season. He was IR'ed with a designation to return, but his chances of returning from a separated shoulder are pretty slim. Just to make things that much more complicated, Fred Jackson decided to get hurt too, it's a twofer! So now desperate fantasy owners are once again hitting the wavier wire to chase a third stringer promoted to the starting role. Enter Bryce Brown and Anthony Dixon.
I'm looking across my lineups this week, and I'm feeling like my teams' narratives  are like The Other Guys.  My Samuel L. and the Rock who were guns blazin' and taking care of business have gone down to ridiculous injuries, and I've got to go with the wild card play of the cop who shot Derek Jeter, then the lanky cop with the crazy Gator past (no not Aaron Hernandez!) to try and fill in.  Marlon Brown last week got me my first desk pop!  Those TDs were nice.  So I'm hoping to be your Michael Keaton and get the police unit to work together, while also trying to keep my Bed Bath & Beyond profitable and my employees from chasing waterfalls. Going back to last week's picks, Marlon Brown actually won me a league last week!  I liked that one.  Terrelle Pryor and Josh McCown gave you solid games as deep QB plays, and Le'Veon Bell also was very solid.  My very deep Myles White call was more for James Jones behind hypothetically out, then the Aaron Rodgers injury made things worse, but a loss nonetheless.  For my benchers, Matt Ryan was awful and I indeed got the Vincent Jackson bench right!  I feel like I've missed on VJax 4-5 times over the past 2 years.  Fred Jackson was a wash, but Tom Brady and Danny Amendola had huge games.  My bad on that one, I knew the Steelers D was bad, but didn't think the Pats O would get it together.  Here’s who I like in week 10 and their % started in ESPN and Yahoo, respectively (NOTE – these are not always recommendations for 1-for-1 swaps, just guys I like who are understarted and guys I hate overstarted):
Back by popular demand, it's baaaaaaaaaack. (Thanks to the two of you who were interested.) After writing the "Predicting the Top 10" series the last few years, it was brought to my attention that a few others wrote similar articles in the past. To those that did, I pay homage to you. This is an update to last year’s piece. I realize that ADP is fluid during the preseason, but unless an injury happens or someone completely balls out in the exhibition games, the top 10 seems to be pretty entrenched. This article is not deep and groundbreaking, but I enjoy taking nostalgic strolls down memory lane. In addition, there could be some nuggets of information that could be useful. It is often said that history repeats itself and we should learn from the past to prepare for the future. If you want more analytical predictive tools, I highly recommend reading anything at numberFire, Rotoviz, and 4for4. Since I’m doing recommendations, I have to include the Footballguys, as everyone there is a brilliant fantasy football mind and a few took the time to give me feedback and help me out. And of course, last but not least, Rudy has done an amazing job with the tools and team football pages, Jay was the third-best ranker at FantasyPros last season, and Zach, Matt, and the whole crew are pumping out amazing content. With that said, here you go... Basketball season is warming up. Check out Razzball Basketball, SON's new home, for all your Fantasy B-ball needs!
Andy Dalton.  The Red Rifle.  That nickname is acceptable if it's intentionally ironic, otherwise... my gawd.  It's surprising it took so long for someone to dub him the "Red Ryder" as J.J. Watt did a few weeks ago.  Here's an update on his thumb injury:

This injury hits really hard in the 2-QB and super flex leagues.  In most other formats I think Dalton owners can get by.  Make no mistake about it, this is not good for A.J. Green, Jeremy Hill, and Gio Bernard owners.  The likelihood of A.J. Green having a bad game just about tripled I'd say, and his range of outcomes is all over the place, because of A.J. McCarron.

So obviously the big news from this past weekend is the loss of Jamaal Charles for the rest of the season. The Chiefs running back suffered a torn ACL in his knee and is done for the season. But now, the presumed handcuff before the beginning of the season, Knile Davis, only saw two carries after Charles went down. It had been reported weeks ago that Charcandrick West had passed him on the depth chart, and it appeared so as he received 12 carries after Charles’ departure. West appears to be the new starting running back in Kansas City and needs to be immediately owned in all leagues. Knile Davis will also get touches, but not nearly as much as West. Davis should be owned in all 12 team leagues and above as anything could happen and both could be in a time share or if one underperformed, the other could excel. Also keep an eye on a running back signing from the Chiefs in the next day or so. They tried out both Ben Tate and Pierre Thomas on Monday and Thomas could be an interesting prospect as his pass catching ability could get him a decent role.
Some dude in black hit Steve Smith's back.  And he was off to a great start this year.  For some reason I wasn't watching the game last Thursday, I was following it though my Twitter timeline and FantasyCast.  Which I think was something that actually heightened the "experience".  It meant being flooded with Joe Flacco "elite" Tweets, however.  I mean, when I saw through FantasyCast that Joe Flacco had rushed for zero (or negative) yards on a 4th down play, if I recall, I immediately checked my timeline for the expected barrage of inevitable "Elite Sneak" Tweets.  Like this one:
So how about actually discussing that Steve Smith injury..  Okay.  In due time.  Firstly, I want to remind all of you that I'm ordering this injury discussion from greatest impact to least impact on your fantasy teams.  And Steve Smith's leading off.  Which is both good and bad.  It's good that we don't have a more significant injury this week and bad for all the Steve Smith owners, because he was going to return value over his cost this year.