Week 2 is in the books. After a week filled with injuries (don’t matter in DFS), dramatic finishes, and 108-yard kickoff return touchdowns, it is time to review last week. Both Johnny Manziel and Jameis Winston both got their first ever victory. And I told Shannon that she doesn’t understand how good of a partner I am, and yes, I am taking the dogs and the truck, and I will go to New York, for broadway, where I shall become a star. We all won last week. And hey, the Patriots won. Oh, and the Badgers manhandled Troy. But you already knew that…

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Week 2 Review

Carson Palmer (12/24, 185 Yds, 4 TD) – My dog came back.

Lamar Miller (10-14 Rushing, 5-28 Receiving) – Yuck. I don’t know what’s going on in South Beach, and I don’t want a part of it until they figure it out.

Odell Beckham Jr. (7-146, 1 TD) – As my #1 option of last week, he didn’t disappoint. I’m glad to see him back in his 2014 form a bit, especially with that 60-something yard TD.

Any Player You Took In Eagles-Cowboys – I cried after I watched this game. DeMarco did nothing, Romo is out 8-10 weeks, Terrance Williams did boo, even Sam Bradford, everyone’s friend, did terrible. Oh my lord.

So, now that the tears have dried, let’s get to Week 3 of the NFL season. Oh, and a quick College Football note: To those Alabama Crimson tide fans. What goes around, comes around.


Teddy Bridgewater, MIN ($6,800) – After a pretty bad start Week 1 against the Niners, good ol’ Theodore came back against the Lions and threw for a touchdown. This week, they play the not-so-good Chargers, and I have full confidence that Bridgewater’s floor is 18.2 pts, what he did last week.

Cam Newton, CAR ($7,900) – After a better week than the one before last week, Newton will take advantage of Rob Ryan eating too much pizza before the game, sending all of the MLB and DB’s to guard the pass, after Newton lost another target last week. But little does Ryan know, Newton can run, and the rush defense only breathed on Jameis Winston last week, as the Bucs won. This is a key game for the Panthers, and Riverboat Ron will put it into the hands of the greatest Carolina Panther named Cam Newton.

Nick Foles, STL ($6,500) – I wrote about Foles last week, and he didn’t do as well as I thought. A quick DFS note: It’s best not to start anyone against the Redskins, because they do an excellent job at game managing, and if you want you’re starting QB to have the ball for only 3 minutes a half, go ahead. Anyway, back to Foles. This week the Rams are up against Pittsburgh, and both Tom Brady and Colin Kaepernick have eaten them up. The Steelers have a bad defense, and they really have a bad defense. Foles should do just fine this week.

Running Backs 

Dion Lewis, NE ($6,700) – I hate myself. I am currently in a season-long fantasy league, where I dropped Dion Lewis, because Blount was out, and if I know anything about Bill Belichick, it’s that one day Aaron Dobson will have a 30 point game, and then get released by the Patriots for not saying “Bless You” when Robert Kraft sneezes. But for you guys in DFS, this is great news that Lewis is still a thing. This week against the Jags, he should thrive.

Joseph Randle, DAL ($6,500) – With Tony Romo sidelined, Brandon Weeden will throw the ball as much as Romo did. Haha, I think not. With Romo sidelined, Joseph Randle will get the ball as much as DeMarco did, and with a solid O-Line, against a weak D-Line, this should be a day in which all of the Razzball users shall rejoice.

BUST ALERT- Le’Veon Bell, PIT ($8,800) – Yes, he’s coming back, good for you. However, not many people run the ball well against the Rams. Yes, he’s back, and it might take some time for him to get back into a rhythm, but for now, I’m staying away.

Wide Receivers

A.J. Green, CIN ($8,000) – This is my top option for the week. Amari Cooper tore up the secondary, and A.J. should do the same. The Ravens secondary is not the best. If you’re paying up for one of the top guys, do it with Green.

Kenny Britt, STL ($5,400) – Sleeper of the week. I’ve been 1/2 in my sleeper picks, with Dion Lewis doing well, and Brandon Coleman not doing well. Well, I am here to tell you that there is much to consider with Kenny Britt. He’s a great stack with Nick Foles, as they should both tear up the Steelers secondary. Also after Sunday’s win, Britt’s confidence was boosted, with a special surprise by the ladies. If there’s any indication for good fantasy players, it is the ladies.

DeAndre Hopkins, HOU ($7,800) – The Bucs did win last week, but that doesn’t mean they are favorites this week against the Texans. Ryan Mallet may not rally the troops in the locker room, but he does know that just throwing it up for Hopkins will result in some good things. Against the Chiefs in Week 1, Hopkins had 9-98 and 2 TD’s. Take advantage of a weak Bucs secondary and do the right thing.

Tight Ends

Jordan Reed, WAS ($5,300) – What a price. Please Razzball readers, keep on using Reed until he get’s hurt. The GMen defense could use some work, and with the Redskins having the ball every single minute of the game, they will throw it to the main target who isn’t Pierre Garcon. With DeSean Jackson out, Reed will mop up the targets left over. Keep on using him until he gets hurt.

Jared Cook, STL ($5,400) – He hauled in five catches for 85 yards against the Seahawks during Week 1, and against a weak Steelers secondary, the luck should continue. Trust me when I tell you, the stack of Foles, Britt and Cook could result in a six-figure winning.Think of the cash you could throw at your high-school math teacher while screaming: I don’t need to know the inverse of a function!

Kickers and Defense & Special Teams

Stephen Gostkowski, NE ($5,00) – Patriots should hang up numbers against Jacksonville.

Indianapolis Colts ($4,500) – Win or die mentality, and their defense isn’t bad if the offense starts rolling.


People I Didn’t Have The Energy To Write A Paragraph About:

Marshawn Lynch, SEA ($8,700) – #1 back this week, easy matchup, highly owned.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, NYJ ($6,500) – Cheap, and a good matchup against a bad Philly D.

Rob Gronkowski, NE ($8,400) – I really don’t care how expensive he is, no one can stop him right now.


So, there you have it, Week 3. Wisconsin Badgers play Hawaii this week. It’s in Wisconsin so that means I don’t have to stay up until 1:00 AM to watch Joel Stave work. Gosh, he is pretty.



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