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Now we’re getting to the meat and potatoes of the fantasy rankings, perfect for the protein-starch diet which has netted me zero results. While last week’s ranking extravaganza with an opening salvo of kickers and defense was such a memorable experience, in that, it wasn’t, this week, we start getting serious. But not too serious, because we are talking about tight ends, more specifically, our tight ends, which probably needs less pants. Why? Because everything needs less pants. Think about it.

Jimmy Graham, TE or WR?: While his position can be described as “hybrid-like”, just like your mom, for fantasy purposes, a positional title change could cause a dynamic-synergistic shift, something only thought to exist in the corporate world. As a tight end, there’s no doubt he is king among men. This isn’t Game of Thrones, so good for him, he should be around for a while. However, if Jimmy Graham gets classified as a receiver, then his value takes a hit. Last season, he had 86 catches for 1,215 yards and 16 touchdowns. That’s three more receptions than Tony Gonzalez, 298 yards more than Jordan Cameron, and three more touchdowns than Vernon Davis. Pretty awesome-saucem’, right? Because sauce. Now, as a wide receiver, that would place him at 12th in receptions, 15th in yards, and 1st in touchdowns. Very good. But not sauce good. Maybe a scrumptious dressing. I don’t know, I’m hungry I guess. He’s probably a top-10 wide receiver, and somewhere between the Julio Jones and Brandon Marshall area seems proper. Not that I think we’ll have to prepare for something like this. The craziest I can see happening is probably a WR/TE flex handle, which really just provides roster flexibility. And maybe a walrus doing the moonwalk. That also seems pretty crazy.

Coaches and their tight ends. (HAHA, get it? Just a reminder, this is free content.): Norv Turner and Gary Kubiak are very tight end friendly, just like me (tight ends… the gift that keeps giving), and, so, naturally, both Kyle Rudolph and Dennis Pitta should see plenty of targets and ultimately, in Rudolph’s case, rebuild some of that value he lost last season, and in Pitta’s case, build on his potential via a clean bill of health and Joe Flacco‘s elite check-downs.

Charging you twice: The simple fact is, Ladarius Green will be an impact player at the tight end position. See how easy that was? Too easy. Let me complicate it a bit, ’cause that’s how I roll. Indiana knows what’s up, it’s how they get to most places. While Green will be an impact player, I still feel like there will be a production ceiling, if you will. And you should. While the flashes we saw last year were more than enough to get our salivary gland’s doing their thing, there’s still Antonio Gates. And while I can’t wait to read about how he’s in the best shape of his life for the third straight off-season, there’s something to be said about Philip River‘s comfort level with Gates. I’m giving the nod to Green, since Gates will most likely fade a bit as the season progresses, but I think the elite numbers will arrive in 2015 for Ladarius Green, with a productive, if not limited 2014.

It Ertz when I Gronk: Makes total sense. No it doesn’t. Yes, I’m down on Gronk. He obviously has the ability to be the number two overall tight end, and could very well be that this season. But I have no idea what’s going on with his body, except when he poses in pictures with hot chicks. That bodily function, I totally understand. But his explosive ACL’s and MCL’s and whatever other computer networking certification his body wants to get has really soured me on him. And you don’t know the sweet unless you know the sour. Something-something, wax poetic. As for Zach Ertz, he’s white, and can catch, which means Chip Kelly will innovate him a very nice season.

Greg Olsen… really?: I could have been thinking of Elizabeth Olsen with this ranking. Maybe.



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  1. Fantasy with Dase or Days

    Fantasy with Dase or Days says:

    Hey, man! The excitement is building as the players are actually taking to the field and we inch closer to games:)

    Dang! I have seen Olsen and his name in the top five among this position (PPR) but number two in non-PPR? How many touchdowns are predicting for him? The most he has ever scored with the Panthers is six (that’s with an already really bad WR group).

    I don’t understand the excitement (or hype) and the justification of ranking (not just your rankings) Green in top 10? since 2006 (not including rookie season), he (Gates) has only had one season with less then 704 yards, only one season that he did not score at least seven touchdowns. I hear a lot about how Gates is old (33) but with his production (consistent) gives no sign of slowing down. Nothing is telling us that Gates is not going to be part of the offense and I think he should be the one viewed as a TE1 (top 12) option and Green is more better suites to be ranked in top 20 area.

    How about Martellus Bennett and his production with Jay Cutler as his quarterback. They played 10 games together and he (Bennett), posted 4.7 catches, 54.9 yards with .3 touchdowns and a healthy 6.6 targets. Those numbers in standard (Non-PPR) scoring is top 10 and those targets over a full 16 games is top 6 for his position.

    This last player is for deeper down in your list and it has to do with Marcedes Lewis. He only played in 11 games but I want to focus on his final eight games. In this stretch, he posted 2.9 catches, 40.3 yards, .5 touchdowns with 5.1 targets. That stat like give you seven fantasy points per game and would have slotted him in 8th among his position.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Fantasy with Dase or Days: Olsen is a gut call more than anything, but I’ll be buying high on him everywhere, and I love the value at his ADP.

      WIth Green, I’ve seen him ranked higher, and I think he can be a legitimate producer, even with Gates. I think you’ll see San Diego move into more two tight end sets to really put pressure on the LB’s and safety’s.

      I like Bennett, and I was a little surprised where he ended up. I just love the upside on Clay, and I think Rudolph will thrive in Turner’s system.

  2. “Coaches and their tight ends. (HAHA, get it? Just a reminder, this is free content.)”

    This is why I keep coming back to you guys. Also, I’m a fan of the tier ranking system in general, but for TE it really helps keep my head straight for drafting. If I get Graham (as a TE) at a good price, yay for me. Otherwise I’ll be waiting on Tier 2.

    And lazy man that I am to do my research, will you be putting out a draft guide based on your position ranks and tiers? Kinda like ya did with the Def/Special ranks (don’t draft before this, but definitely are this, etc.). Cause so far your ranks and humor are right on, and I’d love to hear your application of it/I want you to do all my work for me.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Very Little Eifert in this Name: Thanks!

      Yeah, I’ll be doing strategy on this ‘prime’ positions next month, maybe run in tandem with my projections. To be honest, the only reason I talked strategy for the DST and kickers is, because, strangely enough I want people to mostly ignore those positions. And that seemed like the only place I could do it.

  3. New leaf says:

    I applaud the bold ranking, but I can’t put Olsen in front of J.Thomas. While TDs can be fluky, I think on Denver they are as close to a sure thing as TDs can be…and it’ll be enough to carry him to a top three TE finish.

    • Fantasy with Dase or Days

      Fantasy with Dase or Days says:

      @New leaf: I am a huge Julius Thomas fan this year. Not only did he score 12 times in just 14 games but had 4.6 catches with Eric Decker in the picture. Plus, Decker had 25 red zone targets and I like Thomas to get his opportunity at those.

      I like how safe Thomas feels at the end of the 2nd round and anywere in the 3rd round of drafts.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @New leaf: Yeah, pretty bold, I’m in the minority… I totally agree.

      I hope these rankings are received in a way that: well, no, you shouldn’t take Olsen as a #2 TE, but you should take him at his ADP and expect #2 value, if that makes sense.

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