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Finally Election Day is upon us! And I know exactly what you're thinking: Donkey, how can I vote Marquez Valdes-Scantling onto my fantasy team when 7 different commercials just exposed him as the rape-loving, baby-murdering, puppy-hating heathen he is?  Fortunately for Marquez, his only opposition is Chief Geronimo Allison who's also a rape-loving, baby-murdering, puppy-hating heathen. Geronimo also happens to fund terrorism and will miss at least 6 weeks due to core surgery. MVS is yet another in a long line of rookie wide receivers I'm recommending. He has a top QB and a clear path to targets; mark him down as a must-add in all leagues and call him a WR3 for the time being. Anyway, here's some more players to buy or sell this week in fantasy football:
The baseball article I write during the baseball season has a section “Doing Lines In Vegas” but here in NFL season, we’re “Doing Lines With cinthree.” If anyone is willing bet me that Nathan Peterman will outscore the Chicago Bears defense in fantasy points tomorrow, I will take that bet. Peterman’s not going to break 10 and the Bears are probably putting up 12-15 (which makes them a bad play in DFS).
Would you believe me if I told you during the preseason that James Conner, Javorius Allen, Austin Ekeler, TJ Yeldon, Nyheim Hines, and Latavius Murray would be top 25 running backs in PPR leagues heading in to week 9? No, and I would love to see an expert that had any ranked that high. The overall state of the running back position in fantasy is one for its own article. Unless you went RB heavy during your draft, we should change our expectations for RB 2's and flex RBs. With the amount of teams deploying an RBBC (running back by committee) the value for the backup running back exceeds more than just a 'handcuff.' You will hear that rostering your handcuff is not worth it but the names above would say otherwise. Even though some of the players below are not sexy acquisitions don't let that prevent you from insuring your team for the championship run. Keep this in mind as you question if you should roster a Giovani Bernard or Nyheim Hines. There is value in owning your handcuff even if they are the clear #2.
As we mark the halfway point of the NFL season, many fantasy football outlets are performing mid-year reviews. While reflecting on early season analysis can be beneficial, I know you are more concerned about who to start this week for your starter that is on bye and what is going on with the multiple backfield injuries. This is what I am here to give you...

Last year I made a Colin Kaepernick prediction pick in my waiver wired column (check it out!) and obviously you saw how that ended up. Well this year there are two teams who are desperate for good QB play are the Bills (who just really started Derek Anderson in a game) and the Jaguars who could be a playoff favorite if it weren’t for Blake Bortles. If Kaepernick still isn’t in the NFL, then may I present exhibit A in the NFL vs. Colin Kaepernick your honor. Kaep is still only 30 years old and is probably the healthiest QB on the planet right now. So what do you think? Are you crazy enough to add Kaepernick?

What's going on everyone?! Welcome back to another edition of my "Start 'Em, Sit 'Em" series, where today I'll be diving into some very good, and very bad fantasy matchups for Week 6. Can you believe it's already the 6th week of the NFL season?! Time flies when you're having fun!

Let's get to it!

*Note* – My Week 6 Rankings can be found here, and be sure to check out Rudy’s projections for this week here!

If you saw the arguments this week on twitter, then you know there’s a question. Does defense matter for overall fantasy production? Most of the reason why people say defense doesn’t matter is because the way we measure defense is pretty terrible, and until we can measure true talent defense much better, the appearance of being a good or bad defense is super noisy and the amount of signal there is very very low. And in terms of how to predict the production for fantasy, teams vary what they do (and some teams do this randomly and are bad at it), and you would need to know what their scheme is and what player(s) they plan to exploit, and then the adjustments on the initial game plan come into play. If you have that information, first, please share it with me, and second, you’d probably be able to obliterate DFS (and Vegas, for that matter). But if you have that information, you’re not reading this article right now. So for those of you without it - let’s attack this slate with what we do know - namely, #NeverRun, offenses score points when they throw a lot, and one of the only ways we legitimately do see defenses mattering is in pass rush versus protection - it’s hard to score points when you’re being thrown down to the ground before you can throw a pass. 

LeSean McCoy suffered some severely bruised ribs, so his status moving forward will be murky at best. For those of you unsure if it’s worth picking up his backup, the name to keep an eye on is Marcus Murphy. I know Chris Ivory scored the rushing TD this week, but anyone who follows the Bills knows that Murphy is the real #2 back here and is much more of a threat in the underneath passing game. Rookie QB Josh Allen looked great in shorts before the game and threw a flailing duck 61 yards downfield in another example of him displaying the strongest arm in the NFL already. I don’t mind it in 2QB leagues if you need to use him as a reserve or bye-week fill-in. By the time your starters will be taking their bye weeks, Allen will be working through a much easier schedule for pass defenses. I know I’m going to get killed for this, but there are rumblings that Zay Jones is a preferred target for Allen, and if you need a sneaky waiver wire pickup this week, Jones wouldn’t be the worst option in the world.

It's Sunday Morning in New Orleans. 4:27 A.M. to be exact. A 35 year-old journey quarterback awakens with a groan on the couch in his hotel room. He prefers a bed most nights but this specific hotel has mattresses that are too stiff for his back. He strokes his beard to make sure that it is sitting the way that he prefers. He'd hate to have to waste time on a game day combing his life's work instead of studying his second love, football. He looks down and discovers that he fell asleep in his favorite Carhartt flannel shirt while watching reruns of M.A.S.H. Times were much simpler back then. After brushing his teeth with charcoal and applying odorless deodorant, it's time to pack his lunch pail with pre-game nutrition that has treated him well since he joined his 11th(ish) NFL team a few years ago. He starts by brewing coffee so strong that it can be mistaken for motor oil and he grabs 3 hard boiled eggs out of hotel's mini fridge. Ryan used to love his eggs over easy until teammates started making fun of the leftover egg yoke left in his beard. Ryan prefers as little attention as possible. The only thing that he wants is to continue to perfect his craft. Ryan hops on the team bus with his pail and coffee thermos. He doesn't sit next to anyone. He'd like to be alone with his thoughts and Keith Urban playing at a moderate volume in his stock iPhone headphones. Ryan snaps out of his daze as the team arrives at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. He is the only person who knows what he is about to accomplish at this place on this day. He is the only man who has visualized the deep missiles that he is going to navigate to Mike Evans and Desean Jackson. The savior has arrived. Some quarterbacks eat W's while others achieve them.